Where is Welcome to Eden Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is welcome to eden filmed

The cult series Welcome to Eden was created by Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez. It's a thriller that follows five young influencers who are invited to a party on a mysterious island.

The filming location for the island paradise scenes of Welcome to Eden was Puerto del Carmen in the Canary Islands. It also included shots in the cities of Barcelona, San Sebastian and Teruel.


The Spanish-language mystery series Welcome to Eden is set on an island, which is a very popular destination for tourists in Spain. The show is filmed in many different locations, but Barcelona is one of the main filming spots for the city portion of the series.

The beach and island portion of Welcome to Eden is primarily filmed in Puerto del Carmen, which is the capital of the Canary Islands in southern Spain. This is a popular vacation spot with beautiful beaches and gorgeous ocean views.

In addition to the Canary Islands, the show also filmed in Barcelona and San Sebastian, both of which are famous for their beaches and cityscapes. The latter city is located in the Basque Autonomous Community and is known for its beautiful beaches.

The premise of the series is that a group of influencers get invited to an exclusive party on an island that is hosted by a brand of a new drink. Only five of them are selected to try the mysterious elixir known as Blue Eden, which promises to deliver the ultimate experience. The result is a trip that Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and her friends never expect.

Puerto del Carmen

The picturesque Puerto del Carmen on the southeast coast of Lanzarote was chosen as the filming location for Netflix's latest youth blockbuster Welcome to Eden. The production team utilised Playa Chica beach in the resort town as well as the Canary Islands' stunning landscapes to capture the paradisiacal scenes that feature on the series.

The Spanish Original aired on Netflix on May 6 and is already one of the most popular non-English dramas available on the streaming service. The story follows a group of influencers who are invited to a prestigious "party of a lifetime" on a far-off paradise island in celebration of the launch of a drinks brand.

A challenging mysterious adventure begins for the characters as they discover that Eden is not all it seems. The heavenly location is home to a violent cult that's out to change the world for the worse.


Welcome to Eden is Netflix’s latest Spanish production. It’s a thrilling series that mixes drama, suspense, and romance into one fun experience.

The series follows a group of young people who are enthralled by social networks. They receive an invitation to a secret party on an island sponsored by a new drink brand.

On the island, everyone is given a wristband and several are gifted a mysterious drink called Blue Eden. Soon, the island’s members discover that paradise is not exactly what it seems.

The series was filmed in Barcelona and Puerto del Carmen, but the production team also ventured out to San Sebastian, Aragon, and Teruel. They took advantage of the diverse landscape of these cities to film some scenes.


The newest thriller series on Netflix, Welcome to Eden, is set against the backdrop of what seems like an island paradise. However, things aren’t what they seem.

The eight-episode series tells the story of Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and her friends who attend an exclusive party on a remote island, only to find themselves stuck there. They are forced to live on the island and join a small community with no way out.

It’s a gripping story that has received some praise since it premiered on Netflix last month. It is one of the most popular Spanish Originals, and it has now been renewed for a second season.

The series was filmed in many places around Spain, including Barcelona, Teruel, Puerto del Carmen and San Sebastian. It’s a good thing that the filming locations were so diverse because it helps the audience get a better sense of what each place has to offer.

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