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March 29, 2023

I only read it this year and last year. Are people like my friends and people my age getting engaged and getting married. In fact, this weekend I'm going to my first ever friend's wedding not like a family or a family friend actually like my friend and then I have another one in May and another one in September. So, I'm definitely coming into my wedding guest season of life and this post is actually kind of difficult for me to put together because as you guys know basically my favorite color to wear. Is white in spring summer especially and for occasions where I love white cream Ivory champagne, all of the colors that are forbidden at a wedding. So putting these dresses together was a little bit of a challenge but I have found the most beautiful pieces and I've tried to include something for everyone so we've got different price points different lengths different colors and patterns and fabrics and styles some more classic some more fun so I'm really hoping that with a spring summer wedding season approaching there is something for everyone in this post unless you like wearing black or bright bold colors then there is not something for you in this post. Express coupons $75 off $200 is the most popular coupon in the internet. Every customer uses this coupon code to receive discount for online shopping to buy wedding guest dresses at affordable rates.

In My Philosophy by Freddy Eloise dresses obviously I will not get the chance to wear this at any Weddings But it really is like the perfect courthouse wedding dress if you're going for like a really modern registry office Ceremony this would be amazing also for like a bridal shower or a hen party this would just be perfect or if you're like me and just like wearing white all the time I've got a little shoe selection here as well to pair with the dresses a couple of bags as well and I actually have 16 dresses to try on if anyone knows me 16 is my lucky number it's my birthday and as always they will all be linked Down Below in the description box let's try the first one on okay so I Thought I would try this dress on first because I feel like this would be a very popular choice it kind of Screams summer wedding guest and funnily enough this would so not be my first choice like I never ever have really liked super figure hugging figure accentuating clothes like I love shape obviously as you guys know but I kind of like to fake shape like with a sticky out skirt and like structured shoulders and a really cinched in Waist rather than actually Showing off real shape oh and I also decided to pop on my Louboutin with this dress because the color went really well would not recommend wearing the boutons um to a wedding or at all really because they are deaf but anyway the dress is actually so stunning it's from Forever new which is an Australian brand you can find them on Asos and they actually just opened a store in Westfield White City which is very exciting and they're really a lovely. Online shopping from mobile is the best option because Express $100 off $250 coupon gives you big discount for online shopping on clothing and much more.

Quality they're a little bit more on the pricey side but they are not extortionate so I reckon this was probably about a hundred pounds 120 I'll have to check but it will be linked down below and you can really feel the quality the fabric has such a nice gorgeous soft Slinky feel the pattern like the actual design of the dress is so stunning and it's what really drew me to this dress even though I wasn't sure on the shape I just adore these like Antique florals in Rusty Rose and the base color is this beautiful blush it's just so elegant the detailing on the bust is really beautiful too so if this is your kind of thing then I would totally give this a solid 9 out of ten so next up we have this absolutely beautiful dress from coast now I'm sure lots of you have probably already seen this dress I dare say some of you may have even worn this dress um before and that's because it's a very Popular design by Coast they never seem to discontinue it they keep on I'm bringing it back in lots of different colors because it is so stunning I decided to go for the green because I felt like it was a little bit different they do this also in pink and A really lovely like silvery gray color among others but I really loved the sage green and felt like it was a little bit different because the only thing is with this dress I've seen lots of people.

Wearing this and I feel like there's a very slim but possible chance that you could get to a wedding and somebody else would also be wearing this dress which would be horrid that is the only downside though because everything else about this dress for me is just perfection I think especially for the price point um It's A really lovely quality and everything about the design the shape the fit is so wonderful I love the fact That it's a high neck and I really love this whole top design the sleeveless with a little bit of tools sticking out and the keyhole detail on the bust the cinched in waist and then these beautiful stunning tiered layers of really lovely soft nice Quality Tool giving it like a fairy princess Midsummer Night's Dream type of feel I also feel like I has ballet Vibes as well which I love I just feel like it's so flattering and everybody looks nice. In this dress I have personally seen like three or four people wear this dress before and everybody looks nice in it I feel like it's really good for all body types as well it's a flattering shape it's also nice and loose in the skirt you can dance and it doesn't really matter if you have um filled your belly on the meal I also love how it's just a really classic elegant design but it's not boring there's enough going on that it's still fun it's eye-catching But not too much you're not in any danger of being accused of upstaging or stealing the show so although it ranks low in terms of exclusivity and uniqueness in terms of the dress itself I actually have to give this a 10 out of 10. I love this dress so much oh and also I've got to show you guys my shoes because you are going to love them I actually found these at quiz have not shopped at quiz in goodness knows how many years but they are an amazing Mac And Mac dupe and I know dupes are a bit of like a sore subject but to be honest like I am not going to spend and however much those shoes cost especially as Josie wore them with me to the theater and literally had to hobble out of the theater take them off and walk Barefoot to the taxi because they were so painful it's outrageous so these are a really nice jeep they were about 35 pounds they had again lots of different colors and so far so good in terms of Comfortability they also have the matching bag and again this is kind of a dupe of the self-portrait bags that they brought out last year or the year before which are not as expensive as the Micromax shoes and not as impractical.

so I wouldn't be like Auntie buying one of those bags but these are 22.99 and they're adorable and they came in lots of different colors including this champagne pink next up guys you know I was going to include my flossy by Freddie Penelope dress I know that I am biased guys but this dress is just perfect so as you guys will know if you watched my video on the dresses we spent so long perfecting this neckline and we've ended up going for a kind of square sweetheart which is just so flattering it's classic it's elegant it's feminine it's sweet it's just gorgeous then you've also got the little cap sleeves which I love it's super fitted around the waist and then the Skirt is like form-fitting but it's not what I'd call figure hugging so it's a flattering silhouette but it's still very comfortable you can move around in this and you don't feel like restricted in this dress at all so as I'm sure you know for the shoot we went very like full out Regency style so we styled all the dresses with these gorgeous gloves from dance but I'm actually thinking that I would just wear them like this anyway even in the modern day they're Just so elegant I love the long Opera gloves they make it so dramatic but then the little wrist length I think are a little bit more wearable and modern for like the everyday the fabric on the dress is so stunning you have a blush pink satin underlay and then an embroidered Jewel overlay which is embroidered with cherry blossom and it has a little mock Pearl accents which by the way we did not put on the back of the dresser you will never have to sit On a pearl you'll never have to lean back into a chair on a pearl and it truly is just so spectacular.


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