Where Was Love Is Blind Season 2 Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where was love is blind season 2 filmed

Love is Blind is a popular Netflix series that gives singles the chance to meet each other without ever seeing each other. It's a social experiment to see if lasting love can blossom without meeting face to face.

Season 2 of Love Is Blind has a fresh cast of contestants. And while the first season of the show was filmed in Atlanta, this time around production felt that a change of scenery would be better for fostering relationships.


The cast of season 1 of Love Is Blind all hailed from Atlanta, but this time, it's all Chicago-based. The city is one of the most densely populated in the US and has many well-known landmarks, including Millennium Park, Cloud Gate, Navy Pier, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Grant Park.

The show's premise is pretty eerie: It's an experiment where a group of singles gets engaged without ever seeing each other face-to-face. They're sequestered in a building that's decked out with pods, which separate potential partners by a frosted glass wall.

After meeting, vacationing together and meeting each other's families, the couples are eventually married in a season finale. Five couples — Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely; Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee; Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl; Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez; and Deepti Vempati and DJ Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee — made it to the big moment.


Love Is Blind is the ultimate social experiment to see if a lasting love can bloom without ever seeing each other face-to-face. It takes a group of strangers and puts them in pods where they can hear potential partners, but only see them through the wall.

After a few pod dates, singles are whisked away to a romantic resort for a week of fun and excitement. These couples then get to know each other during a romantic vacation, before finally making a commitment to each other.

Season 2 of Love Is Blind was filmed at Trilith Studios, formerly known as Pinewood Atlanta Studios, in Fayetteville. The production house is a well-known name in the film industry with numerous shows such as Wandavision, Loki and Sweet Magnolias under its belt.

If you are a fan of the show, you might be curious about where it was filmed. Here are all the details you need to know.


If you're a fan of reality TV, then you've probably caught on to the buzz around Love is Blind. It's a popular show that sees singles dating and getting engaged without ever seeing each other in person.

When you watch Love is Blind, it's easy to get wrapped up in the drama of the show. The singles meet each other in "pods," small rooms where they can only talk to the other person.

After the couples have spent ten days in the pods, they head to a Mexico resort for a couples retreat. This is where they can get to know each other more and determine if their emotional connection that was formed during the pods is still there.

This season of Love is Blind filmed in Cancun, which is located along the coast of Mexico and boasts many gorgeous blue-water beaches. The couples stayed at TRS Coral Hotel, owned by the Palladium Hotel Group.


'Love Is Blind' is the ultimate social experiment, taking a group of strangers on a series of pod dates to find out if a lasting love can bloom without ever meeting each other. It's a fascinating show and it's a must watch.

The first season was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, where producers pulled singles from the city's massive pool of potential spouses. For the second season, they opted to cast Chicago residents, according to Chris Coelen, CEO of Kinetic Content, who spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times.

After completing the pods, the couples head to a retreat in Mexico, where they spend time together face to face and try to make their emotional connections match their physical ones. They also plan their weddings, as per Elite Daily.

The pod scenes were filmed at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia, before the couples flew to a resort in Playa Del Carmen. The resort was the TRS Coral Hotel, located in Costa Mujeres.

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