Whey Protein Vs Plant-Based Protein: Which Brand Is Better for You?

March 17, 2023

Whenever you think of building muscles or losing weight, protein powders or protein shakes always remain on the top of your diet list. If you need the perfect nutritional balance in your body, using protein supplements always work well. You can always use Wellbeing nutrition coupon code to buy desired protein powder.

But, which one to buy? Do you need whey protein or plant-based protein? This is a confusion that sometimes disturbs you while buying the right protein supplement. Today, we will find which protein powder is better- whey protein or plant-based one.

A Comparative Study between Whey Protein and Plant- based Protein

Supplementing your diet with protein supplements is beneficial for muscle building, recovering your body after workout, promoting healthy metabolism, supporting weight loss, and many more. Let’s find out which protein powder provides these benefits quickly.

Whey protein is a byproduct from milk and it is get from cheese making process. Whey is a milky liquid which is free from any kind of fat, carbohydrates, water, and other components. It is pure protein that is transformed into spray-dried powder.

On the other hand, plant-based protein is derived from different types of plants, like brown rice, hemp, soy, pea, etc. When you buy plant-based protein of a certain brand, you can get protein from one type of plant or combination of plants.

As per the difference of manufacturing, plant-based protein is free from lactose, unlike whey protein. Therefore, for those, who follow vegan diet or lactose intolerant; can always rely on plant-based protein.

Basic Differences between Whey Protein and Plant-based Protein

  • Whey protein is animal protein whereas plant-based protein is for vegans as it comes from plants.
  • Whey protein is wholesome while some plant-based proteins are incomplete due to their combinations.
  • No matter which brand you buy of whey protein, you get almost same amount of protein, but this is different for plant-based protein brands. The quality of protein varies as per the plant, used to make the protein powder.
  • You can expect a bit flavor in whey protein while plant protein can be nutty, earthy, and sometimes bitter.

Difference on the Basis of Protein Content

For muscle building, you will need all nine amino acids that can only be get from whey protein. The plant-based proteins don’t contain all types of amino acids as it is derived from a particular plant. But, today different brands combine multiple plants to bring the wholesome effect of a protein powder. If you are a vegan and want to buy wholesome protein powder, go for soy protein.

So, to understand which protein powder meets your requirement, you should check out the nutrition label on the container. Make sure you get 20 to 30gm protein from the protein powder you buy.

Which Protein Powder Is More Digestible?

Whey protein comes from cow milk. Therefore, it contains lactose in a lower amount. Still, it can cause gas, bloating, and upset stomach for those who are lactose-intolerant.

On the contrary, you can go for plant-based protein powders if you are highly sensitive to lactose. Still, there are many people who have issues with gluten and soy due to certain allergens. So, check out the label well if you want a soy and gluten-free product. Pea protein can also cause cramping and bloating if you have irritable bowel syndrome.

If you are allergic to certain protein components, the best way to check is to try certain foods and check whether any health issues arrive. Maintain a food diary to note those and thus, you can pick the right product for you.

Difference on the Basis of Cost

Usually, the cost of whey protein and plant-based protein depends on the brand. The price is almost same, but of you go for specialized product, like organic, paleo, keto, etc. the cost can be higher. Apart from that, it is also the serving size that decides the price of a protein powder. If you use Myprotein coupon code, you can get any type of branded protein powder at affordable price.

Which Protein Powder Is Better?

When the discussion is all about whey protein vs plant-based proteins, you can depend on both the types as per your choice. As per certain studies it has been proved that the outcome of whey protein is almost similar to the same amount of pea protein. So, to build up muscle and lose weight, you can depend on any of the protein powder as per your preference.

The Best Protein for You

Everybody has different requirements. So, whether you need plant-based protein or whey protein, it’s entirely up to you. Based on your dietary need and goals, you can choose any type of protein supplements. What you need to do is to wait and give your protein powder effect your system properly. Running for different brands is not a good choice.

If you don’t have any problems with animal-based protein, to be specific, milk-based protein, you can go for whey protein. Also, if you aim for muscle building, whey protein is the supplement you need now. But, if you have problems with dairy products and ethically avoid animal products, plant-based protein is your thing. It is also effective for those who want to lose weight quickly.

Whether you choose plant-based or whey protein, it is always better to talk to your nutritionist and pick the most suitable product for you. As plant-based protein is of different types, you need to know whether you need hemp, pea, or soy protein.

Finally, it is recommended that you should not change your protein powder regularly as it needs time to work on your body. Only if you are having any stomach issues or other health problems from whey protein, you need to go for any other type of protein powder. Also, there are plant-based protein powders that can cause issues your health. Know well which one suits you and then buy the desired product.



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