Why is it important to have a simultaneous interpretation system in your business?

March 16, 2023

Although simultaneous interpretation is quite challenging, it is one of the most used interpretation systems. It is the most effective way for a business to communicate with a diverse audience. In addition to total concentration, simultaneous interpretation requires advanced specialization and technical skills. It is an intense process, and being bilingual does not necessarily qualify you for the task.

The speaker's words are translated in real time, with a slight time lag. Special training in memory and fast responses is crucial, and simultaneous interpretation has significantly benefited today's interpreters and transformed business meetings globally. We will help you understand why having a simultaneous interpretation system in your business is essential.

Real-time translation

Unlike consecutive interpretation, where a speaker's words are translated after they are done sharing, simultaneous interpretation provides a fluid flow of information in real time between parties communicating in different languages. With simultaneous interpretation, no information is lost because translators speak almost immediately after the main speaker.

Better comprehension

Since simultaneous interpretation provides an equal opportunity for all to exchange business ideas and knowledge in a language that each is conversant with, it creates room for better comprehension. Additionally, it provides equal opportunities for all to share their thoughts and views without the fear of a language barrier.

Increases the flow of communication

With simultaneous interpretation, there are no stops to make room for interpreters. The flow of communication is fluid and consistent. A smooth conversation creates a conducive environment for proper understanding. It also prevents interruptions that could be frustrating to clients or business partners. Therefore, having a simultaneous interpretation system is essential in maintaining good relations with clients and business partners by facilitating a smooth flow of ideas.

Saves time and money

The smoother the flow of communication, the less time it will take a business event to be over. Shorter event durations mean less pay. Imagine if one speaker had to share their thoughts till the end before bringing an interpreter on board. This would take much longer. Time is crucial in getting the most out of clients and business partners. Prolonged meetings are exhausting and may interfere with people's ability to fully concentrate on the meeting's agenda. Simultaneous interpretation is the best solution to avoid this while saving on money and time.

Increases business network

Every business owner aspires to grow their brand far and wide. An effective communication strategy is key in maintaining and ensuring proper communication with clients worldwide. Thanks to simultaneous interpretation, language barriers can no longer be a hindrance, and communication between different native speakers can be made effective.

It gives a good impression

How you present your brand to prospective clients or business partners matters. It could either build or break your brand. No one wants to be held in a meeting for hours because of an inappropriate communication channel. Hiring a simultaneous interpretation system is covers you from embarrassing moments when dealing with business prospects. It leaves a good and professional impression.

What are the qualities of a good simultaneous interpreter?

Like any other job, specific qualifications must be met for an individual to be tasked as a simultaneous interpreter. Therefore, finding interpreters with impeccable qualifications is key is running a smooth session. To get the job done right, check for these qualities before hiring one.

  • Language skills. A simultaneous interpreter should have a deep understanding of several languages in addition to their native language. Their articulation of words in other languages should ideally compare to the native speaker’s language. They should be able to understand jokes, read books, and watch programs in those languages.
  • Specialized knowledge. If you are in the legal line of business, look for a specialized interpreter in legal matters. Picking randomly can negatively affect the outcome of your event. Each line of business has its professional terms. A technical interpreter with proper understanding can interpret such phrases in a manner that can be easily understood without delay.
  • Cultural knowledge. A simultaneous interpreter needs to have a proper cultural understanding of the native languages they are interpreting. What is acceptable in one culture may be taboo in another. Additionally, some cues may be a norm to one culture and an insult to another. Besides getting your information across to a native speaker, understanding cultures is crucial in conveying the native speaker's thoughts to the rest.
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations. Simultaneous interpretation can be challenging. There is only a slight time lag between the speaker's words and the interpreters. Catching up with the pace while putting your thoughts together to convey the speaker's exact message can be overwhelming, making it challenging to keep your emotions in check. However, a good interpreter must not succumb to pressure. Regardless of the topic's nature, an interpreter must remain calm and collected.
  • Continuous learning. To be a successful simultaneous interpreter, feeding your mind with more knowledge is crucial. Learning should be an ongoing process, even after multiple pieces of training. As much as you are a specialized interpreter, it is essential to widen your knowledge because circumstances differ. Every job in your line of specialization is unique. Vast knowledge helps you to deal with each accordingly.
  • Soft skilled. An excellent simultaneous interpreter must be willing to be an empathetic listener. It is not always easy for native speakers to convey their thoughts. It is an interpreter's job to create an intimidation-free space where they can express themselves freely. If they are taking time while trying to express themselves, be patient. Help where you can. It creates a rapport. Connecting with a wide range of people is a critical element of a simultaneous interpreter.
  • Accreditation. A certificate from a reputable interpretation institution proves that an interpreter has the skills required to meet the job demands. In addition to language requirements, training equips an interpreter with the necessary codes of ethics.
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