Wilmington Is Where Hightown Is Filmed

March 11, 2023

where is hightown filmed

The Starz series Hightown is set on Cape Cod, which has been a hot spot for the opioid crisis. However, the show’s production moved away from Provincetown to Wilmington during its shooting for season two last year.

The acclaimed crime drama stars Monica Raymund as Jackie Quinones, a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who finds herself involved in a murder investigation. She struggles to maintain her sobriety while attempting to solve the case.


Provincetown practically exhales drama, and the upcoming Starz crime drama "Hightown" takes advantage of that edginess to tell a gritty, hard-nosed drug thriller. The show stars Monica Raymund as Jackie Quinones, a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who is assigned to investigate a murder tied to Cape Cod Bay's heroin epidemic.

Though the series is a departure from the usual crime-drama genre, it's also an inclusive tale that explores addiction and recovery. Created by Rebecca Cutter (The Mentalist, Code Black), it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Starz P-Town Productions.

During filming, Commercial Street was shut down for several hours as the crew recreated Provincetown's famous pride month Carnival parade. They also shot scenes elsewhere in town, including along the beaches and alleyways.

Despite its many flaws, "Hightown" is still a welcome addition to the local production scene. The Starz series features an all-star cast that includes James Badge Dale as a police detective, and Luis Guzman in a recurring role.


Freeport is often a filming location for big budget films, television shows and commercials. It is also known for its unique and often quirky charms.

In particular, it has been home to some of the most successful films in recent memory. Among these include FX's "The Americans" and Jake Gyllenhaal's 2015 movie "Demolition."

A crime drama set in Provincetown, Massachusetts, starring Monica Raymund as a hard-partying lesbian federal Fishery Service officer who finds herself at the center of a murder investigation, Starz's Hightown is a dazzling production with an excellent cast and a great crew.

The show, which debuted on Starz on May 17, has filmed scenes throughout the town of Cape Cod and on Long Island. In fact, the village of Freeport in Suffolk County is often used as a stand-in for Provincetown. The most notable scenes were filmed on Bagel Dock, Commercial Street and the Village of Freeport's recreation center.


Wilmington has played host to a lot of film productions in recent years, including the STARZ series Hightown. The drama stars Monica Raymund as a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who gets involved with a murder investigation and deals with her own addictions.

In Season 2, the show’s producers moved production from Long Island to Wilmington. Several scenes were shot on Commercial Street, MacMillan Pier and near Provincetown Inn last year, as well as on the Bourne Bridge this summer.

Other notable films filmed in Wilmington include Scream 5 (Courtney Cox, David Arquette), Iron Man 3 and Halloween Kills (2021). The North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grant offers a 25 percent rebate on qualifying expenses incurred by in-state film projects.

North Carolina

Wilmington is a natural filming location for Hightown, a crime/drug drama about a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who gets mixed up in a murder investigation while battling addictions to alcohol and drugs. According to Crystal Williams, executive director for STARZ and Lionsgate communications, the city is an easy Cape Cod double and North Carolina’s beaches appealed to the production’s location scouts.

While the show filmed in Provincetown and New York for its first season, it moved production to Wilmington last year and is now filming for Season 2. The series’ second season debuts this week on Starz.

The show’s main character is Jackie Quinones (Monica Raymund), a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent who becomes involved in a murder investigation while struggling with her own alcohol and drug use issues. The plot revolves around her journey to sobriety, and also touches on the drug epidemic on Cape Cod. It’s a well-written, compelling drama and was renewed for a third season.

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