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March 22, 2023

Taking the plunge into solar energy can be daunting. With so many Minnesota solar installers to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Wolf River Electric has been a trusted and reliable installer of residential and commercial solar systems throughout the Twin Cities area for the longest time. We are proud to have earned our place as one of the best Minnesota Solar Installers by delivering quality workmanship and excellent customer service to anyone planning to go solar.

Read on and learn why you should consider working with us for your solar installation project in Minnesota.

Our Approach At Wolf River Electric


Wolf River Electric takes a collaborative approach to install solar panels. By working closely with customers, we ensure that their needs and wants are addressed. Besides, we also have established relationships with local manufacturers and suppliers in the solar industry to offer competitive prices.


We also encourage effective communication throughout each installation. This means we keep customers informed at every step during the installation of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system so that everyone understands the process. Regardless of the stage, we keep in touch before, during, and after installation to ensure customer satisfaction.


We take the time to explain the details of each installation and ensure that everyone involved understands what needs to be done. In doing so, we carefully review the project scope, timeline, budget, and other important factors needed to complete a successful job.

Constant Improvement

We are always looking for ways to improve our solar panel installation methods. We consistently review our processes to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technology and industry standards. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with the best quality service possible.


We also pride ourselves on craftsmanship when installing Minnesota solar panels. Our team of experienced technicians is highly skilled and knowledgeable, which allows us to deliver the best to our customers.

We take great care in ensuring that each installation is done correctly and efficiently so that customers can enjoy their solar energy systems for years.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panel In Minnesota

Help you save money on your energy bills.

Minnesota’s climate is well suited for solar power, and installing the panels can help you save money on your energy bills.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, and the average Minnesota home uses about 9,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Installing a typical 5-kilowatt solar pv system in Minnesota could save you up to $1,000 per year on your energy costs.

Increase the value of your home.

For residential solar installations, solar panels not only save you money on your energy bills, but they can also increase the value of your home. Homes with solar panels sell for an average of 4.1% more than those without solar panels.

Help to protect the environment.

Solar panels also help to protect the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are pollutants that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global climate change.

The average Minnesota household emits about 10 tons of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels each year, but solar panels can reduce those emissions by about 2.5 tons.

Low maintenance costs

Once solar panel systems are installed, they have very low maintenance costs. Solar panel systems typically have a lifespan of 20-30 years, and most manufacturers offer warranties of 20 years or more.

Factors To Consider When Going For Minnesota Solar

Net Metering Policies In Minnesota

Net metering is a policy that allows you to get credit for any extra electricity your solar system produces. This is done by returning the excess energy to the electric grid, which credits your account.

This solar policy in Minnesota will determine how much of this extra energy you can send back, as well as how much money you can receive.

Average Solar Payback Period

The payback period refers to the time it will take for your solar installation to pay for itself. When calculating this number, you should consider the system cost of the solar panels, any installation costs, and any other related fees.

You can then compare these initial investment numbers to the amount you are projected to save on energy over time to determine if going solar is a viable financial option.

Upfront Fees

Some solar companies may include estimated fees in their quotes, while others may require additional setup and installation fees.

Understand all the fees associated with your solar installations so that there are no surprises down the road.

Solar Companies Pushing Solar Leases

It’s important to be aware of companies pushing solar leases instead of buying a system outright. While leasing can sometimes make sense depending on your circumstances, additional fees are often associated with this arrangement.

Installation Process

You should know how long it will take for the installation to be completed. Know if there will be any disruption to your home or business during installation.

In case there are, be aware of the maintenance you need once the solar panels are installed.


Understand the warranty offered by the Minnesota solar installer you are considering. What does the warranty cover? How long is the warranty valid? What is the process for filing a claim if something goes wrong with your solar panels?

Minnesota Solar Tax Credits And Incentives

Net Metering In Minnesota

Net metering is using renewable energy sources, like solar, to generate electricity. In Minnesota, you can install solar panels on your home and connect them to the grid.

This allows your excess solar generation to be returned to the grid and credited towards future electricity bills. Eventually, it reduces overall costs and makes solar power more economical.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal tax credit for solar is a great way to save money on up front costs for purchasing and installing solar panels.

This federal tax credit allows you to reduce the taxes you pay due at the end of the year. The amount of credit can be up to 30%, depending on the size of the system.

Sales Tax Exemption

Minnesota also offers a sales tax exemption for solar energy systems. This means that when you purchase solar equipment or hire someone to install it, you don’t have to pay any sales taxes. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes.

Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards Program

Xcel Energy, Minnesota’s largest energy provider, also offers a program called Solar*Rewards to encourage people to switch to solar energy.

This program pays solar customers $0.07 per kilowatt hour of solar for the excess power they generate with their solar panels. Xcel energy payments can be made monthly or annually, depending on the size of the system and how much energy is produced.


How Much Do Solar Panels Installation Cost In Minnesota?

Depending on the size of your system, installing 5 kW of solar panels in Minnesota can cost around $14,578 to $19,722. That may sound like a lot at first, but over time, you will start saving money on your electric bill

How Much Energy Can I Get From Solar Power System?

A typical solar panel system for a home can produce between 1,000 and 4,000 watts of energy every hour, according to the Energy Information Administration. That's enough to power many common household items like lights, TVs, computers, refrigerators, and washing machines. This power is stored in the solar battery and used over a particular period of time.

Do Solar Panels Need Regular Maintenance?

No, solar panels do not need much maintenance at all. They only require light cleaning two to four times a year. You can easily clean them by spraying them with water and wiping away any dirt or dust accumulating on the panel's surface to improve power generation.

Can I Install My Own Solar Energy System In Minnesota?

Yes, you can install your own solar panels in Minnesota. However, if you decide to install your own solar energy system in Minnesota, you must know what you're doing. Solar panels, like rooftop solar panels are not easy to install and can be dangerous. It's better to hire a professional who has experience installing solar panels so they can do the job safely and correctly

Is It Better To Lease Or Buy Solar Panels In Minnesota

It is better to acquire solar panels in Minnesota through cash purchase, considering it will save you money. Buying your own comes with its own set of solar incentives, which, when combined, can reduce the cost of buying a solar system by around 50%, meaning that purchasing your solar panels is more economical than leasing them in the long run.

Final Thought: Go Solar With Wolf River Electric

Wolf River Electric is the best choice for solar panel installations in Minnesota. Our commitment to providing clean, renewable energy for our customers is admirable and has the potential to make the world a cleaner per place.

Plus, you can save money by reducing your reliance on conventional electricity production methods fueled by fossil fuels.

Going green and going solar with Wolf River Electric is a responsible decision as it helps protect our precious environment while also benefiting your finances in the long run.

Reach out to us today and take advantage of our top-notch solar panel installation service


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