Wright City and Storage Units: Decluttering Your Home Getting More Complex

March 10, 2023


Wright City isn’t known for being the biggest city, but it does have an extremely tight community that cares for its own. Recently, there have been a couple of new developments here that might change how storage unit entrepreneurs get to set up shop. These implications can make it difficult for many homeowners that rely on storage units to keep their homes tidy.

Let’s explore how.

Storage Units: A Blessing for Home Owners That Want to Keep Clutter Free


Storage units have long since been used as an easy and effective method for people to store items that they can’t keep with them. This could be due to a lack of storage space, the nature of the items themselves, and when downsizing or renovating their homes.

One of the most common uses of storage units is that they serve as great places to store furniture and other household items that simply take up too much space at home that cause the home to get cluttered and messy.

According to statistics, the most common items put in storage units were furniture, followed by clothing, home appliances and equipment, sporting items, and hobby gear. Less common items included business-related articles, vehicles, RVs, and boats.

It makes sense then that the prevalence of storage units is something that aids people quite a bit in ensuring their homes look clean and uncluttered.

The Storage Unit Scene and Recent Developments in Wright City


One can often find many storage unit lots when traveling down Highway H or Roelker Road.

Many of these storage units have been extremely helpful to residents by allowing them to store extra and excess items such as those mentioned above.

One particularly popular storage unit lot is Reliable Storage in Wright City. This particular facility has two locations positioned about ½ mile off of I-70. One at 1 Hat Trick Lane and the other by the Veterans Memorial Parkway. Reliable Storage offers a slew of unit sizes ranging from 5 x 10 (50 sq. ft) to 10 x 20 (200 sq. ft)

Operating since 2015, this storage facility is known for its 24/7 access along with its no deposit / no contact benefits.

While facilities like Reliable Storage are likely to continue strong, the fate of new storage units that are thinking of starting a business in the area might be uncertain due to recent developments.

City leaders have now started to have an issue with the freedom that storage unit owners have in setting up their facilities.

Many residents also seem to support the notion of coming down harder on storage unit facilities due to the fact that they find it an eyesore to the aesthetics of the landscape. An online petition on this issue has already racked up more than 360 signatures which shows how seriously the community seems to be affected by this. (Wright City has a population of 5,409).

It turns out that many storage units have been set up on agricultural land, and this seems to be possible without the need for any special permit or oversight. At the moment, anyone wanting to set up a storage unit in unincorporated Warren County only needs a building permit, which seems a bit too lax.

The Increased Risk of Crime at Storage Lots


There are also other reasons why residents seem to be concerned about unregulated storage units. Often, these units can contain valuable items that people lock away. While most storage facilities have rules regarding the types of items that can be stored, there will still be something of value outside those guidelines.

This makes storage units a prime target for thieves in many areas, especially since security is an often overlooked factor.

In 2020, several other parts of the U.S. saw drastic increases in break-ins at storage units. Places like Arapahoe County, Colorado, are seeing an 80% increase in burglaries.

While security is an important concern, if discussions from the planning and zoning board are successful in creating new regulations, it is likely going to spell trouble for both storage unit owners and the homeowners that rely on them.

How? Well, prices are definitely going to go up. Having security officers guard a spot 24/7 is not cheap. Furthermore, changes in the process of how storage units can be set up are likely going to make entrepreneurs raise prices due to the extra effort involved.


Homeowners might start to find it no longer effective to spend money on units and might consider finding a relative’s home where they can stash their items. Either way, we hope that Wright City residents and officials are able to come to a decision that helps everyone.

Storage unit owners also need to be a little more aware of where they decide to set up shop. Ensuring that the facilities don’t become dilapidated and safety risk is of utmost interest to all parties.


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