4 Cold Storage Options And How To Choose One For Your Business

April 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered how people experience and enjoy different kinds of fruits, vegetables, ice creams, and groceries all year round? It's made possible thanks to temperature-controlled solutions called cold storage.

Cold storage is a facility where products with specific temperature requirements are stored. These include fruits, vegetables, dairy goods, processed meats, spices, dried fruits, frozen foods, pharmaceutical products, and chemicals.

Cold storage uses temperatures between 0 to -18 degrees Celsius. These low temperatures play a crucial role in preserving the shelf life of different items and preventing contamination without compromising their quality and nutritional value.

There are different types of cold storage facilities for any business type. This post will discuss each, including some tips that may help you choose the best suits your needs. For thorough assistance, visit Amplify Logistics or other cold storage companies.

Keep reading this post to learn more about your business's different cold storage options.

1. Bulk Cold Storage

Bulk cold storage is ideal for storing products on a seasonal basis. These include apples, potatoes, alcoholic beverages, dry meats, chilies, etc.

Seasonal cold storage is an efficient and eco-friendly equipment for prolonging shelf life and preserving fresh produces. It stores natural cold energy during cold months for free cooling during summer.

Natural cold energy is in the form of ice stored in an insulated tank. When summer arrives, it’s extracted as chilled water to provide free cooling. It helps decrease machine running time, which reduces energy bills and carbon footprints.

2. All-Purpose Cold Storage

All-purpose cold storage is designed to store a wide range of commodities for a year-round supply. These include different meat types like pork, beef, lamb, poultry, and seafood.

In addition, all-purpose cold storage has an operational program developed to meet specific parameters. You can find these units primarily near consumption centers.

3. Blast Freezers And Chillers

If you’re looking for a rapid cooling solution, blast freezers and chillers are the way to go. This type of cold storage is typically used by companies that require immediate cooling to preserve highly perishable products, such as meat mixtures, etc.

Below are the different blast freezers and chillers that may suit your needs.

  • Portable Blast Freezers: This type is ideal for storing and distributing goods and is often equipped with ISO-certified doors. ISO is short for International Organization for Standardization, a body that develops standards to ensure quality.
  • Mini Blast Freezers: This is an ideal solution for restaurants planning to expand their kitchen and food storage. Also, it’s small enough for busy kitchens and big enough for bulk food freezing.
  • Wide Span Blast Freezers: This large blast freezer is optimized for easy access and manageable storage of perishable goods.
  • Super Freezers: This is the largest type of blast freezer spanning between 40 and 45 feet across. It’s ideal for large businesses and organizations.

Blast freezers and chillers can also be customized depending on the specific needs of your business. For example, ice cream manufacturers have customized conveyor blast freezers connected to the main line to freeze ice cream mixtures immediately.

4. Walk-In Cold Storage

This type of cold storage is often found at distribution centers and can be used for various applications. These include cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and other industries that require a temperature-controlled atmosphere.

Walk-in freezers can operate at extremely low temperatures, between -18 to -22 degrees Celsius. It keeps perishable goods for months without compromising quality and nutritional content.

How To Choose The Right Cold Storage For Your Business?

When choosing a cold storage warehouse for your products, there are several factors manufacturers and producers need to consider.

  • Design

The cold storage facility's design will affect your operations' efficiency. So, compare and analyze different options before you decide what’s best for your business.

Assess the module of the facility because walls affect the rate at which a cold storage room cools. Ideally, you want thick insulation to minimize heat transfer, especially for deep freezing applications.

  • Refrigeration Systems

You need to consider two refrigeration systems when choosing a cold storage facility: the basic system and the remote condensing system.

The basic system consists of an evaporator that draws heat and a condenser that releases heat. A simple cold facility with one temperature to follow combines these two components in a single housing.

The remote condensing system separates these two components but is connected through pipelines. It makes it suitable for large facilities because it’s more efficient in releasing heat than basic cooling systems.

  • Temperature Regulation

Choosing a cold storage facility that allows you to control the temperature easily is essential. It should have a control panel to adjust the parameters to your preferred settings. Of course, the cold room should be able to meet them.

In addition, choose a cold room with separate cooling zones for maximum functionality.

Final Words

Cold storage is a temperature-controlled facility that prolongs and preserves the shelf life of various products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, and food. Choosing a suitable facility doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use this quick guide to find the right one for your business.


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