5 Best Places to Buy Twitch Viewers

April 21, 2023

Twitch is the number one choice of millions of streamers and gamers around the world. More viewers translate into bigger success on this platform which further tends to increase your earnings too. Since, initially the organic growth in terms of viewers and followers can be painstakingly slow. This is where sites that sell Twitch viewers and followers come into the scene. Now, there are many sites that claim to sell authentic or genuine viewers but sadly, most of them fall flat on their claims.

Here are the top 5 sites that you can use to buy genuine Twitch viewers:

1. GrowthMount.com

Top on this list to buy Twitch viewers with chatters is GrowthMount. There’s hardly any other site that can beat GrowthMount when it comes to getting 100% authentic and real Twitch viewers. What makes GrowthMount the top choice is that they offer non-dropable and real Twitch services, which I must say, is quite rare. One of the most interesting things is that GrowthMount can help you choose the stream time from 30 minutes up to 240 minutes.

GrowthMount also provides you with chatters so that you can send customised messages. Not many sites sell chatters and this is what tends to give GrowthMount an edge over the others.

Not just this, their pricing is also quite economical as compared to other competitors on the market. They offer affordable packages so that beginners can grow their streaming accounts and channels easily. They have been getting incredibly positive user reviews and their reorder rate is also very high (which speaks highly of their result-oriented service).

Some of the main attributes of their service include the following:

  • 100% genuine or real users
  • Offers chatters too
  • Non-Drop viewers or followers
  • Absolutely safe and secure checkout process
  • Multiple Twitch streaming services
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
  • Very High Reorder rate
  • Quick, fast, and hassle-free delivery of orders
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Priority on customer satisfaction
  • Highly affordable packages

2. StreamOz

StreamOz is another good site offering Twitch viewers and followers. They are also known for providing real Twitch viewers but the viewers they provide are likely to stay on your stream for a maximum of 30 minutes. Unlike GrowthMount, wherein you have the option of having viewers stay on your site within the range of 30-240 minutes, viewers provided by StreamOz cannot exceed 30 minutes on your stream.

Here are some of the main features of StreamOz:

  • 100% legit viewers
  • Good pricing
  • Good support
  • Fast delivery of orders

3. BoostHill

Yet another site selling Twitch viewers and followers is BoostHill. This is a site that is known to sell a lot of social media services. They are also known to deliver good quality viewers. However, there have been a couple of complaints about their customer support. Otherwise, their packages also seem quite pocket-friendly.

Some of their main features include the following:

  • provide Twitch viewers and followers
  • economical packages
  • offer chatters also
  • stream time options are available

4. Streamerviewerbot

Yet another service that needs a mention over here is Streamerviewerbot. They have been in business for some time but it is not clear whether they offer twitch viewer bot or real ones. Moreover, they have a viewer limit of 1000. User reviews are also just about OK.

5. Mediamister

Mediamister is yet another site selling Twitch viewers and followers but they neither provide the option of having chatters nor do they offer a stream time option. However, they have a seamless checkout process and are known for quick delivery.


Even though there are many sites selling Twitch viewers and followers, few can match up to the service provided by GrowthMount which deserves the top spot on this list.


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