5 Great Reasons to Invest in Heated Floors

April 5, 2023

A cold floor can make your whole home feel chilly, whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. More homeowners than ever before are designing their homes to include radiant floor heating. Professional installation is required in order to install the floor heating system under most types of flooring. When the colder weather hits, you won't have to worry about keeping your feet warm, and it can ease the burden on your furnace.

Heat can be delivered to the surface of a floor by either electric currents or heated water, depending on the type of radiant flooring used. This heat can then be used to warm up your feet and add innovative and eco-friendly heat to your home. Despite the fact that floor heating systems do require an initial investment, the benefits that they provide outweigh any initial costs for many families. Let’s take a closer look at more on heated floors and why they are one of the most popular home upgrades.

What Are Heated Floors?

Long-used fireplaces and space heaters are much less efficient than radiant floor heating systems. Such systems work by heating the air itself rather than warming cold air. Creating heat through fire or electricity results in uneven heating. By warming objects and people directly, radiant floor heating solves this problem.

Radiant heating systems work by generating and passing an electric current through wires or circulating warm water through pipes. As the heat radiates up, it warms the rest of the room evenly. These innovative systems can be customized to your needs. You can have a full-home system or have it installed in just your bathroom or living room. 

Minimal Noise

When you have radiant flooring installed, you will never need to worry about noise in your home. There is no fan attached to a heated flooring system that can whistle and tick, and there is no creaking or thumping ductwork creating too much noise. Unlike other heating systems, radiant heating systems operate quietly and efficiently, reducing the noise pollution entering your home.

Maintenance Free

One of the most valuable advantages of a heated flooring system is the minimal amount of required maintenance. For homeowners busy with their own home improvement projects, not having to worry about annual inspections is a welcome relief. Once installed, a radiant heating system will last for over 20 years without regular maintenance. 

For traditional fireplaces and furnaces to perform at their best, routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspections need to be performed regularly. When it comes to a heated floor, you can forget about it once it has been installed. Ensure that the system you choose comes with a warranty that covers the parts and labor associated with the system. 

Even Heating

There is a possibility that you will experience cold spots in your home when you have a traditional furnace. Depending on the size of your home, you may have to make your furnace work harder in order to move air up to the upper floors. With a radiant heating system, you never have to worry about one or two of your rooms being chilly. A full home radiant floor heating system works to warm the environment evenly, with every inch of your home reached and comfortable. 

With almost all systems, you will be able to program each room or area of your house so that it operates independently of the rest of your house. For example, you may want to only turn on the bathroom floor heating in the mornings when the area gets a lot of traffic. Or, you might want to turn off the heating in one of your used areas, like the basement or a spare bedroom. 

Energy Efficient

Modern homeowners are keenly aware of the importance of keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible. In order to help the environment and limit our consumption of fossil fuels, we all try our best to minimize our consumption. Heating your home with radiant floor heating is one of the most energy-efficient methods. Energy-efficient than forced-air heating systems, they consume 20% to 25% less energy. As a result of its even distribution of heat throughout the room, it is able to provide maximum efficiency. The cold spots in the room do not need to be compensated for by overheating the room. In addition, floor heating does not leak heat through the ductwork, which makes it a very efficient method of heating.

With the advanced technology of a Wi-Fi or Programmable thermostat, you can easily control your room's temperature through the internet. In other words, you only heat the room when it is needed, and you lower the temperature when you aren't using it. Consequently, your energy bills will go down, and you will be able to conserve energy as a result. The operating costs of radiant heating are generally very low, which makes it a very attractive choice. A regular bathroom will usually cost you less than one dollar a day to run. 

Easy to Install

In most cases,  radiant flooring can be installed in as little as a few days. Your project will depend on many factors, including the size and placement of your chosen system design. While experienced DiY experts may be able to install a custom system, for most homeowners, it’s best to trust the process with a professional. When working with a contractor, you have the advantage of work and products backed by a warranty or service guarantee. 

Once the system is installed and connected, it’s as easy as using your smart thermostat to turn the system on. With very little time and expense, most people can have their homes up and running within a few days. There is a good chance that your new home contractor will schedule the installation to coincide with the construction of the floor to ensure a seamless final result. 

If you are building a new home or considering a home renovation, consider these impressive benefits of adding a floor heating system to your design. 

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