5 Ways a Dog Bite Injury Attorney Helps Victims Win A Lawsuit

April 26, 2023

Dogs biting humans is, unfortunately, a common ordeal. Statistics indicate 1 in 50 risks of a person being bitten by a dog. These injuries can be severe, requiring several months of recovery. In principle, you can’t hold the animal accountable for its action, but a local dog bite attorney can help you claim financial compensation from the dog’s owner.


  • According to the CDC, more than 4.5 million people report being bitten by dogs in the United States annually. Of these 4.5 million people, over 800,000 seek medical care, with about 30-50 cases of dog bites resulting in fatalities.
  • In 2022, homeowners insurers paid out $1,136 million in liability claims related to dog bites and other dog-related injuries, with average claims ranging between $100,000- $300,000.
  • According to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 786 dog bite incidents were reported in 2021 in the greater Atlanta area. Of these incidents, 665 resulted in minor injuries, while 121 resulted in significant injuries, and no fatalities were reported. The overall rate of dog bites per 100,000 population was 22.2, up from 19.8 reported in 2020.

If you or a loved one have been a dog bite victim, visit these dog bite lawyers to learn more about how to turn the tables on your canine-caused misfortune. The following are some ways attorneys can help you navigate the legal process.

Evaluating Your Case and Determining Liability

As a specialized legal professional, a dog bite injury attorney can help achieve your desired outcome in a lawsuit by meticulously evaluating your case. These injury attorneys examine the specifics of your case to determine the at-fault party's liability. Personal injury lawyers help prove liability and negligence by:

  • Demonstrating that the dog owner did not take the necessary precautions to avert the harrowing event. This objective is accomplished by proving that the dog's owner violated leash restrictions, omitted to secure their property appropriately, or failed to supervise or train their dog adequately.
  • Proving that the dog owner knew their pet's harmful tendencies beforehand. Reasonable evidence includes knowledge of prior occurrences, complaints, or aggressive conduct.

Gathering Evidence to Prove Injuries

A dog bite lawyer helps establish a solid case by meticulously gathering evidence to prove that the injuries sustained by the victim were indeed caused by the dog in question. Similarly, personal injury lawyers help establish a clear connection between the incident and the resulting harm. The evidence collected includes medical records, witness statements, and expert testimony. These attorneys have access to experts in various fields who collect and analyze this evidence to help reach fair compensation for their clients.

Providing Legal Support Throughout the Process

Dog bite attorneys provide invaluable legal support and advice throughout the litigation. They guide you through the seemingly complex and intimidating legal system, ensuring that all necessary documentation is filed promptly per the statute of limitations. Plus, they advocate for your best interests during negotiations and trial proceedings.

Dog bite attorneys are well-versed in state and federal laws about dog bites and animal attacks. This knowledge is crucial in determining the applicable statutes, identifying potential legal defenses, and understanding the victim's rights within the context of the law.

Represent You in Court if the Case Goes to Trial

At times, due to the extent of injuries, an out-of-court agreement is unreachable in dog bite incidents. In such scenarios, leveraging the comprehensive understanding of the relevant legislation, a dog bite lawyer can represent you in court when the case goes to trial. Attorneys present a persuasive argument and skillfully refute any counterclaims made by the defense to secure a desired outcome - compensation or a verdict in your favor.

Pursuing Compensation

Being well-versed in legal nuances and regulations in multiple jurisdictions, dog bit attorneys use this knowledge to identify and pursue all potential sources of compensation. Some of these sources include:

  • Homeowners' insurance policies
  • Renters' insurance
  • Other available assets

By doing so, personal injury lawyers see that you receive the maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the dog bite incident. In such matters, personal injury lawyers help send a clear message to dog owners about the importance of responsible pet ownership.


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