7 Best Game Ideas That Will Be a Sure Hit Among Kids

April 17, 2023


Choosing the best game idea for your kids is no child's play. And that's not due to any shortage of kid-friendly games. On the contrary, there are numerous options to pick from.

But as you may already know, there are key factors to consider when choosing the best game for your children. These include estimated game length, required number of participants, age-appropriateness, and the core objectives.

In this article, I walk you through the seven popular and exciting game ideas that will pique your kids' interest.

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1. Knock, Knock Jokes

Many classic games serve as icebreakers for elementary small groups. Knock, knock jokes is a kid game that has kept its appeal over the years. The game is reasonably short and incredibly easy to play. If done right, it can impart creativity in your children in addition to helping them have fun.

The jokes can help diffuse tension and usher children into the play mode.

Most knock, knock games are played by two people. The rest of the kids can simply listen and laugh their heads off.

A typical game would unfold as follows;

1st Player: Knock, knock!

2nd Player: Who's there?

1st Player: Maya

2nd Player: Maya, who?

1st Player: May I come in, please?

2. Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts, also known as scavenger hunts, are pretty popular during Halloween and Thanksgiving. But those aren't the only occasions to indulge your kids in this exhilarating game.

To play a treasure hunt, simply grab the requisite materials from your local game store. These mainly include a treasure map and the prizes to be won. There's also the option of using homemade supplies.

Once you have the right materials, hide a prize somewhere in your house or yard and give the kids some clues to find it. The hints should be subtle enough to make the game more interesting. You can say the clues loudly or spell them in the treasure map.

Remember that scavenger hunts can be as simple or complicated as you wish. It all depends on the players' age.

3. Reading Games

Reading games for kids isn't just easy to execute. They're also instrumental in sharpening your children's grammar and comprehension skills.

To play a reading game, get the children in a comfortable place. Consider places with minimal distractions.

Then, have the kids take turns to read sentences or passages. Ensure there's a prize for whoever can read fastest and most coherently.

Spice things up by choosing passages that generally appeal to children's fancy. These could range from toy-based sentences to pet-themed passages, favorite foods, family-oriented passages, etc. Again, the player's age should be your primary guide.

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4. Would You Rather…..?

Here's another excellent choice if you're looking for an icebreaker game for kids.

This idea of 'Would You Rather…..?. is to put players in an awkward position by presenting them with two unfavorable choices. The game can be instrumental in honing your children's decision-making skills.

Note that the answer given isn't necessarily objective. So, it's best to ask the respondent to explain why they chose one of two possibilities. This will further stimulate the child's creativity and communication skills.

Below are examples of questions you may line up for a 'Would You Rather….?' game session;

  • Would you rather do the dishes or mop the floor?
  • Would you rather mow the lawn or groom your neighbor's dog?


5. Yoga

Yoga is associated with a slew of health benefits. From stimulating blood circulation to relieving stress, boosting attention span, etc.

And while most people consider yoga an exercise for adults, kids can equally benefit from it. In the case of children, yoga is a fun game that may also help encourage silence and meditation.

All you need here is a yoga mat or towel and comfortable clothing. Then, have the children practice the preselected asanas.

Spice up the occasion by playing serenading music. It's even better if the exercise (or game) is performed in a breezy outdoor setting.

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6. Musical Chairs

The essence of musical chairs is pretty much what the name suggests – music and chairs.

Arrange chairs in a circle such that there's one less chair than the number of players. The kids are then expected to dance or run around the near-perfect circle of chairs while the music plays.

As soon as the music stops, each kid must find a chair to sit on. Well, all but one.

The person who doesn't manage to sit on a chair is eliminated, along with one more chair. Repeat the game until there's one eventual winner.

7. Egg and Spoon Race

While most of the above-listed kid games are ideal indoors, Egg and Spoon Race is ideally suited for the outdoors.

The game typically begins by lining players up, each kid having a hard-boiled egg balanced on a tablespoon. You then kick off the game the same way you would a typical race.

The goal is to have the kids race to the determined finish line with their eggs intact.

This game has multiple variations, including one where players are eliminated and one where players go back to the starting point when their eggs drop.

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Final Word

There's a plethora of fun children's games to spice up your next kid's party. However, the above-listed options are perfect when looking for kid games that are both entertaining and educational.



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