7 Things You Need to Do to Avoid the Fatal Four of Construction Sites

April 14, 2023

Working in the construction sector can be risky. The Fatal Four is the name that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) gives to the four leading causes of workplace accidents and deaths. The number one item on that list is falling. As of 2020, falls were still the leading cause of mortality on construction sites, with an estimated 351 deaths.

The Fatal Four include getting stuck between objects, falling objects, and electrocution. Construction workers should get the services of top workers' compensation attorneys in case they suffer from a work-related injury.

Here are seven tips for avoiding the Fatal Four to help you stay safe on a construction site.

Get the Workplace Ready

Make sure the area is secure before you begin constructing anything. Be sure to safeguard all open-sided platforms with railings and toe boards. You should also fill up any cracks that could cause an employee to fall. Establish a policy of continuous hygiene in the workplace and urge your staff to report and rectify any harmful conditions they might come across.

Make a Plan in case a Worker Falls

As mentioned, falls are the primary cause of workplace injuries and deaths. Since the construction sites are different, so should the prevention strategy. Implementing fall safety strategies is a good idea; in most cases, it is mandated by law.

OSHA mandates the use of fall protective equipment when working near exposed sidewalls that are six feet high, when constructing a roof that is six feet high from the surface, or when working at an excavation location that is six feet deep. You can find examples of good plans on OSHA's website to customize and use as templates for your construction.

Provide Protective Gear and Other Tools

Since every work has unique requirements and potential dangers, you need to customize your material selection accordingly. Suppose your team members are working at a height of six feet or more. In that case, you must provide them with the appropriate equipment, including ladders, personal protection equipment (PPE), harnesses, and protective gear.

Always Make Preparations in Advance

Preparation is vital if you want to get good results at work. Plan and implement those plans. Be sure to factor in the expense of the required safety gear when estimating or proposing an assignment, especially if the work will be performed at a specific height or in a confined location.

The next step is to review the upcoming project and assign roles in advance. This is intended to get everyone on the same page about what is expected of them, and it will guarantee that all precautions are taken before work begins. To avoid any hiccups after work starts, ensure everyone on the team knows the location and their responsibilities.

Educate Every Worker

While it's essential to have the right tools for the job, it's also crucial that your employees know how to use those tools correctly. Proper instruction on how to use and care for PPE is necessary if it is to fulfill its intended purpose. Create a set of workplace rules that emphasize the importance of safety for all employees.

Inspect the Construction Daily

Every morning before commencing work, ensure you have strolled around the property to ensure everything is in order. During this time, you can look for any dangers, especially those involving falls, check the state of any machinery on the premises, and clean up any trash that may have accumulated overnight.

Ensure the Workers Are Well Rested

Once the day is over, inform the workers that they need to get enough rest to be ready for the next day's work. Lack of enough sleep depletes energy and, as a result, increases the chances of work-related injuries. But with workers who are well rested, they will be alert.


OSHA's Fatal Four are the leading causes of work-related injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. However, the good news is that they can be managed, and the threats lessened. All that has to be done is careful planning, providing workers with protective gear, and promoting safety awareness along with those mentioned above. And if an employee gets hurt on the job, they should consult with an attorney specializing in workplace accidents to figure out the next steps.

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