7 Tips to Prepare for Large-Scale Home Renovation

April 4, 2023

Undertaking a home renovation project can be daunting, even when the scope is relatively small and thorough preparation has been made. The process entails accounting for a range of potential obstacles, some of which may or may not arise, and necessitates maintaining a high level of flexibility concerning the plans. Nonetheless, minimizing the difficulties typically associated with a large-scale renovation is possible by carefully considering available options and identifying those that best suit the current circumstances. By exploring these options, one can significantly reduce the overall hassle associated with the project.

Large-scale home renovations are becoming increasingly common in the United States, with more and more homeowners opting to renovate their homes rather than relocate. Cordova, USA, is no exception to the trend, as many residents choose to renovate their homes due to the rising relocation costs. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips you should know before diving into a large-scale home renovation project.

Get a storage unit

A storage unit is particularly important when undertaking a large-scale home renovation because it offers a practical solution for storing and protecting valuable possessions during construction. The unit can be used to store items that might otherwise become damaged, displaced, or covered in dust, such as furniture, electronics, and other household items.

Additionally, having a storage unit can make the renovation process more streamlined and less stressful, allowing contractors to work in a more organized and uncluttered environment. For residents of Cordova, getting a storage unit is an absolute must to protect their valuables from weather wear and tear. The temperature in Cordova, TN, averages 60.81° Fahrenheit, which is higher than Tennessee’s average. Fortunately, most of the storage units Cordova has to offer are climate-controlled, meaning your items will be safe from weather damage. Secondly, these storage units come with top-notch security, eliminating the concern of theft.

Set a budget for it

Establishing and adhering to a budget is critical to a comprehensive renovation process. It is considered a best practice to allocate a contingency fund to address unforeseen repairs and unanticipated expenses and to anticipate its use. Additionally, indirect renovation costs, such as increased expenses for dining out or lodging at a hotel, should be factored into the budget.

Furthermore, during the budgeting process, it is essential to prioritize the most critical elements of the renovation, such as structural repairs or safety upgrades, to ensure that these items are addressed even if unforeseen costs arise. It’s also advisable to consult with a financial advisor or accountant to develop a realistic budget that considers potential tax implications or other financial considerations.

Define the scope of the project

Establishing the scope of work is a crucial step in any home renovation project, following the determination of a realistic budget. It is imperative to clarify the essential work required, distinguishing it from the merely desirable. This process aids in identifying the fundamental objective of the project, establishing critical ground rules, and creating a comprehensive schedule for the various stages of the work. Precise communication and mutual understanding regarding the scope of work can prevent potential misunderstandings or disputes and ensure that the renovation proceeds efficiently and satisfactorily.

Build in phases

For major renovations, divide the project into manageable phases, as doing so minimizes disruption to daily life and maximizes the longevity of the budget. Therefore, it is prudent to incorporate this strategy into the overall planning process and prepare to exercise patience, as unanticipated complexities or challenges may arise and require additional time for resolution. The contractor's evaluation of the project's requirements may also reveal potential delays or other factors that must be considered in scheduling the various phases. The renovation project can be executed efficiently and with minimal impact on daily life by implementing a phased approach.

Shop in bulk wherever applicable

The significant investment of resources required for large-scale renovations underscores the importance of thoughtful planning regarding purchasing supplies and tools. While construction materials are an obvious consideration, additional measures can be taken so that the renovation is adequately equipped and costs are minimized. The renovation can be conducted cost-effectively without compromising quality or safety by employing strategies such as exploring alternative perforated metal suppliers, negotiating favorable terms, and considering the reuse or repurposing of existing materials. Careful attention to these details can help ensure the renovation progresses smoothly and successfully.

Be familiar with neighborhood bylaws and permits

A thorough understanding of neighborhood bylaws and permitting requirements is essential for a home renovation project. Before finalizing the scope of work with the renovation team, it is prudent to research any applicable ordinances or Homeowners Association regulations that may impact the project, such as home additions or property boundaries. The homeowner can take the initiative to gather this information and communicate it to the contractor. However, a reputable contractor should also be capable of navigating the process of obtaining the necessary building permits in compliance with local regulations. By adhering to these procedures, the renovation project can proceed smoothly and within the bounds of legal and regulatory requirements.

Prepare yourself for all the discomfort that will follow

Living in a home undergoing renovation can be a challenging experience, marked by dust, clutter, and fatigue. Even with the most meticulous labor, preventing the spread of dirt and debris throughout the home is nearly impossible. It is essential to remain positive and remember that even the most carefully planned and executed renovation projects may encounter unforeseen obstacles. By preparing for potential challenges and maintaining a positive attitude, homeowners can better navigate the renovation process and emerge with a successful outcome.


Undertaking a large-scale home renovation project can be challenging, but with careful planning and consideration of available options, it is possible to minimize the difficulties typically associated with such projects. From setting a budget to defining the scope of work, breaking the renovation into phases, shopping in bulk, understanding local bylaws and permitting requirements, and preparing for the discomfort that follows, homeowners can successfully navigate the renovation process. Also, renting a storage unit can help streamline the process and protect valuable possessions during construction. By taking the time to explore these tips and approaches, homeowners can significantly reduce the overall hassle associated with a large-scale renovation, resulting in a successful and satisfying outcome.

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