7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

April 12, 2023

Having a good digital marketing strategy is vital to success in any industry. That's because online is where your customers are. Research company Statista estimates that e-commerce sales totaled about $5.7 trillion globally in 2022. To reach those shoppers, you need a memorable digital marketing campaign. Here are seven ways to optimize your upcoming campaigns. 

  1. Do Better Market Research

Research is the easily-neglected first step of any effective campaign. You'll never know the best business trends to follow if you don't get the pulse of your target audience. Good research should be quantitative, looking at the demographics of your niche. It should also be quantitative, examining the feelings and motivations of consumers. Simple strategies like feedback surveys and email follow-ups can go a long way to making sense of shifting markets and evolving preferences. 

  1. Take a Holistic Approach to Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are a great way to visualize a customer's journey with your brand. Focusing on one stage of that journey to the exclusion of others might miss the big picture. The first stage of the funnel, the awareness stage, can be accomplished by standard advertisement, but keeping customers engaged is equally critical. Research shows that loyal customers spend an average of 67% more with your company per purchase, so nurture that relationship at every stage of their journey.

  1. Keep Campaigns Efficient

Do you know the ROI of your preferred channels? Email and SMS marketing have extremely high return-on-investment, and automation is why. Sales force automation software and customer relationship management (CRM) tools can augment digital marketing by automating routine tasks like email and text sending, leaving your sales team more time to get creative. Chatbots can even supplement your customer service for high-volume needs. Carefully using artificial intelligence (AI) tools can cut losses and maximize efficiency.

  1. Take an Omnichannel Approach

Traditional multichannel marketing is a practical approach, but it doesn't maximize the potential of social media. Omnichannel marketing is a distinctive strategy because the focus is on matching the content of a channel to that channel's strengths. An email might update customers on a new offering while linking them to a YouTube influencer showing that product or service in action. When you make the customer's experience more comprehensive, everyone wins. 

  1. Create High-Quality Content

Just having trendy content isn't enough. Long-form written content continues to be a popular channel. Customers have always appreciated long-form content because it provides value and context to the message of a brand. Don't just write about your brand and your offerings. Create content that's relevant to your niche as a whole. Blogs also lend themselves well to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that can get your company the visibility it needs in search algorithms. 

  1. Personalize CX

A recent study revealed a groundbreaking truth: 74% of consumers said their brand loyalty is based on feeling valued and understood rather than upon rewards and discounts. Customer data is critical to creating a good customer experience (CX), but most consumers are reluctant to share data with companies. The antidote to this problem is trust. Personalization goes both ways. For customers to share the data needed to build an accurate profile of them, you first need to level up your brand's reputation. Engaging with customers on a one-to-one basis through personalized customer service is on proven way to accomplish this. Let your customers know that they're more to you than lines in a ledger. 

  1. Track Success With Analytics

Without good business analytics, you'll never be able to quantify "success." Analytics is another business process that can benefit from automation. The most important aspect of analytics is to keep metrics in mind. Metrics are quantitative data measurements. In other words, they're a measurement of business performance based on solid math. Know your goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. Monitor the process every step of the way to stay ahead of the game. 

In advertising, the internet is where all the action is. Crafting an effective digital marketing campaign is a powerful way to keep your brand relevant in the market and sustain sales in today's economy.

Emiy Watson

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