9 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Value

April 28, 2023

Different homes have different needs for optimal improvements, and it's essential to understand which projects will bring the most return on investment. From major remodeling jobs like redoing kitchen cabinets or adding square footage to simple tasks like replacing outdated hardware, making smart decisions can help maximize your home's potential. Here are nine tips that can help add value and make even a small house feel like big bucks.

Add Square Footage

Potential buyers are often interested in additional space, such as a bedroom, living room, or workspace. Not only does added square footage provide more functional living areas, but it also gives the impression of a larger, more luxurious home overall. There are many ways to add square footage, including converting an unused attic or basement space or adding an addition to your existing structure. Before starting any significant construction project, consider your budget and make a careful plan with an experienced contractor. Remember that adding square footage must meet local building codes and zoning regulations.

Clean Up the Yard

A well-maintained lawn and garden can instantly improve your home's curb appeal. Start by adding some greenery and colorful plants to give your front or backyard a vibrant look, and consider investing in a few new pieces of outdoor furniture to create inviting sitting areas. If you have an old deck that needs repairs, don't be afraid to spend some time and money making it look like new.

Clean up debris and any other elements that could detract from the overall view of your house. Trim any overgrown shrubs, trees, or grass to give a neat and organized look. Aerate the lawn and plant flowers and greenery for a pop of color. Additionally, check out local statistics on popular landscaping trends to ensure you follow what buyers want in the area.

Update Your Flooring

Whether you decide to install hardwood or tile floors in the main areas of your home, choosing high-quality materials with neutral shades can make all the difference in resale value. If you have existing floors needing some repairs, feel free to replace them with something entirely new. This could be an excellent opportunity to incorporate unique designs or patterns into your home for eye-catching appeal. Additionally, updating carpets throughout the house can also help add warmth and texture to any room.

Install a Home Solar System

Home buyers are typically drawn to properties that use renewable energy, and having a pre-installed solar system can increase the number of potential buyers seeking environmentally friendly homes. Have a professional assess your home's structure and layout before investing in a solar system.

Many companies, such as Phoenix Valley Solar, offer professional installation services, so you can rest assured they will install your solar system correctly and securely. They also provide free cost estimates to customers as a way to give a clearer understanding of the project expenses before making any decisions. Additionally, some states offer tax deductions or incentives upon installation, so research what incentive programs may be available in your area.

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology continues to be a popular selling point among potential home buyers and can provide numerous advantages. From energy efficiency to added security, there are several smart home tech upgrades that you can make to your property. For example, installing motion-activated lights in the garden or replacing existing thermostats with voice-controlled ones are great ways to give your home an edge.

Additionally, investing in a video doorbell or security system gives homeowners peace of mind that their property is secure even when they're not around. It can also be convenient, from automatic garage door openers to voice-controlled lights and appliances.

Consider Adding Outdoor Living Areas

Adding features such as covered patios, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits can turn any backyard into a cozy space for entertaining or relaxing. Invest in landscaping and decorative elements such as water features, trees, or garden benches to give your outdoor area more flair. Adding simple walkways and pathways can also be a great way to showcase your property's landscaping while providing convenience for guests. Additionally, installing landscape lighting throughout your yard helps create an inviting atmosphere that any buyer would appreciate.

Update Four fixtures

Upgrading four fixtures in your home can add value without costing you too much money. Light fixtures, ceiling fans, door handles, and even faucets can provide a significant boost to any room. Swapping outdated fixtures for something more modern is a great way to make any room look fresh and updated. Dimmer switches are also inexpensive to give your lights some added character. With minimal effort, chandeliers or hanging light fixtures can easily draw attention to certain room areas. Consider replacing old door knobs with lever-style handles for extra convenience and style.

Update Window Treatments

Replacing existing curtains or blinds with something more stylish can instantly give any room an updated feel. Consider adding plantation shutters for added charm or solar shades to help reduce energy by providing insulation from the sun's rays. Roller shades are also convenient since they can be easily rolled up or down depending on how much natural light you want in the room. For those that prefer curtains, try adding some bright colors to add a bit of personality to your windows without sacrificing their usefulness.

Refresh Paint Colors

When selecting colors for your walls, opt for neutral tones that appeal to potential buyers and make them feel comfortable in their new environment. Additionally, you could use contrasting colors to create more interesting visual effects throughout certain areas of the house, such as painting an accent wall or trimming windows with vibrant hues for added character and charm. If you need help with color combinations or using them properly, consider consulting a professional painter or interior designer for advice and guidance.

Improving your home's value requires combining small and significant changes with your style. Choosing practical and aesthetically pleasing updates is crucial to ensure that they will have a desirable impact on the home's value. Remember to take time to research beforehand and choose quality materials for the job to maximize the value of your property with minimal effort.

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