A Quick Guide To Emergency Well Water Pumps

April 19, 2023


Well water can be handy during water outages and during emergencies when tap water isn't available. Statistics indicate that about 2 billion individuals lack access to clean and safe water at home globally. That underpins the importance of having an emergency water supply, which wells can provide.

If you're thinking about having an emergency well water supply, you may need a proper acquaintance with how to retrieve this water from the depths below. This guide offers insight into emergency well water pumps.

Types of emergency well water pumps

Emergency well water pumps retrieve water from underground and require a consistent power supply. These pumps are also straightforward to maintain and can offer water retrieval services if you know how to handle them properly. Emergency well water pumps from

  • Hand pumps: Hand pumps are manually operated and don't require fuel or electricity. They're handy during outages and industry mainstays, including EPP Well Solutions Hand Pumps, and other reliable companies offer you a chance to have access to clean water during outages, which is handy.
  • Electric pumps: These pumps solely rely on electricity to operate and may need supply from the grid. They can also use power from fuel-driven generators in case of outages and are relatively more efficient than water pumps.
  • Solar-powered pumps: These pumps are sustainable and don't require electricity from the grid system. You may only need to connect them to a solar power supply, and they're an impeccable fit for off-grid homes. Although they can be costly, they're more reliable and are a viable long-term investment.

The three emergency well water pumps above can guarantee a clean water supply. However, it helps to understand how best you can maintain them for longevity.

What to consider before buying an emergency well water pump

It helps to consider several factors to vet for an ideal water pump that'll help you satisfy your domestic and commercial water needs. As the global water pump market proliferates, with statistics indicating that it could reach USD$86.3 Billion by 2031, more water pump brands will find their way into the market. Knowing how to select the best emergency water pumps can be handy, and below are the tips you should consider:

  • Well-depth: Shallow wells can use hand pumps, but solar-powered and electric pumps can be practical. However, deep wells need more powerful water pumps, including electricity and solar pumps, to ease the work, and hand pumps may not be effective.
  • Power source: Hand and solar pumps can be more practical for off-grid homes. But if the costs have to weigh in on your decision-making, hand pumps can be ideal since they're relatively less expensive.
  • Durability: Emergency well water pumps are traditionally durable and can serve you over lengthy spans. However, their longevity varies. Hand pumps can offer more service considering their low demand for maintenance and electric twitches. Solar pumps can also provide longer service spans if they don't experience electric shocks.
  • Flow rate: Your household water needs will determine the pump with a matching flow rate. If you're irrigating your lawn and have a hand water pump, you should consider an effective irrigation system that conserves water. Otherwise, solar and electric pumps can be more effective.

When selecting your emergency well water pump, the water pump cost also plays in. It helps to pick one that you can comfortably pay for and maintain.

Installing an emergency well water pump

Installing an emergency well water pump is quite sequential but straightforward. You'll only have to select an ideal position and assess the area of installation's condition to ensure that it's safe and less disrupted. Below are the steps for installing an emergency well water pump.

  • Prepare the site: Your pump needs to be on level ground and free of weeds and other obstructions. Ensure that the area is clean and secure by fencing it if possible.
  • Install the pump: You should follow your manufacturer's installation manual to ensure that you do it as it's supposed.
  • Connect the piping system: Connect your pipes to your pressure tanks and ensure they fit perfectly. Ensure that there are no leaks that could lead to water losses.
  • Test the pump: It helps to test your pump to gauge performance. That can be handy for identifying technical faults that your warranty can take care of.

It helps to know how to properly install your pump to avoid possible faults. Also, please ensure that you install your pump in a secure location.

Helpful tips for using an emergency well water pump

You can prolong your emergency well water pump by conserving water. That'll ensure that you don't use it more often and wear it off quickly. You can use 20% less water if you install water-efficient fixtures and supplies, ensuring you don't use your pump for tank refills quite often. It also helps to troubleshoot technical issues that may be apparent early enough before they exacerbate and cause profound damage to your emergency well water. Installing a pressure pump can also be helpful as it'll ensure you use your pump less frequently.


Water is more convenient and can supplement you when a tap water supply isn't available. However, it's better if you have a reliable emergency well water pump that guarantees consistent water availability. Knowing how to maintain them properly also ensures longevity, and buying your pump from a trusted dealer can provide you with an excellent pump to use for years.


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