A Science Home Tutor is Not Just Getting Popular in Singapore, It is Becoming a Necessity

April 17, 2023

Getting a science home tutor is not just becoming popular in Singapore, it is becoming a necessity for families whose children are struggling to keep up with Singapore’s difficult science curriculum in schools. Science tutoring is proving effective in helping students to understand the subject conceptually. Good science tutoring mentors students to refine their knowledge by teaching them the right approaches to solving problems.   

The Science Home Tutor

A science home tutor from a top-tier and reliable home tuition agency is qualified, experienced, and an expert in teaching in his/her specialised field such as physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, and others. They offer in-depth tutoring for each specific area through learning lessons, sample tests and worksheets, experiments, projects, and even exam preparations. These are actually just a few of the services from a tutor that guarantee effective improvement and grade boost in the student’s difficult specialised area that form part of the learning improvement process.

Science tutoring offers education better than a crowded physical classroom environment can. Each science tutor has learning methods and technology that are very advanced, even having students perform science experiments using a computer. They also have other resources to facilitate the best study and learning. Reference materials such as science books, video sessions, virtual experiments, laboratory tours, and even museum tours become available to the students, such materials are often not available to students in the classroom.

A science home tutor enhances students’ competence and skills to perform their best and eventually brings this enhancement to the classroom academics. The tutoring boosts the student’s self-confidence to become a self-learner with better study habits for faster progress. Tutors can provide demo sessions or trial learning in any science area to get a better idea of how to learn better and score much better on tests.

3 Things to Spot If Your Child Needs a Science Home Tutor

Repetitive memorisation and ‘book learning’ doesn’t work for all students

Most of the time schools and teachers don’t have enough time to go beyond “book learning” to teach that scientific principles are happening in literally every aspect of daily life. This means that it can be hard for children to connect with materials in biology, chemistry, or physics.

Your child may be fascinated with the natural world and you hadn’t noticed

Ever notice your children fascinated with observing how birds sing and behave? Do you see them calculate how a soccer ball arcs through the air? Are they fascinated by how light refracts from water and other objects? These are all signs of an inquisitive and curious mind. Some children just love to ask for details about some things they see or do. Or perhaps you observed your kid attempt to read a book about the nervous system? Parents should feel proud because they may have a budding scientist on their hands. This kind of child may have a talent for science. Specifically, they may have a later talent for subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics. A science home tutor can nurture this interest where classrooms cannot.

The child may have mental or learning challenges; these can become strengths

When poring through biographies of famous scientists, it may come as a surprise that many of these famous names had mental health or learning challenges in their childhood or youth. In some cases, these disabilities turned into strengths once they were channelled properly. It was suspected that Albert Einstein had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Some medical experts credit his condition as one of the reasons he could think beyond the walls of the scientific thinking of his time. Another suspicion is that Isaac Newton was autistic. All this goes to show that an interest in science could be the catalyst for brilliance even for children with mental or learning challenges.

Observe your children closely and perhaps you may need a science home tutor from FamilyTutor.

FamilyTutor - Top best tutor Agency

We are considered the best private science tuition in Singapore, based on the numerous positive reviews and five stars from our clients. Families with struggling children at school, especially with science, can have a science home tutor at the convenience of their home. FamilyTutor provides private home tuition or online tuition covering all districts in Singapore. This is because we engage and provide only highly qualified and experienced tutors to assist students across multiple levels. Our tutors are trained to identify students’ weaknesses and develop strategies to improve them.

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