Air Conditioner Installation: The Most Crucial Factors to Consider

April 22, 2023

If you don’t have one yet, you might decide at some point that you want a central air unit. Maybe you move into a new house, and it has many features you like, but no central air. If so, you might wait till the summer, but when it gets too hot, you may feel you can wait no longer.

You should consider a few different factors when you investigate some central air units that you might install. We will discuss the most vital ones right now.

The Cost

The air conditioner installation cost probably matters most. If you have unlimited funds, you can get any AC unit that you want, but not that many individuals or households can say that.

You should research some different air conditioners and see which one looks and sounds the best or you can check AC Installation Fresno. You can read articles online that compare and contrast some of them.

You can see how much each one costs. If you find one that seems like it’s in your price range and it has a good reputation, then you should next consider the warranty you get with that brand.

The Warranty

The warranty you get with something like a central air unit matters. That’s a major purchase, and you’d hope it will last you for at least several years. If you find one that has a longer-than-average warranty, you might favor that one.

You may also get a cheaper one that comes with a shorter warranty. If you go that route, though, it could always backfire. If you have had your central unit for a couple of years or less, and it needs significant repairs, you probably won’t feel too happy if it’s no longer under the original warranty.

The average AC unit comes with a 12–15-year warranty. You might get one with a longer or shorter one than that.

If you see one that’s a lot cheaper than average, though, you might notice that it has a much shorter warranty. You can save money in the short term with that one, but you might find that it needs major repairs much sooner than a more reputable brand.

The Brand

Much like anything else, you will find excellent central air unit brands like Ruud, Amana, Rheem, Goodman, and others. You will also find some less reputable ones.

Unless you already know all about central air units, you should spend a little time researching some companies. You can look at prices, but you should also see what kind of online feedback each brand gets.

If you see a company that has many five-star reviews, that should make you feel better about that one. If you see reviews that excoriate the company or say it has awful customer service, that should give you pause.

The Company You Hire

The company you hire for the AC installation will certainly matter as well. You want one with an excellent reputation, just like the AC manufacturing company.

You should ask the HVAC company you hire some frank questions. You might ask them when they can install the unit and how much they’ll charge.

You might mention how much money you have to spend. You can say you don’t want to go beyond a certain price threshold, and hopefully, they will respect that.

You should also ask them about the brands they like the best. They might have some honest feedback that can help you. Usually, if they work in this industry, they’ll have inside information that they might share.

If the employees you speak to don’t seem very knowledgeable or forthcoming, you can always go with a different company. Remember that until you indicate you’re hiring this company, you can always back out and find someone else. If you see any red flags, you should find some other entities that can do the installation for you.

The Financing Options

Finally, you should discuss payment before the company installs your new unit. If you have all the money and can pay it upfront, that simplifies things, but what about if you only have a third of the unit’s total cost?

You might negotiate with the HVAC company and see whether they will take some upfront and then take the rest at a later date. Maybe you can space out the payments over the next couple of years.

You want a good unit, but not one that breaks the bank. Make sure you only buy one that you can afford.


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