Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Website Builders

April 5, 2023

If you want your business to succeed, there is no better way than through a website. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of customers visit the website of the product’s company before purchasing it online. So, with an attractive design, speedy performance, and a fully functional layout, a website can help you get more customers and increase sales. 

However, success comes through consistent and hard work, and even then, there is no easy road up. It is so because creating a website requires a tremendous amount of skills, including programming, coding, and development. Still, even after everything, if it is unprofessional or unattractive, you won’t be able to launch it, let alone gain customers. This is where online website builders come in. 

Website builders are online platforms with tools and features to create a professionally-looking website without needing to learn a single code. You can either use online builders, which have everything online, and you need a stable connection to operate through that. Or you can go for offline builders that download the platform, but you will still need a top-quality connection to upload, discuss, and make it live.

So, no matter what, using such software will require a decent internet connection, and for that, we recommend going for Mediacom Bundle Deals. The provider offers fiber internet services with great reliability, so you can easily manage your online website. Visit here to see different plans and packages of Altice and get things done faster.

Advantages of Online Website Builders

For most solopreneurs and small businesses, online website builders are the most affordable and reliable solutions. They also offer various other benefits which are as follows.

It is Cheap

The best thing about online web builders is that most of them are free while others offer their services at cheap prices. As opposed to hiring an agency, a freelancer, or a professional at work, this is the most affordable way to get yourself a brand-new website for your business.

It is Easy

Even if you don’t have any graphical, coding, or computer software experience, you can still use an online website builder. Its simple drag-and-drop components need zero coding skills to operate, and handy tools and features are easy to use, even for a layman.

It is Fast

Running a business, whether big or small, means you will always be busy doing something and still won’t have time for everything. So, you cannot give too much time to building a website, which is where online website builders come in. Using them allows you to easily create a fully working website in less than a day.

It is Good

Online website builders have tons of elements, features, and tools that make a website engaging and attractive for customers. Moreover, they even offer templates and designs that you just need to change according to your theme, and that’s it. 

Disadvantages of Online Website Builders

Online website builders offer great features and flexibility, especially to small businesses. It is simple and provides amazing results. However, it also has a few drawbacks, which we discuss down below.

Less Free-hand

Even with all the flexibility and freedom to add components, there is still a limit to what you can do. Also, many specific features you will see on other websites will not be possible with a website builder. On the other hand, a professional website designer can give you your dream website. 

Lack of Uniqueness

Online website builders have a set collection of themes and templates for everyone to use. So, all websites created using them will have somewhat the same appearance and lack originality. Whereas with a web designer, you can make your website as unique as possible with your creativity.

Slow Performance

Many statistics show that websites with long loading times don’t get too many customers. In fact, more than 45% of users expect a normal website to take less than 2 seconds to load. And websites built with online builders tend to take a longer time to load, which bounces customers, in contrast to those websites that web professionals design. 

Additional Costs

Although online website builders are free for the most part, they have additional costs in the form of add-ons or features. And usually, the paid ones are the best ones. Yet, with a web designer, you don’t have to face this issue.

Moreover, you also need high-quality internet to be able to manage and build your online website. However, you do get affordable options for that, like with Mediacom internet. You can search for internet providers in my area to view their availability and packages. 


Online website builders are great to have. If you want to attract an audience and convey basic information, online website builders are totally worth it. However, you will need an expert to design a fully functional website for more traffic, conversions, and sales rate.

They have the required skills and experience to do the work and can build a website that attracts more customers. Still, if you are entering the market and want to showcase your brand, go ahead with online website builders, as they are fast, simple, and, most of all – free of charge.

Emiy Watson

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