Boost Your Business With Custom Business Neon Sign

April 4, 2023

Boost Your Business With Custom Business Neon Sign

With a business neon sign, you can get some major benefits. An attractive and appealing outlook will help your business get recognized by clients and distinguish the brand from its rivals.

1. Why you should use neon lights for business

You may easily stand out from the competition by designing your own distinctive and exclusive company neon signage. Here are some advantages of neon light  at Orant Neon that you may utilize for your business.

1.1 Highly attractive

A plain space may appear immensely richer and more sophisticated by using neon signage. You may choose colors that complement your brand's image and identity, highlight the interior or outside architecture of your shop or workplace, or provide light and creative artwork at the same time.

1.2 Energy efficient

Users of neon signs can benefit from efficient power use. Neon signs can be among the least expensive alternatives you have for that illuminated storefront. Energy usage for neon signage is minimal. In actuality, a neon sign will use 100 times as much power in 24 hours as a toaster will in a single use.

1.3 Customization option

You would always want to give your company signs a personal touch as a business owner. The ability to customize neon lights for business is one of their major benefits. Since they come in almost any size, shape, and color, you may customize them to match your company's needs.

Wine & Dine neon sign for bar

1.4 Long life-span

Business neon lights may survive for a very long time if they are put together correctly. Contrast that with the typical lightbulb lifespan, which is between 6 and 12 months. Neon lights often endure many years. They are able to withstand a great deal of use and yet be in good condition, making them the long-lasting advertising item.

1.5 Eco-friendly

Neon signs are fantastic since they are not only a cost-effective investment but also environmentally friendly. They help your company meet with strict energy requirements and laws and are better for the environment.

1.6 Low maintenance

If you want to spend money on a low-maintenance shop signage tool for your company. The best option is then neon signage! Due to their steady brightness, one-time cost, and seldom maintenance requirements, they end up providing small businesses great benefits and a sizable return on investment.

2. Neon sign business for sale

Neon signs are a great way to attract attention to your shop. Let’s explore some of the most popular neon lights businesses for sale.

2.1 Business neon sign tatoo

Neon light tattoo are the perfect way to brighten up your branding. This is is a great method to show your brand artwork and create a unique style for your business. Custom-made business neon sign art can show off the brand and reflect your company.

Business neon sign tattoo

2.2  Neon open sign with business hours

The Neon Open Sign with Business Hours is the perfect way to show your customers what hours your business is open. This sign is brightly lit and highly visible, making it perfect for use in any retail or commercial setting. The sign is also easy to customize, allowing you to include your business's hours of operation.

Neon open sign with business hours

2.3 Business neon sign barber

This large, bright, colorful neon sign is perfect for decorating your barber shop. This neon sign is sure to brighten up the room and add a touch of color. With its beautiful design and bright light, this sign is sure to attract attention and make your business stand out.

Business neon sign barber

2.4 Neon sign business name

A neon sign business name is just what you need to light up your brand and business! With beautiful light, vivid colors, and a unique style, you'll be sure to attract attention and set yourself apart from the competition. So why wait? Get your own Neon sign business name today!

Neon sign business name

3. Business neon lights ideas

There are many ways you can use light up signs for business. The chances are limitless. For example, a cake shop can get vivid cute lights from a white-pink neon sign. It will create a vibrant atmosphere for your space. if you have a bar or pub, neon signs will definitely attract passersby with their great bright light. Here are some outstanding neon sign ideas:

3.1 Business neon lights for bar

Neon lights are a popular decoration for bars and nightclubs. They can add a touch of class to any establishment and help to create a party atmosphere. If you have a classy establishment, you will want to choose lights that are more subdued and sophisticated. On the other hand, if you have a raucous party bar, you can go for more colorful and festive lights.

Gin to my tonic neon sign for the bar

3.2 Business neon lights for hair salon

Adding neon lights to your hair salon can give it a unique and stylish look that will set it apart from other salons. Neon lights are also a great way to attract attention to your salon, which can help to generate new business.

Hair stylist neon sign

3.3 Business neon lights for cafes

Neon business signs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have several practical benefits for cafes. For one, they are very energy efficient, which can help to lower your electric bill. They are also quite durable, so you won't have to replace them as often as other types of light bulbs. And finally, they give off a warm, inviting glow that is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your cafe.

Business neon lights for cafes

4. Price of neon lights for business

The price of a neon sign depends on the size and intricacy of the design. Normally, if you want a big sign with a complex design, the production cost will go up, which makes your sign more expensive. If you go with a small and simple sign, the price will be cheap. Make sure to consider the right one that fits your budget and your business.

5. How does a neon sign for business work?

Instead of using fragile glass, LED neon signs are built with a robust acrylic backing. Eco-friendly LED lights are what give off the dazzling glow. LED lighting items are more compact and lightweight than traditional neon lighting. This new light source also consumes less electricity while producing noticeably more illumination.

6. Where to get custom light up signs for business?

You can get your custom neon sign for business at Orant Neon. We handcraft each of our LED neon light signs using cost-effective and environmentally friendly LED neon light tubes. With our online customization tool, you can freely design your own neon sign with many color palettes, shapes, and sizes. We also offer unique custom-made neon signs as requested that will surely make your business stand out.

Custom your own neon lights for business at Orant Neon

7. My business neon sign is not working

A blinking or flashing neon light is one of the problems that could occur with neon business signs. If neon sign not working , any loose connections in the power supply to the light should be checked. All of the electrical points can have the voltage checked using a tool like a multimeter. Check for shorted or damaged wires if the neon light is completely unresponsive.

There is no denying that a business neon sign designed to promote your company is a striking way to stand out on a crowded high street. Making your sign uniquely represent your brand expresses something special about your company. It’s time to create the one and only own neon sign for your business and catch the eye of all your clients.

Emiy Watson

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