Considerations to make before using Skip Bin Finder

April 27, 2023

Hiring a skip bin is much simpler than you might imagine. Skip bins are the most convenient way to dispose of your waste materials.

Whether you've built up general waste materials at home or in your workplace, or you need additional support for building and DIY, skip bin hire makes sense.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Skip Bin

You should have an idea of how much waste you have to dispose of. Another consideration is the types of waste you have.

There are various skip bin types and some are suitable for mixed waste removal whereas others will only be suitable for specific types of rubbish.

Here's a rundown of the different types of skip bin and the waste types they accept.

General waste bin

Green waste bin

Concrete/brick bin

Soil/dirt bin

Mixed waste bin

The titles of each speak for themselves to some extent - but below are some specifics -

General waste is good for the following -

Household waste
Clothes, paper, cardboard, bedding, towels, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, duvets, cushions

Light commercial waste
Office furniture such as desks, desk tidies, chairs, stationery.

Furniture and Appliances
Cupboards, lounges, washing machines, cots, beds, fridges, chairs, sofas

Light building construction waste
Wood, flooring, wallpaper

Light green waste
Shrubs, grass, foliage, leaves, twigs

Green waste bins are suited to Light green waste

Shrubs, foliage, grass clippings, leaves, twigs and tree branches

Small branches, leaves and palms fronds

Woodchip and bark – there must be no soil attached to either

Tree trunks – The diameter must be smaller than 150mm and under 500mm long to meet the requirements

Concrete and brick bins are for -

Bricks and/or bricks and mortar

Concrete – any concrete must be no bigger than 600×600

Roof tiles

Floor tiles




Soil and dirt bins can accept -

Soil/dirt and clay that is naturally occurring.

Mixed waste bins can accept -

Waste that comes from domestic commercial demolition, construction or renovation

Hardfill waste
Bricks, concrete, tiles – all pieces must be no larger than 600×600

Treated timber
Retaining walls, decking, floorboards, fences, sheds

Household waste
Clothes, paper, cardboard, bedding, towels, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, duvets, cushions

Furniture and Appliances
Cupboards, lounges, washing machines, cots, beds, fridges, chairs, sofas

Green waste
Shrubs, foliage, grass clippings, leaves, twigs, bushes, palm trees and tree branches

Tree trunks
Trunks must be smaller than 300mm in diameter and under 300mm long

Something for all projects

So you see, there's an option for every type of project. No matter whether you are building a new house, renovating an old home or even clearing out a deceased estate, you can find a suitable skip bin for your needs.

Dealing with waste is something we all need to manage. It can be unpleasant and dirty as well as exhausting. Skip hire is a great way to deal with it quickly, conveniently and with as little effort as possible.

A skip placed outside your property is so easy to use - simply put the rubbish in the bin and wait for it to be removed.

Booking is online or, if you prefer, only a phone call away. You can deal with any type of waste including recyclable concrete. There are of course limits on hazardous waste - consider what rubbish or waste types you're dealing with and book the best option.

Ask if you're unsure about this. It's better to be informed than to make guesses.

What size bin hire do I need?

Once you understand the following simple rules, you'll find it easy to book the right skip bin.

2 cubic metre skip bin

Length 1.8m

Width 1.5m

Height 0.9m

Suitable for smaller clean ups

This skip bin is equivalent to 8 wheelie bins worth of rubbish. Check this guide to see other sizes of skip bin and work out the equivalent.

How does skip bin delivery work?

It's really very simple. When you book, you get the opportunity to choose a day for delivery. So once you've chosen your skip bin, you then add the date which works best for you.

The skip bin is delivered on that day. You also get to choose how long you'd like to keep the skip bin for.

A day or two, or even weeks - it's your choice. This makes skip bins one of the most flexible ways to manage your waste removal.

What Type of Rubbish Needs to Go Into The Bin?

We've covered skip bin types above but inn general, there are a few items which are not permitted in skip bins.

This may be because they're hazardous or because they require specialist treatment. Some other items are allowed but you must let your contractor know beforehand. This includes mattresses and electrical items such as televisions.

What items aren't allowed in skip bins?

Below is a list of items which you cannot put into skips.

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Oils
  • Paint

Asbestos needs specialist removal. It should absolutely never be handled by the unqualified. If you have asbestos on your property, please contact your local council for more advice.

Oils, batteries, fluorescent light tubes and paint can be dealt with at council recycling depots.

Ensure Your Driveway is Clear

Think about where the skip bin will be situated once it arrives. You'll want it to be easily accessible so you're not carting heavy rubbish for a long distance.

Place it away from trees which may drop leaves or berries. Make sure it doesn't block your entrances and exits.

Do I need a council permit for bin hire?

Only if you want to place the skip bin on public property. Public land includes the nature strip outside of your home, the street or perhaps a shopping centre car park.

If you're unsure who the land belongs to, contact your local council.

Ask if you're unsure - your skip contractor will be happy to assist

For skip bins placed on your own land, then no permit is needed. Most skip bin companies can give some advice. If you have doubts or concerns, contact your skip bin company to ask. They will be happy to advise residential customers and business customers alike.

How much notice is needed to hire a skip bin?

Skip Bin Finder can provide next day delivery for skip bins no matter what the skip bin size. If you need skip bin hire at short notice, this won't be a problem.

Planning ahead for Rubbish Removal using a skip bin

This is the best way to manage your skip bin hire. Planning ahead is sensible and will help you to ensure that you order the right size skip bin as well as the tight type of skip bin hire.

House moves and skip bins

Moving house is stressful enough but added to that is the fact that there's always a lot of rubbish to dispose of.

It's pretty much unavoidable that when you move house, you'll have a build-up of household rubbish which can include old furniture and unwanted household items.

Repeated dump visits are a waste of your time

Hiring a skip bin makes short work of this. It's much better than repeatedly visiting the dump. With a skip bin, you can put your waste into the skip as you clear the property. It saves time, effort and fuel.

Mixed waste skip bins are the best option for a general house move. Should you have a lot of green garden waste to clear, you can order a green waste skip bin.

It's a good idea to book your skip bin in advance of the move - this will ensure you're not rushing to clear things on the day before the house needs to be empty.

Deceased estate clearances and skip bin hire

Emptying a relative's home after their passing is never a pleasant task. It can be upsetting and the last thing you need is physical hard work.

Once you have removed all personal items from the property, you can then look at things which could be used by charities. Have these taken away and then you can begin clearing the rubbish.

Skips are fast and convenient

Skip bins are best for this sort of task - it's fast and easy to add waste to a skip which is placed outside the property.

Skip bin hire companies are ideal in terms of the best support you can find for the practical side of things.

Book a skip bin so that you can easily dispose of garden waste, old furniture and other household rubbish.

Council permits and skip bins

You should not need a council permit if you ask the company about bin placement in advance and if there's enough space in the driveway or garden. A council permit is only needed if you want to put the skip bin on public land such as the nature strip.

Bin placement is important so think about it prior to booking.

Hiring a skip bin for your business

Whoever is responsible for dealing with waste management in your business, should also be responsible for skip bin hiring.

Businesses which often need skip bins are most commonly retail and restaurant but also building companies.

Retail and restaurant businesses create a lot of regular waste. This is generally packaging and food waste.

If your business needs constant skip bin support, speak to Skip Bin Finder about your needs. A skip bin on permanent hire might be the answer to your problems.

One skip bin is filled, then it's swapped for an empty one a week or two later. Check if you need a council permit first. This is something you might need if you have to place the skip on public land.

Skips and hazardous waste management

Whether you are a business or homeowner, hazardous waste is something you may have to deal with at some point.

Hazardous materials include asbestos, oils, paints, batteries and some electrical items.

Generally you cannot put any of the above into skips. They need specialist removal. Local councils will usually have a recycling depot which can take the above items.

Think about the waste types you have to deal with and book the right skip bin for that. Waste types can affect which type of skip you book.

Choosing the best place for your skip bin

Depending on which size bin you've booked, you will need to consider where best to place it.

Avoid low hanging power lines and overhanging tree branches because they can be awkward for the delivery.

Placing the skip bin on the nature strip can mean you need to apply for a permit. It's always best to place it on your own land if possible. he nature strip might seem convenient but it's probably public land. If you are a business with your own car park, it should be fine to park it there.

Don't block your entrances and exits

Make sure the skip does not block entrances or exits and if you're unsure about who owns the land surrounding your property, check it is not council land.

Rubbish removal should be convenient and helpful - so make sure you don't incur a fine by checking if your chosen spot is allowable.

Bin size can also affect where the bin hire is placed. If you need a slightly larger bin, you may need more space. Again, if possible, keep the skip bin inside your own boundary lines.

Some final tips for skip hire

Using a reputable company like Skip Bin Finder is always the best way forward when it comes to waste management.

You can sometimes organise same day delivery but more often than not, next day delivery. This should be true no matter what waste type you're dealing with.

Allow sufficient time for yourself to fill your skip bin. It's a rare person who can fill a skip and have it collected on the same day.

Weather can impact waste management

If you're dealing with rainy weather, try not to let your rubbish get drenched. This can increase the weight of the skip bin and some are limited as they are not designed to be withstanding heavy weight.

Standard bin hire is the most commonly booked type of skip bin, no matter what the skip size. If you have a lot of one type of waste, such as bricks or soil, it's much better to get the right type of bin.

This is because this is good for the environment. Soil, building materials etc. can be recycled. Just ensure there are no hazardous chemicals in the mix. This is a very important factor for the team at Skip Bin Finder because caring for the environment is important for us all.

Remember these facts -

  • Skips on council land will need a permit
  • Most residential customers will not need a permit unless they place the skip outside their land boundaries
  • Waste type is important - consider if you need a mixed waste bin or a specialist bin
  • Estimate your waste to work out if one bin is enough - think about how much rubbish you have
  • Pack your bin well in order to avoid wasting space - avoid air pockets
  • Depending on waste type, you may need to inform your supplier about electrical items, mattresses or tyres
  • Use every available inch of your skip to make the most of it, a full bin is more economical than a half-empty bin

Your experience with skip hire should be smooth, convenient and easy. If you have any questions, always ask your supplier in advance. This can save you from extra charges and wasted space.

Book your skip early if possible. Consider your schedule and work out how time you need to fill your bin up. Make sure to book the right bin size.

Choose a skip bin provider that recycles waste rather than one which puts it into landfill. Skip Bin Finder recycles all waste which can be recycled. This is especially important for commercial business which can produce a large amount of recyclable materials.

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