Considerations When Moving to a Las Vegas Suburb

April 22, 2023

Moving to Las Vegas can be a great opportunity for adventure, but the right suburb is important for your lifestyle. Las Vegas has its fair share of suburbs with new developments, recreational activities, and other attractions that bring in visitors and locals alike. While you can’t necessarily predict what kind of experience you’ll have until you move there, there are some considerations to be aware of when selecting a new home.

From there, weigh factors such as housing costs and employment opportunities based on where available jobs align with your background and skill set. Let's look more in-depth at some of these factors in this article.

Things to Consider Before Moving to a Las Vegas Suburb

Before you take the plunge, there are some things you should know about life in the suburbs of Las Vegas. Here are some important points to consider:

  •     Cost of living: This will vary depending on which suburb you choose. Some are more affordable than others. Do your research and make sure the cost fits within your budget.
  •     Available housing: Suburbs close to Las Vegas often have limited housing options, so you may need to check availability before committing.
  •     Local amenities: What kind of amenities can you expect? How close are they? Make sure the suburbs have what you need for a convenient lifestyle.
  •     Proximity to work: Is it easy to get from your home in the suburbs to your job or school each day? You may want to factor in commuting time and cost when deciding where to live.
  •     Schools and childcare: If you have school-aged children, make sure the schools they will be attending are up to your standards, and that there is good quality childcare available if needed.

These are just a few of the important considerations when choosing where to live in Las Vegas's suburbs—but these points should give you a good starting point for exploring your potential new neighborhood.

Popular Las Vegas Suburbs to Consider

There can be so many great options that choosing the right one for you would be hard. Here are some popular Las Vegas suburbs to consider when making your decision:

  •     Summerlin: Located in the northwest corner of Las Vegas, Summerlin offers beautiful landscaping, diverse activities, and easy access to the rest of the city. Residents here enjoy a wide range of amenities, from neighborhood parks and community events to shopping and dining.
  •     Green Valley: This suburb is known for its expansive parks, recreational centers, and trails. It also offers excellent schools in the Clark County School District and access to nearby Henderson shopping centers.
  •     Mountain’s Edge: This residential community features affordable homes set on 1,000 acres of rolling hills. It boasts plenty of outdoor activities like biking trails, golf courses, community parks, and skateparks. It has no shortage of shopping opportunities either!

No matter where you decide to settle down in Las Vegas, or in a nearby Henderson neighborhood, each suburb has something special that makes it worthy of consideration. Researching each one will help you make sure you find the perfect place for you!

Cost of Living and Real Estate Market in Las Vegas Suburbs

One of the main things to consider when moving to a Las Vegas suburb is its cost of living. While the cost of real estate varies from suburb to suburb, it's generally higher than the median cost for rental or for-sale properties in the Las Vegas Valley.

Housing Costs

  •     The average rent for apartments in the Las Vegas suburbs is about $1,400 per month compared to $1,000 per month for a similar unit within the city center. Homeownership costs are also usually higher in these areas as well.

Taxes and Fees

  •     In addition to housing costs, there may also be higher taxes and fees associated with living in a suburb. This can include property tax rates that are significantly higher than what you'd pay within the city center. There may also be additional fees associated with living in a gated community or a homeowner’s association.
  •     When researching potential suburbs of Las Vegas, it's important to factor in these taxes and fees upfront as they could affect your decision on where you ultimately decide to live.

Schools, Jobs, and Commute Times in Las Vegas Suburbs

When considering a move to the Las Vegas suburbs, you'll want to take into account the availability of schools and jobs, as well as the commute times. These are important factors in deciding where to live because they have a direct impact on your quality of life.

Let's take a look at some of the considerations when it comes to schools, jobs, and commuting times in the suburbs of Las Vegas.


  •     Las Vegas has excellent schools throughout its suburbs. Many of the suburbs are also served by charter schools for families who prefer them over traditional public schooling. Additionally, many suburbs offer even more specialized options like language immersion programs and STEM-focused learning. You can find out more about individual school districts by visiting their websites or contacting them directly.


  •     Las Vegas has an abundance of jobs in both the city center and its suburbs. Many large companies have offices located in the city center and its surrounding areas. Additionally, there are plenty of smaller businesses located throughout the suburbs for those looking for a more entrepreneurial setting.

Commute Times

  •     The commute times in Las Vegas vary depending on which suburb you're looking at but are generally short compared to other large cities in the US—averaging around 30 minutes one way during peak traffic hours. This makes it easy to get around town without spending too much time stuck in traffic or having to spend money on transportation costs like gas or train tickets.


Moving to a Las Vegas suburb can be a great way to experience the charm and convenience of an urban setting without all the hassles and stress. From the vibrant nightlife to the abundance of outdoor activities and entertainment, there’s something for everyone in the suburbs of Sin City.

When choosing a suburb, consider factors such as location, safety, schools, rental prices, and the local job market. Once you’ve done your due diligence, you’re ready to make the big move. With its unique blend of urban and suburban amenities, Las Vegas provides plenty of options for everyone. Take the time to find the perfect neighborhood for your family, and you’ll be sure to have a fulfilling experience in the suburbs of Las Vegas.


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