Cost of Residential Siding - What You Need to Know

April 12, 2023

Knowing what to expect regarding costs is important if you’re considering a home siding upgrade. The material you choose, how large your house is, and whether you need to remove old siding are all factors that can impact the cost of your project.

Some residential siding materials are more labor-intensive and require more installation time. Fiber cement, for example, is heavy and requires specialized equipment to cut and install.

Cost of Materials

Siding costs vary depending on the material, type, and installation. It is also affected by the style of the home and climate.

One of the most cost-effective and popular siding materials is vinyl. It comes in many different styles and color options.

Its versatility makes it a good choice for most homes. Vertical planks, shakes, and shingles are all available, as well as the traditional angle and horizontal boards (lap siding).

While it is relatively inexpensive to install, removing old siding or needing moisture barriers for your climate can become more expensive.

Fiber cement is another affordable premium siding option. It is a highly durable material that termites don’t like to attack and can last up to 100 years on average.

Cost of Installation

Siding is a critical part of any home renovation. Not only does it improve curb appeal, but it also protects the home from water damage and insects.

The cost of installing siding depends on various factors, including your home’s size and the material you choose. Typically, you can expect to pay $5,400 to $15,500 for siding installation.

Additionally, you should prepare to pay more for labor, particularly if your home is larger than average or has very intricate designs. For instance, a 1-story residence with straight lines can be built faster and with fewer resources than a 2-story structure with dormers and turrets.

Among the most popular choices are vinyl, wood, and steel siding. While some materials require more labor, they offer durable protection against the elements.

Cost of Removal

The cost of residential siding varies widely, depending on the type and size of your house. This includes the materials, labor, and time needed to install it. The best way to estimate the total project cost is to call your contractor and ask for a free quote. Be sure to ask about any special requirements, such as permits, as this will likely increase your overall bill by at least a few bucks. Using the same contractor for multiple jobs, such as roofing and gutters, will also help cut costs in your wallet, particularly if you have a contract with a fixed price.

The cost of replacing your old, sagging clapboards with a brand-new, gleaming coating of wood is high, but the outcome is well worth it. This kind of external renovation can significantly raise the selling value of your property and can be completed in phases so as not to interrupt your daily routine. Finding a competent, nearby specialist to handle your project from start to end is the key.

Cost of Repairs

The cost of residential siding repairs depends on various factors. The age and type of siding, house height, and the extent of damage all play a role in the overall cost.

In addition to the cost of materials and labor, there are other costs that you’ll need to factor into your budget. For example, a new insulation installation can cost about 6% to 8% of the replacement price. However, this cost-effective solution helps your home keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Other issues affecting your siding’s performance include rot, paint peeling, and pest infestations. These problems can all be prevented with proper maintenance and simple measures.


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