Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings: Finding The Perfect Fit For Her Personality

April 19, 2023

There is a lot to consider when choosing an engagement ring. From diamond shape to set, finding the perfect fit for your personality is essential. A soft and romantic choice, cushion-cut diamonds have rounded corners and significant facets to maximize brilliance. The classic shape, prized for its grace and old-world appeal, looks just as stylish in modern arrangements like an east-west or double band.

The Classic Cushion

The classic cushion-cut diamond is a timeless choice for brides with traditional taste. Its rounded corners and 58 brilliant-style facets create a pillow-like appearance for an elegant, soft sparkle that complements many different ring styles and settings. This versatile shape is popular for solitaire rings, halo designs, and three-stone and vintage-inspired options.

If you're looking for a more modern engagement ring, consider a sleek halo design that highlights the beauty of your diamond. The halo accentuates the ring's length-to-width ratio and brings out the clarity and brilliance of your stone. The slight halo also emphasizes the softer curves of the cushion-cut diamond, which makes it an excellent choice for brides with shorter fingers.

While a cushion-cut diamond looks beautiful in any setting, it pairs particularly well with vintage-inspired options. They are also perfect for east-west, two-stone, and double-band designs. Because this style is a bit softer than other cuts, choosing a diamond with higher clarity and polish is best to ensure its quality. Another consideration is that cushions can glow softer than other diamonds, especially if you select a color. Look for an H grade or higher to maintain your diamond's vibrancy. A trusted jeweler or diamond expert can help you choose cushion cut engagement rings that fit your desired aesthetic and budget.

The Romantic Cushion

A cushion-cut diamond perfectly fits the bride who appreciates classic, romantic style. These rounded stones with soft corners and pillow-like appearance look especially beautiful in the solitaire, halo, and pave settings. For a more modern touch, try a two-stone or double-band setting. These softer stones look stunning in traditional white gold and platinum but shine in rose gold and mixed metals. Because of their larger surface area, cushion-cut diamonds can show more inclusions and imperfections than other shapes, so you should look for an eye-clean SI2 grade or higher. They also lack the sparkle of round diamonds, so consider another shape if you're after an extra-brilliant stone.

As with all engagement rings, it's essential to regularly clean your ring to remove dust and dirt that can dull its brilliance. Simple steps can help keep your ring sparkling as the day you said "yes." Remove your ring before activities involving contact with dirt, water, or sweat to avoid damage to the ring and its setting. It would help clean your ring at least twice a month with mild soap, warm water, or a cleaning solution. A clean ring will help it retain its luster and beauty for a lifetime.

The Modern Cushion

While diamonds of all shapes sparkle, cushion cuts have a unique glow that is softer and more subtle than other diamond cuts. It makes them ideal for alternative brides seeking a ring with a more unique, one-of-a-kind look. The smooth rounded edges of this timeless style work perfectly with vintage-inspired settings but also look right at home in more contemporary styles like east-west and two-stone rings. They're also an excellent choice for halo engagement rings. Cushions also make the ideal alternative for a mixed-metal or romantic rose gold engagement ring setting due to their softer feel. While cushion-cut diamonds are known for their classic appeal and dispersion – the colored flashes of light you see when you move a diamond — can be a bit more challenging to find with a higher clarity grade than other shapes. As a result, many people opt for a G color grade when shopping for a cushion-cut engagement ring. Because of their more significant facets, cushion-cut diamonds tend to have less brilliance than round diamonds. As a result, consider a slightly higher carat weight when shopping for a cushion-cut diamond. To maximize a cushion cut's natural beauty, look for a diamond with a table depth below 70% and excellent symmetry or polish. It would be best to look for a diamond with a clarity grade of FL, IF, VVS1, or VS2.

The Oval Cushion

The cushion-cut engagement ring was created for the discriminating bride who appreciates traditional, timeless design. It has a diamond halo and additional diamonds down the tapering shoulders and gallery. It's available in your choice of metal for a truly personalized look, and you can even choose a colorful center stone to symbolize your love. While cushion-cut stones look just as beautiful in traditional solitaire settings, they also look right at home in more contemporary styles like east-west, two-stone, and double-band designs. They also shine in rose gold and mixed-metal settings for alternative brides who want to add extra color to their sparklers.

The rounded corners of this cut increase the size of each facet, making for a more elegant and sophisticated sparkle. It makes them an excellent option for vintage-inspired and modern halo engagement rings, which feature larger diamonds with more facets surrounding the center stone to enhance its brilliance. As with all jewelry, you'll need to properly care for your ring to ensure it looks as pristine as the day you first wore it. Wegman recommends removing your ring before engaging in activities that could cause it to come into contact with water, sweat, or dirt, as this will help keep the ring clean and prevent scratches.


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