Demystifying Call Center Software: How It Works and Its Benefits

April 20, 2023

How does call center software work?

We all have heard about call center software, or even have experience working with it in real life. Nonetheless, there are many people who still think that this software is too difficult to deal with, and this is the reason why many managers avoid buying call center software even though it is the most beneficial customer service and customer experience management tool in the world. Are all these statements true? A little spoiler: no, they are not.

So, let us discover how does the call center software work, what the types of call center software are and what technologies are used in it.

What is call center software?

A call center software is a software tool that automates and optimizes all call center operations and processes, including receiving and handling inbound and outbound calls, managing agent schedule adherence and quality control, real-time call monitoring, integrating third-party software tools such as the CRM software and help desk systems, recording calls, receiving real-time reports with detailed statistics and insights, and providing intelligent call routing and call queue management. Call center software is a powerful tool that streamlines and enhances the operations of a call center. Specifically, in the context of hotel management, hotel software systems play a crucial role in facilitating smooth communication between hotel staff and guests.

In other words, call center software is a virtual call center where all operations are gathered in one interface where agents handle customer requests - no matter if customers are calling or using web chat or social media - and managers are monitoring call center performance and making changes in agent scheduling or other settings of a call center if needed.

What are the types of call center software?

There are many types of call center software, it only depends on the main criteria of classification of them. By the criteria of the type of calls that are processed by a call center, software solutions are classified as inbound call center software for servicing incoming calls, outbound call center software for handling outbound calls (outgoing calls in purposes of telemarketing or lead generation), and blended call center software solutions that gather the capabilities of both inbound and outbound call center software tools.

Another classification includes two different types of infrastructure location of a call center: on-premises call centers and cloud-based call centers. On-premises solutions are solutions where you purchase all the infrastructure hardware and software, including servers and other hardware, and you also rent a location room for them and hire an IT team for servicing the hardware and software. Thus, on-premises call center solutions require much bigger investment on the implementation stage. Cloud-based solutions are located in the cloud, so you have to purchase a subscription plan only and pay for the number of accounts you need, like 10 agents and two managers will be 12 accounts at all. Also, you can choose the features you need or don’t need, and this also influences the overall price. All the security, business continuity and stable work of a software operations are the responsibility of the vendor, so you don’t have to worry about hiring additional staff or specific professionals, as well as you don’t need any hardware. This is why cloud-based call center solutions are becoming more and more popular and the future of the call center industry is based on cloud technology - that’s also proven by numerous authoritative studies.

How does cloud call center software work?

Cloud solution uses a few technologies which allow to provide telephony interactions via the Internet and by using a PC or laptop only. These technologies include - Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) which allows to integrate telephony functions on the PC or laptop, VoIP telephony which allows to process phone calls via the Internet (as it works with Skype calls, for instance), and cloud technology which allows to store all data on the remote cloud servers of the best cloud service providers in the world to eliminate security risks and provide the fastest operational speed possible.

Cloud call center software also uses API to integrate with other important applications that are used for customer service providing, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems or help desk tools, or even payment systems.

What are the main features of call center software?

Modern call center solutions have many features to enhance the quality of customer service and provide excellent customer experience, as well as generate leads and cold sales - you need to just choose the most fitting strategy for your business and enjoy almost unlimited capabilities of call center solutions, but we want to describe its benefits more precisely.

Multichannel communication

Customers no longer want to use the phone calls as the only available contact channel, and studies have shown that this tendency is going to become even more influential in the near future. Nonetheless, a call center solution can easily deal with this challenge: it integrates in one interface such communication channels as social media, web chats, messengers, SMS, emails, calls, and even video calls!

Intelligent call routing

Have you ever wondered when calling a call center if it is possible to connect to a really skillful agent who can help you to resolve your issue as fast as possible? With a cloud call center, it is possible. Intelligent call routing have different routing modes, and this is why it can link callers to the most appropriate agents from the first attempt, and this both reduces the average issue resolution time and improves customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Auto dialers

Automate outbound calling and get over 3 times more calls per day than manually with a blended cloud call center solution! There are three dialing modes for any purpose: no matter whether it is telemarketing, lead generation, or warm base processing - get the most out of your outbound calling campaigns!

And many more:

  • Workforce management tools to manage scheduling and agent performance;
  • IVR system with automated calls feature;
  • ACD system for smart routing;
  • Third-party software integration options;
  • Self-service tools integrations;
  • Internal communication capabilities;
  • Call monitoring with different modes;
  • Call recording;
  • Dynamic call scripting;
  • Automatic identification of invalid phone numbers during outbound calling campaigns.
  • Customizable redialing rules for unsuccessful cold calls;
  • Real-time reporting with detailed stats for both inbound and outbound phone lines.
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