Discover 6 Innovative Ways to Maximize Space and Enhance Style in your Single Bedroom

April 18, 2023

How do you maximize space in a single bedroom while simultaneously adding style to it? That’s a huge concern for many homeowners and renters. A single room needs a delicate balance of décor to avoid making everything else look cluttered. It requires a minimalistic touch that taps into just the right items and patterns to make the most of the situation. With the correct arrangement and selections, these vintage-style bedroom ideas are sure to open up your single bed, making it more spacious and sleek. Check them out:  

  • Push Walls Away with Vintage Mirrors

It’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to interior design that, whenever a space feels stuffy, small, or crowded, a mirror is an excellent option to open up the room.  It can provide more depth and dimension for the eye, expanding your virtual expanse in a way that creates the illusion that there’s more space in your single bedroom. 

But space expansion isn’t all there is to mirrors. Reflective pieces also allow you to bounce natural light around the bedroom, enabling you to direct light better to underlit areas.

Beyond functionality, you also want to go with a stylish mirror offering unique accents and appeal. Some great options for you from Artisans Rose include: 

  • Ausar Minaret Mirror Frame Full Length Standing Mirror 
  • Willow Charrred Side Panel Wall Mirror
  • Nyle Framed Rectangular Bathroom and Decorative Wall Mirror 
  • Kastor Wall Mirror 
  • Make the Most of Walls with Vintage Art

If you have a single-bedroom unit, don’t overlook the power of wall décor. The best thing about such decorative pieces is that they’re super space-efficient and can improve the finishing around your space to make it more interesting and inviting. 

Moreover, if you’re tight on space, you can use large wall art or paintings as the focal point of the room. Without further ado, here are amazing vintage wall décor pieces that can style up your bedroom without infringing on your space: 

  • SNS Collection – New Bloom 
  • Puppet Collection Wall Art- Blue Gaja with Bird Hanging 
  • SNS Collection – Valley of Gold 

You can find many more vintage wall décor options on the Artisans Rose store. Nonetheless, whichever way your interests sway, it’s crucial to go for wall art that complements a dominant color in the room or sharply contrasts it. 

  • Ease Traffic Flow with Minimalistic Furniture

Part of the reason why a single bedroom can feel cramped up and short of space is bulky furniture that sucks up whatever little of it there is. That’s not the way to go. Instead, you want to set up to accommodate traffic flow, by first and foremost, selecting space-efficient pieces.

In that spirit, these pieces are at the top of our vintage style bedroom ideas to make your bedroom more expansive: 

  • Hazel Wood Metal End Table
  • Bahija Bench In Reclaimed Wood
  • Jabir Café Chair 
  • Daneen Arm Chair 

Moreover, as you arrange your furniture pieces, be sure to avoid concealing window coverings, light switches, and pathways to ensure easy movement around these high-traffic areas. Doing so will certainly streamline traffic flow and thus make your single bedroom feel larger. 

  • Prioritize Long-legged Seats for your Bedroom

While we have absolutely nothing against legless furniture pieces, these are not particularly ideal for a small, single bedroom. They block out the floor space and further congest the room to make it feel even more engulfing or stifling. 

Conversely, when you go with furniture pieces with legs, you thrust more floor space within eye view, and that can consequently make a small room feel larger. 

To that end, you want to check out these stylishly rustic furniture pieces below from the Artisans Rose store: 

  • Alfa Bone Inlay Chair 
  • Alessa Bar Stool 
  • Pavo Peacock Wooden chair
  • Cougar Tiger Wooden Chair

In fact, the longer the legs of the furniture piece, the more space-expansive benefits it will bring to your room.

  • Create Space with a Room Divider

Off the bat, using a room divider can feel counter-intuitive if you’re battling to free up space in your single bedroom. However, pull it off just right and the space-saving benefits can be enormous.

In particular, folding screens or designs can segment certain areas of the bedroom you’d like to make more private while breaking up the room in such a way as to make it more expansive.  

Some awesome room dividers you could try out in this way include: 

  • Nawra Carved 4 Panel Room Divider
  • Floral Hand Painted Wooden Room Divider
  • Divide and Rule Wooden Kashmiri Style
  • Paint My Partition Wooden Room Divider
  • Butterfly Effect Wooden Room Divider

These types of room dividers don’t go all the way around, and with a design that permits natural light to pass through, they can add more space and elegance to the room.

  • Switch Out your Bed for a Space-efficient Design

A bulky bed can also eat up space in a single bedroom and drown out the rest of your décor. To keep that from happening, you want to jump ship and switch to a modern, minimalistic design. 

One particular noteworthy piece that we vouch for as one of the best vintage style bedroom ideas is the Durriya Vintage Style Wooden Four Poster Bed style. Its monochromatic tone ensures it blends with any décor while the raised legs also mean more visible floor space, which is a good thing as we’ve outlined before. 

Additional benefits of this bed include: 

  • Easy to reinforce with curtains for extra warmth/privacy 
  • A cocooned vibe that makes you feel safer and more protected
  • Vintage patterns make the bed a statement piece 
  • Ease of installation of mosquito nets if need be

The timeless, traditional style of this bed can also help set an elegant tone for more opulent accents in terms of curtains and more. 

Always Take Advantage of Vertical Space!

When it comes to a single bedroom and trying to realize as much expansiveness and style as possible, we’ll leave you with this important tip: if in doubt, always go vertical. Because you’re short on floor space, you want to prioritize making the most of your vertical space. That could entail using wall-mounted shelves for storage, getting bunk beds in place of separate beds, tapping into wall décor/artwork, and much more. Be sure to explore more vintage style bedroom ideas for your home on the Artisans Rose blog.

Emiy Watson

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