Easy DIY Craft Projects That You Can Do With Tapes

April 11, 2023


Only a few things are more relaxing and fun than doing DIY arts and crafts at home. Whether you want to do some projects with your kids or want to relax doing some crafts yourself, it’s always fun to craft! One great way to make DIY crafts is by using tape.

We bet tape wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to make DIY arts and crafts. But let us tell you easy DIY craft projects you can do with tapes!

Types of Tapes You Can Craft With

You can create wonderful DIY arts and crafts with any type of tape. You don’t need a separate tape designed for crafts, although those are better suited for crafts. You could make amazing arts and crafts with tapes at home!

  1. Duct Tape
  2. Gaffer Tape
  3. Double-sided Tapes
  4. Painter’s Tape
  5. Masking Tape
  6. Custom tape made for crafting and designing.
  7. Washi Tape

Easy DIY Craft Projects With Tapes

Create DIY craft projects with tape, personal craft projects, gifts for people, or to decorate your home with!

Duct Tape Picture Frame

What you need:

Duct tape

Crafting Knife


A Ruler

A Pen

Pieces of cardboard as the frame’s structure

And finally, the picture you’ll frame

What you’ll do:

  • First cut the shape of your frame out of the cardboard.
  • Cover all parts of the frame with duct tape; remember to do it right first because it is very sticky and will rip out your cardboard if you stick it on and off multiple times.
  • Use a crafting knife to slit to fold in the tapes seamlessly.
  • Carefully tape the parts of the frame together.
  • After taping the pieces, slide the picture in carefully.
  • Cut another piece of cardboard in a trapezoid shape to create a stand for the frame, and attach it to the back.

Duct Tape Sunglasses Case

What you need:

Duct tape: Choose a fun, printed duct tape if you want.



Cutting knife

What you’ll do:

  • First measure the felt with the glasses to see how much you’ll need. Remember to cut an inch larger since you’ll need space to store the pair.
  • Cover the measured felt with duct tape; the last piece should hand over the felt at least half an inch.
  • Flip the felt side over and carefully cut corners to create folds.
  • Tape the ½ inch tape over the felt to form the opening of the case.
  • Fold the bottom to the top and smooth out the case.
  • Tape the excess to close the seams shut.
  • Carefully wiggle the sunglasses inside and out a few times to loosen them up, and voila! You have your DIY duct tape sunglasses case!

Washi Tape Artwork Frame/Board

What you need:

Washi tape, choose fun patterns and designs

What you’ll do:

  • Pick a color palette to frame or not; it’s up to you!
  • Lay out your artwork prints on the floor, lay double-sided tape on the corners, and carefully place them on the wall.
  • Add the washi tape over them, and enjoy your DIY masterpiece!

DIY Washi Tape Lampshade

What you need:

Washi tape, choose fun patterns and designs


What you’ll do:

  • Test out the washi tape on the lampshade surface to see if it sticks on properly.
  • Carefully place the tape in the design and pattern you want.
  • Voila! Your DIY lampshade is ready!

DIY Gaffer Tape Furniture Lining

What you need:

Washi tape, choose fun patterns and designs


What you’ll do:

  • Cut the washi tape according to the part you want to line.
  • Then, carefully place the tape along the side of the furniture; you can cut the tape piece by piece for easy application.

DIY Desk Organizer

What you need:

Any type of tape, the more sticky, the better, so choose duct tape, gaffer tape, or double-sided tape to use washi tape over.

Empty toilet paper rolls or the duct tape cores

What you’ll do:

  • Tape two of the rolls or cores together.
  • Fold over the leftover tape.
  • Cover the insides with tape as well.
  • Repeat the first two steps until you have a cool pyramid desk organizer.
  • Decorate as you like, or set it up right away!


There are endless ways to explore your DIY endeavors with all kinds of tape! We hope you try out a few or all the ideas we mentioned above, give them as gifts to friends and family, or use them as decorations at home. Share with your friends and family so they can also get in on the tape crafting craze.


What Are Some DIY Crafting Ideas With Crafting Tapes?

Ans: Craft tapes are very much like washi tapes, but they can be a little more sturdy and thicker than mainstream washi tapes. They’re primarily used for arts and crafts. Here are a few ideas for crafts that you can create using crafting tapes,

  • Jewelry: Make cute bracelets, necklaces and/or rings with craft sticks. You can wrap DIY wires with crafting tapes to make them more sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Decorations: Crafting tape is superior for creating adorable decorations. Use it to wrap vases, flower pots and/or stationary to jazz them up!
  • Make fun projects with your little ones using crafting tape to border their chart papers.

Can You Use Packing Tapes for Crafts?

Ans: You’d think using packing tape for crafts is a big no-no. But here we are! We’ll give you some amazing DIY crafting ideas with packing tape,

  • Fun stickers: Lay out sticker images on parchment paper and then carefully lay packing tape on the top. After drying and letting the stickers set for some time, just remove the parchment paper from the bottom, and voila! Your stickers are ready!
  • Painting: Create cool painted pieces using pieces of wood. Just paint the wood, lay the tape on top, and smooth out the folds. Then, carefully peel off the tape to create a cool effect.
  • Labels: Soak laser printed paper with packing tape on top in some water for some time. Carefully scratch the paper off the tape, and your label is ready!


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