For the Stylish Gentleman: The Top Five Luxury Watch Style Tips

April 3, 2023

Wearing a watch is a fashion for most men. People wear men's watches to look neat, classy and to complete their outfits.

Wearing a luxury watch should be a priority whether you want to check time and be part of the trending fashion. Here is how to complete and style up your outfit with a watch.

1. Style the luxury watch with bracelets

Wear a bracelet on your dominant hand and make the watch a solo statement if you want to protect your watch from damage. You can also resist the urge to stack your watch with complementary pieces.

If you want to match your watch with outfit and other jewelry:

  • Place it on your hand correctly.
  • Make sure you stack the bracelets on either side of the watch.
  • Avoid using metal bracelets that may dent or scratch your timepiece.
  • Make your watch the main focus of all your accessories.

How to select the right luxury watch for yourself?

When looking for the best luxury watch, you should consider factors like:

- Strap material

- Weight

- Quality signs

- Watch display

- Special features

Set a budget when buying a luxury watch. To save money, consider purchasing a luxury watch collection from Chrono24. Chrono24 is an online store that offers original and affordable luxury watches for men. Some watches you can buy from the online store include Rolex Rainbow, chronographs, Rafael Nadal, diving watches, and automatic watches. The seller has a wide selection of watches to meet your taste and preference.

2. Make your watch easy to notice

Avoid wearing your watch on the shirt sleeve if you want it to be noticed easily. Wearing the watch over the shirt cuff may be stylish for most men, but not great.

You can start by getting a shirt with the right arm's length. Only wear shirts with cuffs just above the wrist bone if you want to rock in a stylish watch. You want to position your watch above the wrist bone, and a sizeable shirt should allow room for this.

3. Get the right fit for your watch

Sometimes it's about more than just the dress code that makes your watch look stylish. A proper fit makes your watch visible and attractive. If you wear a high-value watch too tight, it will look odd and uncomfortable on your arms.

Also, if the timeless watch hangs too low, you will likely bang it on a hard surface and damage the timepiece. Therefore, you should place the watch on your non-dominant side to protect it from bumps, scratches, and scrapes.

4. Change the watch straps

Watch straps tend to wear out fast than the watch face. If you want your watch to look classy, change the straps. Changing straps will save you money because you don't have to spend on a new timepiece again.

Choose straps that match your favourite colors. If you like casual summer fit, you can opt for fabric straps. Go for leather straps if you're always in a formal outfit.

5. How to match the watch with your outfit?

When you wear a watch, you should match it with your dress code. You want to ensure the luxury watch you put on matches your belt, shoes, or the shade of your cape.

When you wear a brand watch, the last thing you want is to clash with your outfit. For instance, if you wear black leather shoes and a black belt, your watch should be black. You achieve a classier look by matching your accessories with the dress code.


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