How to Choose Colorful Outfits for your Girls to Brighten up her Mood?

April 12, 2023

If your little one is not always in the best of moods, this could be down to the color of her clothes. Research establishes a strong collection between color and mood, with brighter hues, in particular, tending to resonate with more positive emotions. It is therefore important that parents also factor in this aspect when choosing attire for their baby girls. To help with just that, we have put together this guide on colorful outfits for kids that are sure to uplift your honeybun’s mood. Take a look. 

  • Blue Lagoon Party Tunic – For Peace of Mind

Blue has traditionally been a spiritual color due to its association with divine forces of nature like the sky and the ocean. Like these elements, this hue can evoke calmness and serenity and even help bring peace to a troubled soul, hence our recommendation for the Blue Lagoon party tunic. 

Science finds that the color triggers certain brain activity that results in a calming effect throughout the body. Moreover, did you know that blue is the most loved color worldwide? That’s according to research by YouGov which traversed four continents and 10 nations. 

Your little princess will not just feel more confident and at peace, but will also dress elegantly for a day out in the town with the Blue Lagoon party dress. 

Here are a few details you’ll love about this dress: 

  • Designer Ruffles
  • Flowing, Modern Princess Design
  • Vibrant Blue that says Royalty

Make this look even more impressive from head to toe with a blue head fascinator to complete one of the best colorful dresses for party events gorgeously. 

  • Orange Pulp Mini Dress – A Dash of Vitality 

The Orange Pulp Mini Dress offers the best of two worlds because orange is traditionally a combination of both red and yellow. Consequently, this dress embodies the color psychology that both shades bring to the table

So what emotion is connected to orange? Largely, research finds that this color invites happiness and vitality. Moreover, it grabs attention without being overwhelming or shouting. Add the Orange Pulp Mini Dress to your princess’ wardrobe to elevate her enthusiasm and add more energy to her personality. 

Noteworthy details about this striking dress: 

  • Gorgeous Ballerina Bow
  • Expansive and Comfortable Design
  • Sustainable Fabric Choice

Durable and easy to maintain, the Orange Pulp Mini Dress is a colorful attire for little girls that can quickly some joy into your sweetheart’s life. 

  • Royal Hawaiian Tunic Dress- Inspire Creativity 

The Royal Hawaiian Tunic Dress comes in a purple backdrop, a color that has over the centuries stood for independence, nobility, luxury, and class.  Purple tunics have been the trademark wear of royalty since the time of the first Persian Empire, and this dress is made to capture this timeless appeal.

Beyond these symbolisms, purple can also help your daughter feel more creative, while studies have also linked it with a soothing effect.

Key dress highlights include: 

  • Fringe Tunic Design that Makes a Statement 
  • Diagonal Layers that Add Dimension to the Outfit
  • A Simple and Sophisticated Look with Accessory Diversity

Get the Royal Hawaiian Tunic to foster your little one’s ingenuity and celebrate her place in your family’s hierarchy. 

  • English Elegance Party Frock – the Color of Success

As a parent, you certainly wish your child the best things in life. Gold has traditionally been the color of champions, and it continues to be tied to affluence and success, making it an especially powerful tone. Hence, the English Elegance Party Frock can subliminally signal these feelings to your loved one, and help her feel more positive about her own life. 

Moreover, this outfit's color also has a certain level of warmth to it, given its close relation to the sun’s rays. It can uplift your little princess’s mood and make the world a lot brighter. 

Here are some insights into the English Elegance Party Frock: 

  • Glamorous and Sparkly Top 
  • Beautiful Sequin Detailing
  • High-cut Modern Frock 

The icing on the cake for this outfit is the Golden Glitz Bow Clip which you can buy separately but at 20% off when lumped together with the dress. 

  • Pineapple Punch Flower Dress – The Joy of the Sun

Yellow is the color of the sun, and like it, the Pineapple Punch Flower Dress instantly makes life feel all the more warm and pleasant. This hue makes up one of the three primary colors and has strong ties to energy and joy. It can encourage an optimistic mood if we were to wear it more regularly.

Moreover, science also establishes that yellow can stimulate the mind and thus even improve your little superstar’s cognitive abilities 

The Pineapple Punch Flower Dress by ForeverKidz is perfect for special occasions, or just celebrating the amazing little flower that your special person is growing into.

Here’s what we love most about the outfit’s mesmerizing design: 

  • Floral patterns Across the Top 
  • Long Flowing Strands Across the Design
  • Statement Yet Simple Waist Belt  
  • Raspberry Crush Bow Gown – Usher Kindness

The Raspberry Crush Bow Gown is a pink work of art fit for your little diva. As a couture gown meant to steal the spotlight, sophisticated colorful clothes for girls don’t get any more high profile than this. 

Pink is traditionally a color linked to girliness or femininity, but there’s a lot more to it still. Color psychology finds that pink can have a warm, compassionate, and calming effect, and can as well encourage kindness and a more half-glass-full outlook on life. 

Beyond the undertones, here are a few more details that make this dress spectacular:

  • Sleeves Maxi Dress Design that says Cool & Classy
  • Big and Charismatic Bow Detail 
  • Twirling Design that is as Princessy as it gets

Brighten your favorite lady’s wardrobe – and her mood- with the Raspberry Crush Bow Gown.

  • Snowflakes Twirl Dress – An Air of Freshness 

Long revered as a symbol of purity and beauty, the color white is a popular choice for kids wear. It illustrates the clean heart of your little one and can signify a fresh start or a new beginning. 

On its own, white can feel cold, hence why the Snowflakes Twirl Dress comes with a green satin top that adds energy to the outfit, as a color that has been traditionally linked to health, nature, money, and good luck.

This outfit is for the modern-day princess and is renowned for its: 

  • High-class, Vintage-inspired Satin Top 
  • Superior Fabric Quality 
  • Huge, Statement Flat Buttons
  • All-white Beautiful Ruffle Dress

If you’re keen on colorful dresses for party occasions where your cupcake can enjoy twirling all day long, the Snowflakes Twirl Dress is an excellent choice.

  • Abstract Mod Co-ord – A Rainbow of Energy 

The Abstract Mood Co-ord set offers a feast for the eyes. It features a cocktail of colors, including, green, pink, orange, blue, and yellow, all of which have been long associated with positive emotions such as serenity, energy, joy, and vitality, to name a few. 

Bold and beautiful, this statement piece can uplift your little fashionista’s confidence and make her feel more amazing in her own skin. It is a top and pants set with lots of energy and provides a look that will make your shining star unignorable. 

A few amazing design details that we should point out:

  • Gorgeous Print Colors that Add Dimension to the Colors
  • Perfect Strips of Color that Layer over Each other Beautifully 
  • Statement Flare Pants to Match a Stunning Off-shoulder Top

The Abstract Mood Co-ord is just what you need to get your little one into the cheery spring/summer spirit. 

  • Forest Grace Panel Gown

Darker colors also have plenty of positive attributes to bring to the table. In ancient Egypt, for example, the color black was a positive shade associated with goodness and fertility. Fast forward to today, and black is a trademark color with ties to formality, class, and elegance.

This makes dark-hued outfits like the Forest Grace Panel gown a wise addition to your little angel’s closet. Some amazing details about the gown include:

  • Magenta Floral Accents to Add Enthusiasm to the Outfit 
  • Premium Jacquard Quality you can Count on for Years
  • Gorgeous Medieval-inspired Laced Back 

The Forest Grace Panel Gown is a fancy outfit option that will make your little lady feel more confident and sure of herself at high-profile events. 

What are Your Daughter’s Favorite Colors? 

Warm colorful outfits for kids can ensure a more positive state of mind for your daughter. It can sow the seeds of a more upbeat personality and even elevate your loved one’s self self-esteem. Black is a great color option too, with almost 50% of women surveyed by a L’Officiel study confessing that black makes them more confident. So don’t rule out darker hues too. Overall, it’s also important to factor in your cutie pie’s favorite colors when choosing the right outfit for her. For more colorful attire for little girls, explore the ForeverKidz store. 

Emiy Watson

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