How To Choose the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Home

April 26, 2023


One of the most enduringly popular shutter colours is white. It is also simple to understand why. It has a traditional design, maximises daylight, helps reflect light back into the room, and has a clean, crisp appearance. If you have white window trim, the windowsill will also match. Alternatively, a wood stain is an ideal substitute for a painted finish if you prefer the idea of matching hardwood window trim or want to emphasise natural components in your interior. Choose from the light aesthetic of a white wash stain, through light and medium woods, to the undeniable depth and character of colours like walnut, and chestnut. There are several styles and options to match the interior of your home and most shutters are completely customisable. 

Window or Sliding Door Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters were first intended to provide privacy while protecting homes from hot, Australian weather. However, while traditionally they are used on windows and interior rooms, sliding door plantation shutters have recently become popular for their versatility. They operate on the same kind of system as sliding doors and slide smoothly along the track to open or close, folding or stacking neatly when not in use. A fashionable and practical solution to ensure seclusion and improve your space is to install sliding plantation shutters. Plantation shutters for windows can transform your home offering many benefits. The quantity of required light can be adjusted throughout the day to suit your needs because the shutters can be set to any degree. The slats' slant can provide privacy from onlookers while letting natural light into the room. When completely closed, the shutters lessen noise pollution, muting outside noises and bringing peace and quiet into your house. On the other hand, sliding door shutters are great for open spaces and can be divided as needed using them as separators. This gives you the ability to create incredibly versatile living spaces while also boosting the interior of your home.

Pair them with Curtains or as Singular Designs

Plantation shutters on a home look beautiful with curtains or drapes. The elegance and decorative patterns of curtains pair well with the sturdy function of shutters. Shutters are incredibly adaptable and complement other window treatments well. Hence, when choosing plantation shutters, you are not limited to a certain style. Blackout curtains and plantation shutters, for instance, create a terrific combination since they make it simple to access the windows and darken the space at night. Living spaces with draperies and shutters seem cosier, and your room looks more inviting and has movement when the windows are open and the shutters are tilted. They are the ideal window coverings to express openness and minimalism while making a statement. Instead of being overwhelming or stunning, they effortlessly blend in.

As a homeowner, you should always work to increase the aesthetics and monetary value of your home. Plantation shutters are incredibly popular because they not only increase the value of your home but also improve ventilation, light management, and security. Combine aesthetics and function beautifully with plantation shutters. At Twoshade Shutters and Blinds, we specialise in all kinds of window treatment solutions for homes across Brisbane.

Emiy Watson

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