How to Host a Perfect Yard Party

April 19, 2023

Outdoor parties are a blast - everybody enjoys attending backyard parties. What about hosting an outdoor party - is it more challenging than hosting an indoor party? Well, for most people, it is easier to throw an outdoor party than an indoor one. Outdoor parties are simply more fun, social and casual. Also, usually, there is more space than indoors. Moreover, you can even enjoy yourself more when hosting an outdoor party as they tend to be more casual. Keep reading to learn more about hosting a perfect yard party with a few handy organisational tips and tricks.

First of all. To make your planning more manageable and optimal, you should develop a party theme - everything stems from the theme. Then, create a guest list and send out invitations so people know what to expect. You should also put some thought into the menu and drinks. And lastly, what you shouldn’t forget about is ensuring your yard is pest-free. There are a few plausible ways to do that - more on that later.

Choose a party theme

When hosting any kind of party, indoor or outdoor, the first thing you need to do is choose a party theme. Choosing the theme is not essential only for the whole party's appeal, it is also important because it makes planning easier. Establishing a theme helps you create a vision for your event. Additionally, it can help you stay on budget as you know exactly the scope of your party. Regarding the theme, you will choose decor, centrepieces and other party necessities such as napkins, glasses and tableware. The food and the drinks can also fit into the theme and the activities.

An activity that you can easily fit into any theme is hiring a photo booth. This is a number one party addition all over Australia - people have gone crazy about a photo booth hire in Sydney and other big cities such as Melbourne and Brisbane. Having a photo booth at your outdoor party makes it memorable, allowing people to mingle and have fun taking photos.

Create a guest list

When you have your party theme covered, it’s time you move to create a guest list. For several reasons, it is essential to know the exact number of people attending your party. These reasons include seating, food and drinks amount and generally space. Once you have a guest list drawn up, you can consider the invitations. They can also be a reflection of the party theme. When sending out invitations, you need to have your guests RSVP until a specific date so that you can prepare the party for the correct number of people.

Come up with a menu

Working on the menu for your outdoor party is one of the most fun things when throwing an outdoor party. We often throw outdoor parties in the summertime, and people like to eat light in the summer. So, there is no need for heavy or complicated cooking and food preparation. Some popular options include a barbecue or a buffet. You can serve pasta salads, cheese platters, bread, fruit and delicious finger food as part of your buffet table. When it comes to barbecue, you can grill all kinds of meat and vegetables and serve it with fresh salads, garlic dip and bread.

Mix up some delicious drinks

Besides the food, you should also consider the drinks to serve. You can mix up a batch of two or three simple and refreshing cocktails or have a mix-your-own cocktail bar where guests can mix their cocktails according to the recipes you write on boards. Don’t forget to garnish with fruits and other suitable cocktail decors. There should also be some alcohol-free beverages for your guests who don’t drink alcohol. Also, ensure that the drinks are cold and that there is enough ice.

Ensure your yard is pest-free

This is a key aspect of hosting outdoor parties - ensuring it is pest-free. First, you should check whether standing water is in your yard if there is. You should get rid of it as it attracts pests such as mosquitos. Light special candles before your party to keep insects away. You can also buy some bug sprays and insect protection for your guests. There is nothing worse than pests ruining your party

Hosting an outdoor party is super fun! If you start on time and keep it casual, you will have a fun and stress-free backyard party you’ll also be able to enjoy as the host.

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