How To Spring Clean Your Way To A Spotless Home In 10 Steps

April 4, 2023

Having a clean home is important to most people, with house proud Britons spending a massive 237 hours a year cleaning their homes. It doesn’t come naturally to all of us, though, and sometimes having some clear steps laid out is the easiest way to get from grubby to gorgeous when it comes to the state of your home. To help you spring clean your way to a spotless home, follow these 10 easy steps:


Decluttering is a lovely cleansing, satisfying activity that will help you create more room in your home and get rid of stuff you no longer love, need or that doesn’t work any more. It is really important to do this regularly, ensuring that you don’t hold on to items that simply take up space with nothing in return. Bag up items you want to throw, sell or give to charity and you’ll find your home is quickly already giving off a different feel, and lots of space has already been cleared before any cleaning has even taken place.

Deal With The Decluttered.. Clutter

Sometimes we can go on a decluttering frenzy, and then end up with bags of clutter in the house with nowhere to go. Put them in local self storage, take them to the charity shop, list them for sale, pop them in the bin - whatever you need to do to get them out of the house. Decluttered clutter becomes active clutter again unless it actually gets placed elsewhere.

Empty Everything Out

Now you have decluttered you should empty out the house. This is to allow you to properly deep clean the house, not just around the main areas. Use your local London self storage unit to house large pieces of furniture like the sofa, dining table, and storage cabinets in a dry and secure space. Do take care to add protective materials to your things so that the transport and storage don’t result in them being damaged. The result should be easy access to every room and all of its surfaces.

Deep Clean The Bones

Now the house is empty you can start to cleanse the ‘bones’ of the house. The windows, the carpets, the walls. This is especially important in the kitchen where a build up of grease will have caused a nasty grime to collect on the walls. Shampoo the carpets (let them air dry for a few days or hire a professional cleaning company), wash the walls and fully cleanse the basic structure of the house so that the cleanliness is top to bottom.

Refresh The Core Furnishings

Core furnishings like sofas, or even the curtains, should be cleaned and refreshed. They can collect grime and dirt, and a good clean could mean that everything smells and looks brighter and fresher. Do follow manufacturers instructions, and consider using a professional company to do the job if they are already offering cleaning services like carpet cleaning - they might offer a discount if you use lots of their services.

Don’t Forget The Outside

Don’t forget to clean the outside of your house during this spring clean. Overgrown shrubs, pots and broken toys in the garden, and grubby outside windows can be really unsightly and ruin the overall cleaning efforts you have made inside the house. Utilise local London self storage any tools or garden furniture you don’t need right now and then give your garden a general tidy.

Go High-Rise

We can often miss the higher parts of the house when we do a spring clean. Dusty light fittings, broken light bulbs, bits of plaster that have come off, mould spots in the bathroom ceiling corners - look up and there’s a whole lot more cleaning to be done. It’s important to work on these areas as well as the bits at eye level and the ground for a total clean transformation.

Put Everything Back

Now you can put everything back into your home, and you should see a really clear difference between before you cleaned and after. It’s the really satisfying part that you can enjoy, but also the part that will highlight issues you didn’t see before, such as storage issues..

Fix Storage Issues

Have you put everything back only to find that things still feel pretty cluttered and messy? If this sounds like you, you may need more storage. This could include clever cabinets, multi-use sofas and pouffes with hidden storage, and hanging/ vertical storage like shelves and baskets. You may also want to consider keeping your local self storage unit so that you can utilise it for items that you want to keep, but they take up unnecessary space in your freshly cleaned home. Seasonal items, for example, like Christmas decorations, can be really well placed in a self storage unit because they are safe and available when you need them, but they don’t hog storage rooms at home the other 11 months of the year.

Refresh Your Aesthetic

Now that everything is in its place and you have a fresh and clean house, why not refresh your aesthetic? A lick of paint, some new blankets, an exciting cushion design - why not complete the makeover with a fresh new aesthetic?

Now You’re Ready To Enjoy Your Freshly Spring Cleaned House

The ten steps above are a lot of work and they aren’t going to be easy. However, they do lead you to end up with a completely clean, hygienic and beautiful home that is better for your physical and mental health. You will have so much more room, and so much more pride in the place you enjoy making memories.

Why not speak to your local self storage unit today to find out how they can help you enjoy a decluttered, cleaner place not only during this spring clean, but every season, for all year round enjoyment of your family home.

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