In-House Production vs. Outsourced Solutions: Pros & Cons

April 3, 2023

Many companies around the globe outsource solutions to third parties, and there’s no doubt how significantly it can help them save time, effort, and at times money. For instance, for sophisticated plastic products, you might require complicated molds, so ordering them from a plastic injection molding manufacturer will be way easier than manufacturing them on your own.

However, both in-house production and outsourced solutions come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Being familiar with them will help you weigh the pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision for your business accordingly. Let’s take a look at them in detail!

In-House Production

In-house production relates to companies producing products or services on their own. From manufacturing and research and development to marketing, every process is controlled by them.

They usually invest in innovative technology and skilled labor to ensure all their processes are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Pros of In-House Production

1. Complete Control over Production

Companies with in-house production always have full control over each and every aspect of production. They are also able to meet the deadlines and requirements of their clients better.

Not to forget, having complete control over manufacturing allows them to monitor and ensure the highest quality of products and take corrective actions immediately.

2. Better Communication

With everyone assigned their specific job roles for a job being within the same company, communication becomes a breeze.

Especially if a project comes with several stages, and you need to communicate with the team members around the clock, this can even be a necessity.

If you have any questions or want to take a shift in your project, you can discuss them with your team members without any delays and get an answer quickly.

3. Reduced Costs

At times, an outside contractor can be quite expensive. Therefore, having all the resources in-house can drastically help you reduce costs. When you have complete control over production, you can also control costs and ensure minimum wasted materials.

In addition, saving on indirect costs such as packaging and shipping can be a deal breaker for many companies.

Cons of In-House Production

1. Time Consuming

Controlling every single aspect of the product within the company and supervising all the employees can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming.

To ensure production goes on smoothly and efficiently, companies must dedicate sufficient time to manufacturing processes and labor.

This way, the company may not have additional time to take better care of its other operations than production.

2. Limited Access to Skilled Resources

Usually, the most skilled laborers are already working with another company or as freelancers. Therefore, it can be hard for you to attract skilled and talented labor to your company.

In addition, you may not have enough resources to invest in innovative technology, which may cause a significant hurdle in your production processes.

Outsourced Solutions

Outsourcing refers to companies contracting with other companies or freelancers to perform particular tasks for them.

Outsourcing allows you access to advanced technology and skilled workers who can help you complete your project more efficiently. The most common outsourcing solutions are administrative tasks, marketing, IT, and web design.

Pros of Outsourced Solutions

1. Access to Specialized Skills

Companies typically don’t have all the talents they need. They may have a great marketing or administrative team, but they may not have the best IT team or may not have any at all.

That’s when outsourcing helps you get access to specialized skills without having to waste time and cost. For example, if you need to develop a professional website, hiring an IT specialist can help you quickly and easily achieve this.

2. Cost Savings

Generally, outsourcing is more cost-effective than in-house production, as you have more time to allot to other projects to earn more money.

Of course, it can also depend on the kind of service you want to avail of and the service provider. With a lot of freelancers and agencies available online, you can even filter out the ones that suit your budget without compromising on quality.

3. Flexibility

Whether you want to deal with fluctuating demand or complete a project quickly, outsourcing can help you with this.

Outsourcing allows you to be flexible and hire an agency or freelancer to complete a certain task while ensuring you’re not paying extra and, at the same time, completing a project.

Cons of Outsourced Solutions

1. Security Concerns

When working with a third party, you’re giving them access to confidential information. You also need to ensure they have strict security protocols.
Although most external companies take care of this and are professional, there still may be a risk.

2. Communication Issues

Outsourcing can be done to any part of the world, which means a huge difference in time zones. Of course, this can drastically affect your communication with the third party.

This means that they may not be able to take appropriate measures at the right time, and you may have to deal with missed deadlines.


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