Knicker Style Guide: The Best Underwear For Your Body Shape

April 24, 2023

The human body is a wonder. Everyone should dress in what makes them feel most at ease. Finding well-fitting and comfortable underwear requires considering your body type and fabric.

It's important to remember that the ideal knickers for your body type are the one that helps you feel comfortable. Following one's tastes is essential. Here are some suggestions to assist you in choosing the most suitable undergarments for your figure.

Apple Body Shape

Although many curvy women have apple body types, this shape is not limited to larger ones. A higher rise is preferable for most apples, particularly those with a fuller middle. You may feel free to go as low as you wish, but anything in the center will probably simply slide down.

Your best chance, therefore, is for a brief with a higher rise. Unfortunately, full coverage in the front usually means full coverage in the rear, and most apples have pretty flat bottoms and can't wear full briefs because of this.

Putting on a pair of high-rise briefs will assist in eliminating some of the extra material. And also, you should go for briefs with a wide elastic waistband for the greatest results. High-rise thongs are another alternative. Coverage issues in the front are addressed, but the rear remains uncovered.

Rectangular Body Shape

Rectangles provide the greatest styling challenges due to their great versatility. They have one of the greatest physique types for wearing bikinis. Traditional briefs might be awkward to wear because of the excess cloth in the back.

Wearing high legs or hipsters might assist in reducing the volume around the waist. You may also succeed with boyshorts or thongs with the appropriate rise. Knowing and adapting the rules to your body type is the key to success while working with rectangles.

Hourglass Body Shape

Having a waist like that helps your underwear remain in place. However, issues might arise when dealing with a bigger bottom area needing more cover. Some hourglass-shaped ladies have trouble with their underwear riding up.

They may mitigate this by choosing a design with more material at the bottom and additional structure. This body type may look excellent in boy shorts or hipsters. Due to their lack of support, bikini briefs might be uncomfortable.

Triangular Body Shape

Triangle or pear-shaped ladies have the same challenges as hourglass women. They have a more rounded base, but their tops aren't as evenly weighted. It might be a matter of sizing if you notice that the underwear doesn't provide adequate coverage or rides up too much. Try a larger size if you want a more relaxed fit.

Inverted Triangular Body Shape

It's not a good idea to wear briefs or full-coverage undergarments designed to embrace your booty, especially if you have a small derriére and larger shoulders and waist. Various comfortable and flattering undergarments are available for women with inverted triangle body shapes, including bikini briefs, thongs, and thong-style bikinis.

Boy shorts are an excellent option when more coverage is desired without the wedgie effect of a thong. They provide complete coverage from the top of your booty to the bottom of your thighs. If you have a smaller booty, these shorts are perfect since they provide complete coverage without being too loose in that area.

Discover Your Perfect Pair of Underwear!

The greatest underwear for you will provide the necessary support where it's needed, won't restrict your range of motion, and will make you feel and look great. When shopping for underwear, it's important to consider your body type. A pair of underwear will provide you with all you need.



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