Raising restaurants as a result of their new exterior sign

April 12, 2023

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of any business, and in the specific case of restaurants, it plays a fundamental role. A well-crafted and strategically placed commercial sign will attract the attention of potential diners, which will lead to a growing stream of customers and ultimately result in the steady growth of the business.

Therefore, it's clear that commercial advertising is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue for the restaurant. However, it's important to pay close attention to certain key points when considering advertising strategies:

  • It should be clear, concise, and targeted towards the specific audience we want to attract based on the type of gastronomic business we are managing.
  • The advertising should stand out with a unique style, not only through the type of signage but also through the typography and color combinations, as well as the various images used.
  • Location is another crucial factor in capturing potential customers, and we must evaluate the different options offered by the area where the business is located to determine the best signage to use to take advantage of it.
  • Finally, we will combine all of these points to create suitable signage that complements the style of the gastronomic business we are managing, using advertising both outside and inside the establishment.

Type of business sign according to the type of gastronomic place

As we've already mentioned, advertising plays a big role in our restaurant. The best choice in terms of commercial sign types will be determined by the architecture of the business entrance.

A monument sign that has an impact on the drivers and passengers of vehicles due to its proximity and size will not be the same as a sign that is displayed 50 meters from the cars.

Some options will be more suitable than others depending on the kind of street and commercial area.

Channel Letters and Reverse Letters:

Some of the most commonly used Commercial Signs. They consist of individually placed letters in a 3D format that are illuminated in different ways to achieve various finishing styles. They can be seen on business facades, on top of each entrance to the establishment, and even on their windows or storefronts.

  • These signs stand out for the different typography styles they can use, as well as the colors they display, which create a touch of elegance.
  • Many high-end gastronomic establishments use them precisely for this reason, to distinguish their place and create a more subdued lighting atmosphere.
  • They are also used with large letters and different color combinations to attract a more youthful audience to family-friendly gastronomic establishments.

Light Box signs:

Unlike the previous ones, are simpler signs in the form of an illuminated box where all the graphic work is placed on the front. A great advantage of this type of signage is that it is very cost-effective to change its design, as only the front face needs to be replaced.

  • They are used in gastronomic establishments located in commercial walkways or shopping centers in general, as this type of signage stands out easily among all the advertising that surrounds it.
  • Can be found in cafes, bakeries, fast food establishments, and many more.

Pylon Signs

A type of sign that is more eye-catching due to their large size.

  • They can be seen from great distances and are ideal for being located near highways or heavily trafficked avenues.
  • Thanks to these characteristics, they allow for the use of letters in combination with images and logos of different shapes, which attracts the attention of everyone who passes by.
  • We can find them in gastronomic establishments such as fast food establishments, takeaway cafes, and large food chains that will try to attract the largest number of casual diners to maintain a constant flow of customers that is in line with the style of establishment they manage.

Finally, we have Monument Signs

A very special type of signage that is used on building facades, creating a symbiosis with nature to give a more distinguished touch to the place. They have a more solid style and can be illuminated or not, resembling planters or a flower garden, welcoming visitors to the location. They are used by those high-end restaurants that want to give an elegant touch to their establishment.

How to attract more customers with the right outdoor sign

In the previous section, we discussed the types of Business Signs that can be used to improve the direction of our gastronomic establishment and attract a new customer base.

Overall, we must be clear on the type of lighting, colors, and signage we want to use. As tips for this section, we can mention that bright and heavily saturated colors are associated with informal and fast food-style establishments, while a more subdued lighting style that creates a warmer atmosphere is suitable for more exclusive gastronomic venues. Another important factor to consider is the typography style used in Commercial Signs.

We can differentiate between formal and informal fonts, which help to differentiate the type of establishment we want to offer to the public and ultimately interact with our advertising. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear understanding of these points when placing our sign to avoid confusing the public and sending the wrong message about the type of gastronomic establishment we operate. However, when we combine all the aforementioned factors, the result is always an increase in customers and better business revenue.

As an example, we can cite the experience of Coppelia, a food establishment located in New York that operates 24/7. They made a change to their signage to attract their target customers. They fused the fast-paced city lifestyle with the Latin flavor of Havana, enhancing their advertising with a pastel-colored lighting reminiscent of Cuba, both inside and outside the establishment. As a result, they gave their gastronomic establishment new life, resulting in an influx of customers.

Who makes signs for restaurants

All of this leads us to understand that investing in a Business Sign will have a high impact on our business, so we should aim for a lasting investment. Among the options available in the market, we can highlight Loyalty Sign, a company that has been manufacturing and installing commercial signs for years. In addition to their vast experience, they also offer personalized advice on the type of signage that is sought. They offer products of the highest quality while also caring for the environment. They provide a transport and installation service with their own staff, ensuring that the final idea we are looking to achieve can be realized, leaving us to anticipate the growth of our gastronomic business.

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