Rare Carat Launches New Platform for Easy Search and Purchase of High-Quality Diamonds Online

April 26, 2023

When selecting an engagement ring Search and Buy Emerald Cut Diamonds on the Rare Carat online site. This is the right place to compare lab-grown with natural diamonds and all the different cuts to make your informed decision. There are over a million diamonds on the site and when you make your choice you get a free gemologist's appraisal report on GIA-certified diamonds and a 4 Cs buying guide.

Buy Emerald Cut Diamonds

This is an elegant rectangular cut that has step-like facets uniquely refracting the light. If purchasing a lab-grown diamond, it enables the purchase of a much larger stone that lends itself to this subtle cut.

Asscher Cut

Shop Asscher Cut Diamonds as they have made a comeback. It is an elegant cut popular in the old days when the miners crafted the stones themselves. It is like the Emerald Cut with three rows on top and bottom and is almost octagonal in shape.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

Search and buy Marquise Cut Diamonds on the Rare Carat website. The Marquise Cut is a football or boat shape and is very sparkly as it refracts the light from its many facets.

The choice is made much easier by the Rare Carat website which helps the purchaser to gain a greater understanding of the 4 Cs

The 4 Cs Lab Grown Diamond Grading

The lab-grown diamonds are graded in the same way as mined diamonds using the 4 Cs. guide of Cut Color Clarity and Carat Weight.

  • Cut is a personal choice and is carefully crafted by the Gemologist.
  • The color of the diamond can vary and some lab-grown diamonds have a slight tinge of blue, yellow, or orange,
  • Clarity If you are searching for perfect clarity, this is where to find it as some lab-grown diamonds are clearer than mined diamonds.
  • Carat Weight and Certification, shopping at Rare Carat enables the purchaser to buy a bigger diamond for the same budget.

The Diamond Cut

Decide on the Diamond Cut that you want and select the stone, The cut that is chosen does not affect the diamond's shape, but allows it to refract better and disperse the light. The tools used for cutting and shaping the stone have made a big difference to the industry with precision laser tools now used by Gemologists.

Rare Carat Online

Both Google Business and Trust Pilot rate Rare Carat very highly at 4.9/5, and when looking at the site it is easy to see why. as the comparisons are laid out very clearly with

a button on the search page to click between lab-grown and natural that enables the purchaser to make a decision, and move on to the purchase.

If you have decided on a 2 Carat Emerald Cut diamond a lab-grown diamond will cost around $4,100 as opposed to $25,000 for a mined diamond and this is where Rare Carat lay the facts out clearly, as there is a saving of around $20,000 to the purchaser.

Perception is important, and as a couple starting out in life discuss the differences between lab-grown and mined diamonds, and make sure that you are both happy with the choice of a lab-grown diamond that will save so much money, important if you still have a home to buy.

There is something for every budget on the Rare Carat website, and The Gemologist will answer any questions that you may have about the choice of stones.

Vintage Diamond Cuts

One hundred years ago diamonds were cut by hand, often by candlelight or firelight at the campsites. This is where the Emerald cut and the Asscher cut originated. The intention when handcrafting was to keep the diamond's weight while reflecting the light to the best advantage. Now the old miners cut diamonds are collector's items, unique because they have been individually cut and handed down through the generations.


To search and buy Emerald Cut Diamonds is very easy when you go to the Rare Carat Website, now that they have released a new platform the process is made simple to follow. Once the choice is made go to the pay section and select your method of payment. Then wait for the ring to arrive, it will be sent by registered post and an adult need to be at home to sign for it. To Shop Asscher cut diamonds are a timeless and elegant choice for diamond jewelry, offering a unique combination of sparkle, clarity, and sophistication.

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