Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Even in a Calorie Deficit

April 11, 2023


Losing weight is a complicated process for many, and sometimes, it doesn’t work as we plan even with all the effort and dieting. Making all the correct moves but still having trouble losing weight is the main reason why people quit on their goals and continue eating as before. There are several factors why you might not be losing weight even if you are in a calorie deficit, so let’s take a look at these six potential ones that are most likely causing your struggle with your fitness and health goals.

Not tracking your calories properly

When you're trying everything right but still having trouble losing weight, there has to be a problem with staying in a calorie deficit. Keeping track of your calories is often hard and complicated and it’s very common to be taking in more calories than you think if you're not doing it properly. It is simple to overestimate serving sizes, neglect to record snacks, or incorrectly estimate the calorie content of particular foods. To guarantee the accuracy, it is crucial to use a food scale, measuring cups, and a calorie-tracking app or journal. And make sure, to be honest with yourself and track even the smallest snack and drink because these add up throughout the day.

Not eating enough protein

Sometimes, eating more can help your weight loss. For instance, protein aids in the development and maintenance of muscle mass (which can raise your metabolism and cause you to expend more calories) so it’s an essential nutrient for weight loss and you should include more of it in your healthy diet. Also, protein can aid in reducing appetite and cravings because it is more filling than carbs or fats. You might lose muscle instead of fat if you don't consume enough protein, which would slow down your weight reduction. Your goal should be 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day, so fill your fridge and plate with Greek yogurt, chicken, seafood, tofu, and other protein-rich foods.

Having a medical condition

Your attempts to lose weight might occasionally be hampered by an underlying medical problem. People who struggle with high blood sugar, PCOS, or sleep apnea often require much more effort with weight loss, even after watching their calories and exercising. For instance, hypothyroidism can slow your metabolism, and PCOS can result in insulin resistance and weight increase. Consult with your doctor and expect great advice that can aid in the condition's diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor might even recommend certain procedures such as placing a gastric balloon in your stomach. When other methods are not working or are not possible to perform due to medical reasons, this non-invasive procedure can be a great solution for losing weight and improving your health.

Not drinking enough water

Water consumption can help you eat less, expend more calories, and speed up your metabolism. Additionally, it's common to confuse hunger with thirst, which can result in needless snacking and overeating. To help you manage your appetite, try to consume a glass of water before each meal, or at least eight glasses total per day. For added hydration, you can eat foods high in water content like fruits and veggies.

Not getting enough exercise

Exercise can help you expend more calories and enhance your general health. Usually, 75 minutes of high-level exercise (such as weightlifting, running, or HIIT) or 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week (such as light jogging, cycling, or swimming) will help your progress. And don’t avoid strength training, because it can also speed up your metabolism and help you gain muscle mass, both of which can result in long-term weight loss.

Not getting enough rest

Hormones that control metabolism and appetite can be disturbed by sleep deprivation, making it more difficult to drop weight. Lack of sleep causes your body to secrete more appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin and less of the fullness-indicating hormone leptin. As a result, you might consume too much and put on weight. Lack of sleep can also make you more stressed, and stress can halt your weight loss progress. To aid in your attempts to lose weight, try to get at least seven hours of slumber every night.

Losing weight can indeed be frustrating, particularly if you're in a calorie deficit but still not seeing results. You can surmount these obstacles and reach your weight loss objectives, though, by attending to the six reasons mentioned above and changing your way of life as required. You can lose weight permanently and enhance your general health and well-being with persistence, consistency, and tolerance.





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