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April 16, 2023

After the COVID-19 restrictions have been removed, it is time for people to resume their traveling. However, with the increased travel, many destinations have made their traveling policies strict. You might need a visa for a few countries, provide “proof of onward travel, or other documents for smooth traveling”.

Booking tickets, applying for a visa, and getting proof of onward travel can be a headache. But now you don’t need to worry because Dummyticket Flights are here to save you.

Dummyticket Flights is ideal for proof of onward travel, a dummy ticket for a visa, and even instant delivery after purchase. If you want to learn more about dummytickets.flight, this article is just for you. So, let’s get into the detailed review.

Why Do You Need Dummyticket Flights?

Now the question comes why do you need Dummy ticket ? Following are some reasons why you need this website if you are a travel lover.

Allows You to Make A Dummy Ticket:

The first and main benefit you can get from using Dummyticket Flights is that you can easily create a dummy ticket using simple and straightforward steps.

Real Looking Dummy Ticket:

Many websites create dummy ticket that give off the vibe of being dummies. That is not the case with Dummyticket Flights. This website allows you to make the most authentic-looking dummy tickets you can easily use for your traveling requirements.

Allows You to Apply For Visa:

When you apply for a visa, many companies ask for proof that you have booked a return flight. In such cases, Dummyticket Flights will come in handy. They will help you get the dummy ticket with the flight itinerary, so you have a better chance of getting your visa approved.

No Need to Buy a Return Ticket:

Dummyticket Flights understand that return tickets can be expensive, and when they are non-refundable, people hesitate to purchase them. Even if you buy the return tickets and your visa is rejected, all your money gets wasted.

Now you can use Dummyticket Flights and create dummy tickets and alleviate this issue. This means that you are not spending the money on the return ticket; you still have proof that your flight is booked, and your visa will get approved.

Helps with Proof of Onward:

Lastly, another significant benefit of using Dummyticket Flights is that it will help you with proof of onward. The proof of onward is a document that shows that you have scheduled a departing ticket. For some countries, if you don’t have proof of onward, you are not allowed to apply for a visa, and even your boarding is canceled.

With Dummyticket Flights, you get proof of onward and even the departing ticket. This makes the entire traveling plan smooth and easy.

How to Use Dummy Ticket?

Now you might be thinking about how we are supposed to use Dummyticket Flights. Using Dummyticket Flights is simple. If you want a dummy flight ticket, you need to mention the city or the airport code where you want to go.

Then Dummyticket Flights connect to the API, automatically generating thousands of results according to the city or airport you mentioned. Now you need to pick the date and the time. You need to enter the name; voila, you are ready to go.

You can print out these dummy tickets and use them whenever you need.

For Which Countries Can We Use Dummyticket Flights?

If you are wondering in which countries this Dummyticket Flights can be used, then to your surprise, the list of the nations is decent. You can use Dummyticket Flights to create dummy flights for Thailand, Turkey, UK, Dubai, Mexico, USA, Bulgaria, the Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Columbia, Germany, India, China, and others.

If you want to travel in any of the countries mentioned above and don’t want to get the return tickers, using Dummyticket Flights will be the best option for you.

How Much Does Dummy ticket Flights Cost?

With the fantastic service that Dummy ticket Flights provide, you might think they will charge you a lot of money. But that is not the case. You only need to pay $5 and get your real-looking dummy ticket.

Can You Use Dummy ticket Flights for Hotel Tickets?

You will often be asked for hotel reservation proof when you visit a country. But you don’t want to stay in a hotel, or you are staying with your friends or family. Then no need to worry. With Dummyticket Flights, you can even get fake hotel reservations.

Dummyticket Flights are the first brand to develop such a plan. They have a massive range of hotels you can target and get fake hotel bookings. You only need to pay $5 for the hotel reservation form.

This means you can quickly provide them the proof of hotel reservations and continue with your traveling. The ticket will be 100% authentic looking, and this will make your life easy.

Are Dummy Tickets Safe to Use?

After looking at all of this, is it safe to use dummy tickets for Dummyticket Flights? Then the answer is yes and no. The dummy tickets from this brand can be used for proof of onward and visa applications, securely.

If you try boarding the flight with these dummy tickets, you might be unable to do it. Therefore, ensure you are just using this for the proof and visa requirements.

Can I Get a Refund?

Yes, Dummyticket Flights offer a complete refund to their customers. They ensure that the customers are satisfied. Therefore, if someone needs a refund, Dummyticket Flights provide them quickly. They are available 24 hours a so you can contact them by their email, and you will easily get back your refund.

Reviews from Customers

All the customers have responded positively and had a great experience with Dummyticket Flights. They could use the dummy tickets for their visa applications and other travel needs.

According to them, the services offered by Dummyticket Flights are top-notch, and it is one of the trusted sites for dummy tickets. Visit their website to go through impressive reviews.


Dummy ticket Flights are one of the best companies for dummy tickets. This brand ensures everyone gets the best and most real-looking dummy tickets. This will make the visa application process smooth and protect the users from spending all their money.


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