See the World in a New Light with Javelot Pro 2

April 19, 2023


Olight recently released the new Javelot Pro 2 LED torch, which delivers up to 2,500 lumens and features 2x 5000 mAh 21700 li-ion batteries.This product is upgraded and matched to the Javelot pro, and also delivers higher performance than flashlights run by single 18650 or 21700 batteries. It also delivers excellent runtime, depending on the settings.

The Javelot Pro 2 has 2 visual indicator arrange surrounding the power switch - one has four LED indicator to depict brightness, and the other has four LED indicators to show remaining battery charge capacity.Further to the side button switch, there is a tailcap switch for low power momentary and latched high power operation. Remote switches are also accessible.It recharges through a magnetic tailcap cable that links to standard USB-A ports.The rechargeable batteries are built into the handle and additional handle-battery units will be accessible separately.


Product features

·         Long beam distance up to 1,050 metres with a highest output of 2,500 lumens

·         Perfect dual-stage tail switch

·         Long run times with a battery pack made of 2x 5000mAh 21700 batteries

·         Cycle through four output settings from 15 lumens to 2,500 lumens

·         Dual button magnetic remote switch provides access to both low and turbo modes

·         Securely fits with the lockable sROD remote force switch for use on rifles

·         Brightness indicator and battery level indicator

·         Automatic thermal protection and deep chill heat sinks

·         IPX8 waterproof rating

·         Can be simply mounted or used as a handheld torch

·         One metre impact resistance


Ideal for rescue as well as hunting

The four level brightness and battery indicators around the side switch show the brightness and battery status in real time. Its rugged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body comes with anti-slip knurling and permits it to pass with an IPX8 waterproof rating and a one meter drop test rating. With its big long distance beam and brighter output, the Javelot pro 2 is perfect for hunting as well as rescue.

Convenient dual-stage tail switch

The dual-stage switch permits fast and simple access to general settings, while the side switch can be used to intuitively cycle via four brightness levels, WML when combined with the optional dual-button remote switch and mount.


More power for hunting

When the best hunting flashlight is turned on the indicator switches either side of the key will glow. The indicators up the left hand side are to present the mode you are in with the first one for low, the next one for mid, the third one for high and the fourth one for turbo. The indicators up the right hand side are battery level indicators and the base fits one shows 10-25 percent, the second one is 25-50 percent power, the third one is 50-75 percent and the fourth one is above 75 percent power.

Excellent grip at difficult situation

The perfect body diameter permits you to comfortably use mount or handheld on your long-range rifle with the optional dual-stage remote switch. The Javelot Pro 2 is made in Camo and Black finish. If you are prepared then you will encourage the high standard plastic case that Javelot pro 2 comes into.  The Javelot pro 2 is not a toy torch. It is a serious tool for serious work.


·         Light source: High performance cool white LED

·         Length: 10.20in/259mm Body Diameter: 1.02in/26mm Head Diameter: 2.48in/63mm

·         Weight: 42g

·         Body material: Aluminum alloy

·         Waterproof: IPX8

In the box

·         Holster x 1

·         Javelot Pro 2 (battery pack included) x 1

·         MCC3 USB Magnetic charging cable x1

·         Javelot Pro 2 user manual

End words

The Javelot Pro 2 is an ultra-bright long-distance hunting torch that can be used as a WML or handheld. With a high-performance LED and deep reflector, it gives a stunning output of up to 2,500 lumens with a beam distance of 1,050. The dual-stage tail switch permits fast and simple access to basic settings, while the side switch can be used to intuitively cycle through four brightness levels.  It also makes a valuable WML when paired with the optional dual-button remote mount and switch. The Javelot Pro 2 adopts a replaceable battery pack for high runtime, which can be simply recharged through MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. The four level battery and brightness indicators around the side switch show the brightness and battery status in real time.



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