Self Storage For Airbnbs In London

April 3, 2023


Do you run an Airbnb in London? Are you planning to run an Airbnb in London? If so, it could be worth you considering self storage in London. It is affordable, flexible and convenient - the perfect partner to an Airbnb business. Let’s take a closer look:

Why Rent On Airbnb In London?

In London the rental potential for Airbnbs is huge, as the lower end of nightly rentals is around £100 pounds, and the higher end is a ‘sky is the limit’ situation. The average cost of a house in London is around £538,000 pounds, so it makes sense to cash in on your purchase and get some regular income from Airbnb rentals. You can also make £7,500 tax free because of the governments Rent A Room scheme as long as you meet requirements.

The only restriction is a 90 day maximum of rentals for Airbnb, which does somewhat maximise your rental potential, but there is still plenty of time to make the most of renting out your home and cashing in.

How To Use Self Storage To Help With Your Airbnbs In London

If you are using Airbnb as a way to make some cash from your London home, there are lots of ways that local self storage can help. It’s the perfect affordable, flexible service to use when your Airbnb earnings need to be as high as possible. Here are just a few ways this secure, cost-effective service can help you with your Airbnb management in London:

Renovating An Airbnb

If you are renovating a room, or a whole home to be used as an Airbnb, it is really handy to have a London self storage space for the process. It means you have somewhere nearby to use for decoration supplies, furniture, carpets, curtains - whatever you need to store. Most importantly you can store anything you want to protect from the dust and debris of construction. Additionally, you can lean on the space for your decorating activities, swapping and changing furniture and playing with the aesthetic until you have the perfect look. In London inparticular the aesthetic of the rental is important because it can make the difference between a £100 pounds a night Airbnb and a £300 pounds a night Airbnb.

Having A Loft Conversion To Create An Airbnb Space

Lots of people in London are opting to have loft conversions because extensions are not possible for homes without gardens and one in five London homes do not have gardens. Even if your property does have a garden you are unlikely to want to build onto it as every square foot of rare outdoor space in London is highly valuable. When you have a loft conversion to create an Airbnb space you may well need to move items from your highest floor to protect them from construction debris and dust. You may also need to use self storage in London as per the above suggestions, ensuring you can create the most stunning Airbnb space that provides you with a maximum nightly income.

Storing Your Own Furniture And Belongings

If you live elsewhere for the 90 days you rent out your Airbnb in London it is helpful to have somewhere safe and secure for your belongings to go. Lots of people would rather have their personal items stored away, and specific furniture for the Airbnb used by guests instead. This is especially important with sentimental items and furniture that you only want for your own family.

Storing Your Airbnb Belongings Safely

When the Airbnb is being rented long term outside of the 90 day restriction for Airbnb rentals, or you are living back in the house outside of that time, it is a great idea to use secure London self storage to keep your Airbnb safe, dry and in great condition. To save money, your self storage unit will help prevent issues like mould and pests damaging the furniture, risks that are more prevalent when you store in a garage or similarly minimally secure space.

Between Airbnb’s

If you are regularly selling Airbnb investments and buying new ones, a self storage unit can be a good inbetween storage space for the furniture you are using. You can buy new furniture, get a good deal on cleaning supplies, strip a house, and sell on furniture from a sold property all whilst using affordable London self storage as a cheap and easily accessible space to store everything with ease.

Storing Cleaning Equipment/ Spares

If you have lots of Airbnb’s the chances are that you have multiple packs of toilet roll, bedding and cleaning supplies. You may have replacement bulbs, furniture and other extras that need to be picked up quickly if a unit is lacking, or there has been a stain or some damage. Additionally, you might have multiple cleaning agencies who service your Airbnb’s. If that is the case, a self storage unit is an ideal neutral space for you to use, or for you to direct your cleaning team to. It saves the items being at home, or various cleaning agencies having to visit your home for supplies. It also means you can manage your Airbnbs remotely with ease, especially when a lot of facilities will take deliveries for you.

Why not speak to your local London self storage facility today to find out more about their self storage services. If you’re going to lean on a service like London self storage to help with your Airbnb, it is important to choose one that is well priced, clean, well-maintained and that has great customer service.

Hopefully, with a great self storage facility your Airbnb business can go from strength to strength, and you can make the most of your property or properties in London.


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