Shopping at Japanese websites

April 16, 2023

Shopping with Japanese shopping sites is a convenient option for people. It is effortless to use with thousands of smaller stores from all over Japan.

Why should you use Japanese shopping sites?

  • It is simple, convenient, and easy to understand, even without knowing Japanese.
  • It allows to easily browse websites and shop
  • Product names are transparent

The stores in Japan are more focused, meaning they sell their products domestically as well as globally.

Step-by-step guide for shopping with Japanese shopping sites

  • Look for the product

Let's begin by selecting a thrilling Japanese product to purchase. For instance, suppose we intend to have a gaming weekend. In that case, we can scour the internet for the Japanese game "Monster Hunter." While it's possible to enter the keywords in English, we suggest inputting them in Japanese for the most precise outcomes.

  • Check the search results

Now, you can compare different products. Even comparable items might have varying costs based on other sellers and conditions (such as new or used). Before adding an item to your cart, it's crucial to examine domestic shipping costs in Japan. Since your search might generate numerous outcomes, consider utilizing filters to obtain outcomes that are more aligned with your needs.

  • View the Product Page

When you click on a product, it will direct you to the product page where you can access various types of information. This includes product images, item name, item description, shipping costs (if any), item condition, item rating, item availability, and seller's name. It's worth noting that all of this information is automatically translated from Japanese, which may not be 100% precise, particularly when it comes to the product name and description. Although the item description is typically written exclusively in Japanese, you can quickly view everything in any language by utilizing Google Chrome. Simply right-click, select "Translate to English," and let Google take care of the rest.

  • Add product to cart

Once you've reviewed all the essential information, you can add the product to your cart by returning to the page. However, this requires having or creating an account. When adding an item to your cart, be sure to include any comments that our buying team should be aware of when purchasing the item for you. This may include details such as size, color, or other customizable options that cannot be specified on the website automatically.

  • Pay for the product

The system will promptly verify the availability of the product for you. Within a few minutes, you should be able to purchase your item. Once you've paid for your items, you can contact the seller to finalize the purchase. After our purchasing team buys your items, they'll have them shipped to our warehouse. You can store your package for up to 45 days for free at the warehouse while waiting for other items you've ordered. Additionally, you can consolidate your packages and arrange for international shipping from Japan.

Feel free to purchase from Japan shopping sites and buy anything you wish.

Emiy Watson

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