The 10 World Rarest Houses in the World

April 12, 2023

Building a house or a shelter was one of our forefathers' first occupations. It is common to discover fossil remains and details that reveal how caves once served as safe havens for our species.

But a lot has changed since those days in the cave. We no longer need to gather or hunt for food; we no longer live in the treetops or inside caves. However, we have refined our building techniques and created designs that defy the imagination.

In this article, we will look at the most outstanding examples of unusual or unusual houses, usually with a one-of-a-kind design that complements the designers' ideas or housing concepts.

So if you are an architecture lover or simply curious to learn more about the World Rarest Houses, keep reading this article and find out about the most eccentric and bizarre houses on the planet.

1. The Safe House

The Safe House, also known as the Anti-Zombies House, is the work of renowned Polish architect Robert Konieczny. The house is located in Warsaw and is a fantastic bunker made of concrete walls and metal shutters in an apocalyptic style. It took three years to build and was finished in 2008.

The house appears to be a concrete block with no grace, but the walls slide and move to allow space for the windows and sunlight that illuminate the interior of the house during the day, while also having the capability of becoming a safe that does not allow in even the smallest glimmer of light.

The architect designed the house to have a normal appearance while the walls are retracted but become an impenetrable fortress by deploying security.

This already secure home has sliding walls that make climbing impossible, and the pool can be sealed if necessary.

However, if you believe that this is a refugee camp with few amenities, you are mistaken. The interior of the house, which has a lot of light and comfort, was designed by Magdalena Radaloowicz-Zadrzyski.

So, if you want to be prepared for the apocalypse or simply have an impenetrable house, we recommend taking a look at this futuristic house that predicts a dystopian future for humanity.

2. The Bubble House

Antti Lovag, a Hungarian architect, designed the Palais Bulles in Théoule-sur-Mer facing the bay of Cannes between 1979 and 1984.

The architect's work was highly regarded, and the house was eventually purchased in the 1990s by none other than the well-known fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

The interior of the house has exquisite taste thanks to Pierre Cardin, who was also responsible for putting together a collection of iconic objects from the 1970s that can be seen inside the house, as well as furniture and items designed by him.

The house is 1,200 square meters in size and has 28 rooms designed in the same style as the house, complete with round and curved windows. The interior of the house is decorated in a similar style, with only the occasional painting on the walls.

The house also has a panoramic room where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea during the day and have incredible outdoor meetings while the sun sets.

After Pierre Cardin died in 2020, this house was put up for sale in 2021. France has designated the bubble house as a World Heritage Site, and its unusual design continues to captivate visitors.

3. Ultra Small House

Fuyuhito Moriya, a Japanese, purchased 30 square meters of parking to build a super functional house with all the comforts of a modern house but in a very small space.

To save space, the stairs in the house were designed in a triangular shape. The kitchen and living room are about the size of a standard bathroom, which is similar to the bathrooms on airplanes.

It's ironic that, despite his efforts to maximize space, Moriyano doesn't live quite comfortably because he has to share a bed with his mother, who also lives with him.

4. The Flintstone House

The Flintstones, a popular Hanna Barbera cartoon, inspired this house. Hillsborough, California is the location of the residence. It is situated in a bay with a population of no more than 11 thousand people.

However, the house has a complicated history because it was not well received by the neighbors from the start. It was designed in 1976 by architect William Nicholson, who built the house with steel bars and concrete domes.

The house was different from the landscape, but it was all white, so it didn't draw much attention, and it looked more like a set of Tatooine houses from Star Wars.

However, new owners decided to paint the house's exterior a very fancy orange color in 2000. Neighbors complained, but they hoped that the next owner would have better judgment and taste.

However, the residents of Hillsborough were unlucky because the house's new owner, Florence Fang, set up a garden and several giant dinosaurs in the style of the cartoon The Flintstones.

After several lawsuits, the neighbors and Lang agreed to settle so that Lang could continue with his project of building a cute Flintstones city.

5. The Hole House

The Hole House is more of an art installation than a house, and its designers are sculptors Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. With the assistance of the Art League Huston, they developed this project titled Investment in 2005.

They obtained permission to use the exterior materials of two demolished houses to create a kind of vortex between the two houses.

The design gives the impression of a funnel between the two houses, as if something was absorbing the house from within or if some space-time phenomenon was occurring at the time. Others have compared it to a house being consumed by a black hole.

However, the installation was not meant to be permanent and after several months of the exhibition, it was dismantled.

6. The Sutyagin House

The Russian gangster Nikolai Petrovich Sutyagin owned this house. It is said to have been the tallest wooden house in the world, or at least in Russia, surpassing even the famous Kizhi Pogost, Russia's tallest wooden church.

This house was built over 15 years by a mobster. He gradually added more floors, but without any professional guidance or building permits. The house eventually had 13 stories and was 44 meters tall.

The house began to deteriorate quickly after Petrovich was sentenced to prison for extortion. The neighbors eventually demanded that it be demolished. It was declared a potential fire hazard in 2008 and demolished in 2009. In 2012 the remains of the house were burned to the ground.

7. The Water Tower House

This water tower was renovated in the middle of the last century by Mauro Brigham of the Brussels-based Bham Design Studio. The house was designed to be a private residence with all of the amenities of a typical home.

This water tower is located in Belgium, inside a small town called Steenokkerzeel, and it has a long history, having served as a combat post during World War II.

The water tower is now a well-kept business location. It can accommodate up to 50 people and has several floors with plenty of space and a beautiful view.

8. The Upside-Down House

This is one of many upside-down houses around the world. But the house built in Usedom, Germany, exceeds everyone's expectations because it was not only built upside down, but it also has a 6% slope to give the impression that it just fell from the sky.

The house's design has taken into account even the smallest details. A bicycle that is also upside down is proof of this. The illusion does not stop there because the interior of the house is also designed with everything facing up.

This house is open all year and costs 7 euros for adults and 6 euros for children. A family package is also available for 20 euros.

9. The Hobbit House

This is a house inspired by Hobbiton, a fictional setting from the novel The Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson's project to adapt Tolkien's novel for the film began in the year 2000, and he did it brilliantly.

One of its most notable features was its scenery, which inspired various designs, such as these cabins in the Welsh countryside.

It was built with a budget of only 5,200 dollars and it took 1500 hours of work to finish it. The work was conceived thanks to the builder Simon Dell, who with his family and friends made the project a reality.

There is no one living in these two cabins. They are rented out so that you can disconnect from your daily life and spend a relaxing weekend surrounded by nature.

10. The Xanadu Houses

The Xanadu Houses were a housing experiment that demonstrated what automation and computers could do to a home.

Three houses were built in different states of the United States and were distinguished by the use of polyurethane insulating foam.

The Kissimmee Xanadu was more popular, and Roy Manson designed it. Although the project attracted many tourists, the house's maintenance costs were very high, and it was eventually demolished.

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