The 5 Common Questions First-Time Dog Owners Have

April 27, 2023

Are you preparing to welcome your first dog into your home? This time waiting for their arrival can be filled with many emotions, but the excitement about this next chapter is the main one. After months of deliberating whether or not to get a dog, the benefits of getting a dog outweighed any apprehensive feelings you once had.

When you finally welcome your first dog into their new home, amongst all the excitement about this new arrival, you might ask many questions. Most of these are regarding how to care for them to ensure they are happy and healthy in their new home. These are some of the most common questions first-time dog owners will likely have.

What Foods Should I Avoid Feeding My Dog?

The foods you choose to feed your dog will impact their gut health. As tempting as it can be to give them the scraps from your dinner, you should avoid overfeeding your dog. This can lead to them developing health issues, especially as they age. Instead, you should focus on finding the food you should feed them and the quantity.

It is commonly known that dogs should not eat chocolate, as it contains theobromine, a stimulant that can be toxic to dogs. However, you should also avoid feeding your dog corn on the cob, which could be fatal, avocado, raisins, and onions. Treat them to chicken, carrots, and peanut butter – all of which are safe for them to eat and can provide them with important nutrients.

What (And How Many) Vaccines Do They Need?

Like humans, dogs also need vaccines to help them contact and spread illnesses. Before bringing them home, it is crucial to check with the animal shelter or breeder you are collecting them from what vaccines they have. The answer will help you to plan which vaccines you need to book.

Remember that your dog’s age will also determine their eligibility for vaccines. For instance, dogs aged between 12-16 weeks should receive their rabies vaccination. Depending on the state you live in and the town, there might be requirements in place for what vaccines your dog should receive and when. Puppies should receive their first vaccination between eight and ten weeks; some can have it a little earlier. Puppies should have the second dose two to four weeks after their first vaccination, followed six months to a year later by a booster vaccination.

Is It Normal For Them To Lick Their Butt?

Owning a dog can come with many surprises – some of which no one can prepare you for! Whilst no one might deliberately keep you in the dark about what to expect when owning a dog, one thing that is often forgotten is seeing your dog licking their butt. For new dog owners, this can be a surprise to see for the first time, leaving them questioning whether or not it is normal.

Look at this guide from Native Pet and the reasons for dogs licking their butt. It identifies the various causes for their actions, some of which you might be aware of, and others could be new to you. Spend time researching why dogs lick their butt, so you can spot when it is for grooming purposes or an indicator for something else.

How Often Should I Take My Dog On Walks?

Every first-time dog owner knows that taking their dogs on walks is a responsibility they accept when bringing home a dog. However, many will ask how often and how long they should walk their dog. In most instances, you should take your dog at least once, sometimes twice daily. These walks could be a 15-minute walk around your block or a walk to the local dog park, where you can let them off the leash to run around and burn off some of their energy.

Older dogs, especially those experiencing joint issues, might only need occasional walks or as long as younger dogs. However, your vet will advise you on how long you should walk your dog, especially if it is older and has health issues. They might advise short walks a few times a week to ensure that they are getting exercise.

When Should I Take My Dog To The Vet?

As a first-time dog owner, getting worried over the smallest changes to your dog and their behavior is easily done. Our instinct would be to search online for the causes, which can lead to results that can cause alarm bells – we’ve all done it! However, most of our concerns are common changes in dogs when they get older or settle into new environments.

Of course, you are welcome to take your dog to the vet if you notice any major changes or if there is a pressing concern you have. Visiting the vet to get your dog checked can provide peace of mind, especially when they inform you there is nothing concerning about your dog’s health. You will want to take your dog for regular check-ups, especially as they age. This will help spot any concerning health issues earlier, allowing them to get the right treatment as soon as possible.

Keep the answers to these questions in mind when you bring home your latest addition to the family. These could help you get them settled and reduce your concerns about caring for them.


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