The Benefits of Cotton Compression Fabric

April 21, 2023

Compression fabric is a technical fabric designed to aid in muscle recovery. It can be found in various clothing types, including socks, shorts, and shirts. Cotton is woven into some compression fabrics to give it a soft, luxurious feel. It also increases breathability, which is vital to keeping you comfortable while working out.


Compression fabrics are typically made of nylon and spandex, but some have a small percentage of cotton woven into them. This allows the fabric to feel softer against the skin, which can be a significant comfort factor for someone who wears compression garments frequently. Cotton also increases the fabric's breathability, which is excellent for those who exercise in their compression gear and often sweat. Breathability is crucial because it allows the sweat to escape the garment instead of soaking in it. This prevents the work from becoming drenched and heavy, which can be uncomfortable and limit your performance. If you're using a compression garment made of technical fabrics, it's essential to wash them in mild detergent and cool or cold water to avoid damaging the synthetic fibers. Garments made of cotton compression fabric apply pressure to the body, which helps to improve blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, and support muscles during physical activity. This can help with various health conditions, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT), in which blood clots form in the deep veins of the legs and arms. Research supports that wearing compression socks can help prevent DVT and promote healing in people who already have DVT by preventing the development of venous ulcers. It can also reduce the risk of developing post-thrombotic syndrome, a complication in which the clots leave behind scar tissue that limits movement and causes pain.


Unlike other fabrics made of synthetic fibers, cotton is breathable and will allow air to circulate through the body. This helps reduce sweat buildup and makes the garment more comfortable for long periods. This is a critical aspect to consider when choosing the best fabric for your compression clothing, especially if you plan to wear it during high-intensity exercise or sports. Besides breathing well, cotton also can absorb moisture and then rerelease it. This is an essential feature for any athletic apparel, as water can lead to the formation of bacteria and other unpleasant odors in your clothing. The cotton fibers in compression fabric help keep this from happening by wicking away sweat, leaving you with clean and fresh-smelling clothes even after a long workout. The breathability of cotton fibers also makes it easy for the garment to move with your body as you stretch and bend. This means your compression gear will be able to adapt to your movements, keeping it from feeling restricting or tight in any area. Some more innovative compression fabric options include Magicotton, which takes a core of spandex and nylon and wraps it in cotton. This gives you a single layer of fabric that retains the strength and stretch of nylon and spandex, breathes like cotton, and feels as soft as your favorite t-shirt.


The saying "cotton kills" has been around for a while in the outdoor community, and although it's a massive sweeping statement, it does have some truth to it. In colder temperatures, cotton loses its ability to insulate your body as you move and sweat. However, with a moisture-wicking fabric, you don't need to worry about soaking in your work. The materials that have moisture-wicking properties can pull your sweat away from your skin and push it toward the outer face of the garment, where it can evaporate faster. Many materials used in compression fabrics have moisture-wicking capabilities, such as spandex and nylon blends. Some blends also feature cotton fibers – an innovative material that takes the core of nylon and spandex and wraps it in cotton fibers to create a single layer of fabric that retains its shape like nylon but stretchy and soft like spandex, breathes like cotton and is as light as air. You can purchase this type of compression fabric in a wide range of garments, including shorts, pants, socks, and tops. Look for cold-weather blends with brushed or thermal interiors to provide extra warmth and moisture-wicking properties. To care for this fabric, wash it on a cold or warm water cycle with mild detergent and avoid placing it in the dryer.


Cotton is a natural, thermally conductive fiber that provides comfort in warmth without weighing you down. It's also extreme and resists creasing, shrinking, stretching, and mildew. This makes it an excellent choice for base layers for athletic wear that needs to keep up with you while working out, hiking, or doing other outdoor activities. Adding cotton to nylon compression fabric gives the garments a warm feel while keeping them light and flexible. The material is also breathable, essential in a fabric you'll wear while exercising and sweating. Fabrics that aren't breathable will trap your sweat and make you feel heavy. Many athletes who use technical materials rely on multiple insulating layers to keep their muscles warm while they work out. However, when you layer up too much, you can lose your breathing ability and overheat during your workout. Compression fabric with a cotton blend helps you maintain mobility while providing the muscle support you need to prevent injuries. It can be found in a wide range of athletic clothing, including shorts, leggings, and tops. It's often used for physical activity, such as running, cycling, or weightlifting, and to help increase blood flow during recovery periods from these activities.

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