The Best Front Door Colors For Brick Houses

April 11, 2023

Choosing the perfect front door for your brick house can elevate curb appeal, create an inviting entrance, and showcase your unique sense of style. But, with the multitude of color options available, finding the right hue that complements your brick facade and reflects your personality may seem overwhelming. The right color enhances your home's appearance and sets the tone for the entire exterior.

With the array of color choices available, from bold red and classic navy blue to timeless gray and tranquil green, it's best to take a closer look at the available color options to help you decide on the right one that beautifully accentuates your home's brick exterior. Investing in long-lasting exterior doors ensures your chosen color remains vibrant and appealing.

While personal preference will always play a significant role in the selection process, here are some popular front door color options for a brick house.

1. Navy Blue

Over the years, blue has been a versatile color that exudes elegance. This color may be the ideal choice for various brick colors, serving as a striking contrast against the brown and red hues while injecting depth into the lighter brick shades. As a timeless color, navy blue can complement different architectural styles and generate a feeling of balance, ensuring your home's entrance stands out without dominating the brick facade.

2. Black

Black will be a classic choice that exudes a modern and sophisticated vibe. A black front door for your brick house creates a compelling and dramatic presence. This color is the perfect contrast for most brick colors, simultaneously introducing a touch of boldness and elegance. Black perfectly works with minimalistic or contemporary architectural styles, delivering a polished and sleek entrance to your home.

3. Gray

Gray is another timeless and elegant door color for a brick home. It subtly contrasts with most brick colors as a classic hue without overwhelming the facade. If you go for a light gray shade, it adds a delicate, understated look. The darker shades of gray such as charcoal, create a more melodramatic flare with a modern vibe. Gray doors can work well in most architectural styles, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

4. Green

If you're looking for a fresh touch of color, green is a versatile hue in various shades to complement a home with brick exteriors. The lighter shades of green, such as sage, can create an inviting facade, while the darker shades, such as forest green, serve as a contrast and add depth. Green is recognized for eliciting a sense of serenity and nature, making it suitable for traditional or cottage-style architecture.

5. Red

Red is also a classic color for a door but exudes a bold vibe. This color combines well with the typical shades of red, gray, or brown bricks. If you choose a red door for your home, the key is to go for a shade that either contrasts or complements the brick color to create a balanced exterior. For example, a bright hue of red can make an eye-catching statement against brown or gray bricks, while a deep reddish shade such as burgundy can evoke a feeling of richness against a red brick exterior.

6. Yellow

A yellow door may add a burst of color to a brick home's exterior. This bright and cheerful hue can create a warm and inviting entrance, especially when paired with neutral or light brick colors. If you want to create an entrance that exudes an atmosphere of coziness, go for a lighter shade. For a burst of color on the exteriors, a brighter shade, such as mustard yellow, works best. As for the architectural styles, yellow works best with modern and traditional styles.

7. White

The classic choice for most homeowners, white exudes a clean look and works well with brown or red brick houses. White creates a crisp and timeless look, making it a popular option for most homeowners. This color can effectively illuminate and enhance the exterior facade of your home, creating an inviting ambiance. White goes well with almost any architectural style, from modern to traditional.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the suitable color for the front door of your brick house can significantly impact the overall curb and aesthetic appeal. By carefully considering the various color options, you may find the ideal shade that complements your home's brick facade and architectural style.

When choosing a door color, consider your preferences, the environment, and the desired impression you want to achieve when making your final choice. Selecting a visually appealing front door color can elevate your brick house's appearance, establishing a welcoming yet stylish entrance you can be proud of.

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