The Importance Of Maintaining And Sharpening Your Laguiole Knife

April 28, 2023

A Laguiole knife is a popular French knife known for its traditional design and functionality. It is an essential tool for chefs, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. However, like any other knife, a Laguiole knife requires proper maintenance and sharpening to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. This article will discuss the importance of maintaining and sharpening your Laguiole knife.

Maintenance Of Laguiole Knife

Maintenance of your Laguiole knife is crucial to ensure its longevity and performance. The first step in maintaining your knife is to clean it after every use. A simple rinse with warm water and mild soap followed by drying it with a soft cloth can go a long way in preventing corrosion and rust.

It is also important to oil your Laguiole knife regularly to prevent rust and to keep the blade lubricated. A food-grade mineral oil is recommended, as it is safe to use with food items.

Another critical aspect of maintaining your Laguiole knife is to store it properly. It is recommended to store your knife in a dry place, away from moisture, heat, and humidity. A leather sheath is also an excellent option for storing your Laguiole knife safely.

Sharpening Your Laguiole Knife

Sharpening your Laguiole knife is crucial to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. Dull knives are not only frustrating to use but also dangerous as they require more force to cut, which increases the risk of slipping and causing injury. The following are some tips for sharpening your Laguiole knife:

  • Use A Sharpening Stone: A sharpening stone is an excellent tool for sharpening your Laguiole knife. Start with a coarse-grit stone and move to a finer-grit stone for a polished edge.
  • Angle The Blade Correctly: Sharpening your Laguiole knife at the correct angle is crucial. A 20-degree angle is recommended for most Laguiole knives. Be sure to maintain a consistent angle while sharpening.
  • Use Honing Steel: A honing steel can help maintain the sharpness of your Laguiole knife between sharpening. Use it before each use to keep your knife in top condition.
  • Consider Professional Sharpening: If you are uncomfortable sharpening your Laguiole knife yourself, consider taking it to a professional. They have the tools and expertise to ensure your knife is sharpened correctly.

Benefits Of Maintaining And Sharpening Your Laguiole Knife

Maintaining and sharpening your Laguiole knife can provide several benefits, including:

Improved Performance: A well-maintained and sharp Laguiole knife will perform better than a dull or poorly maintained one. A sharp knife will make cutting and slicing easier and more precise.

Increased Safety: Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones as they require more force to cut, increasing the risk of slipping and causing injury. A sharp knife is safer to use and less likely to cause accidents.

Increased Longevity: Proper maintenance and sharpening can increase the lifespan of your Laguiole knife. A well-maintained knife will last longer and require less frequent sharpening.

Cost-Effective: Maintaining and sharpening your Laguiole knife is cost-effective to ensure longevity and effectiveness. A well-maintained knife will require less frequent sharpening and replacement, saving you money in the long run.


In conclusion, maintaining and sharpening your Laguiole knife is crucial to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. Regular cleaning, oiling, and proper storage can prevent corrosion and rust, while regular sharpening can improve performance, increase safety, and prolong the knife's lifespan. Taking care of your Laguiole knife is not only important for its functionality but also for its value as a traditional French tool. Following the tips and advice in this article, you can ensure that your Laguiole knife is always in top condition and ready for all your culinary and outdoor needs.


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