Things You should know Before Renting a Car

April 7, 2023

Getting your first rental car can be an exciting and challenging experience. Driving a newer vehicle can be fun when you're on vacation or a road trip. Legalities also need to be understood. Renting a car involves considering several factors: your budget, destination, how long you'll need it, and what documentation you'll need.

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Car Rental Services

Here are some important point to always keep in mind before renting a car.

  1. Make Sure You Have Your Paperwork

Nothing is more frustrating than returning to the car rental agency to realize you've forgotten your driver's license. You need a valid driver's license and credit card in your name before renting a car. Car rental companies require credit cards for incidental charges like parking tickets and traffic violations. Generally, debit cards cannot be used as guarantees. In some cases, Car Rentals may accept cash as an upfront deposit instead of a credit card.

  1. Check the Car Exterior

Checking the car exterior when renting a car is important for several reasons. It enables you to inspect the car for any pre-existing damage, such as scratches, dents, or other imperfections, which can ensure that you are not held responsible for any damage that was already there when you rented the car. Additionally, documenting any damage before taking the car can prevent any disputes or charges that may arise later.

  1. Know Where You Are Going.

Knowing where you are going when renting a car is an essential aspect of the rental process. Before renting a car, it's important to plan out your route and destination, including any stops along the way. You can use online maps and GPS navigation systems to get a better understanding of the routes and directions to your destination. You can also consider purchasing a paper map or asking for one at the best rent a car service company to have a backup option in case of any navigation system malfunctions. Ask what kind of fuel your rental car uses.

You should know what fuel your vehicle runs on before leaving the tank empty when returning. As diesel engines become more popular in Greece, some cars might run on Unleaded 95.

  1. Get Back in Time.

During the high season in summer, car rental companies are on a tight schedule. If the rental agency is not notified, you may be charged a full rental day plus extras if you fail to return the car on time.

  1. Get Full Damage Waiver Insurance.

It is highly recommended that you consider purchasing full damage waiver insurance even if you think you are the best driver in the world. A complete insurance policy covers your damages in case of an accident, but you are still liable for damages up to a deductible amount. However, most car rental damage is not caused by accidents. The damages are minor, such as scratches or broken tires and mirrors. In the morning, the last thing you want is to find one of your mirrors missing after parking your car for the night. When you return to your vehicle, you find someone has scratched your car while parked. To ensure peace of mind, companies recommend selecting the No Excess FDW to cover these kinds of damages not covered by insurance.

  1. Be careful where you park

Ask your car rental representative about parking regulations. There are a variety of parking systems used around the world. Let's cover the basics. Yellow lines should be avoided. Yellow lines are not for parking or stopping. You can park on blue lines if you pay the parking meters and display the ticket behind your windshield. For two-wheeled vehicles, white lines are reserved. There are no lines when there are no traffic signs unless otherwise stated.

  1. Keep your car keys

It's not like it used to be regarding car keys. A new copy can't be obtained at your local hardware store. The car keys contain complex electronics, which can't be copied, so you need to order your copy from the manufacturer. Moreover, they are costly. Don't lose your key unless you want to pay. When a car key is lost, additional fees will apply.

The best time to book a rental car before you arrive, and you shouldn't book one from the agencies located inside the Airport since you'll be paying gold for your rental car. Before arriving, book your car online or over the phone. You can rent it for a fraction of what it would cost if you rented it at the Airport. Make sure you always wear a seatbelt. Drinking and driving is not a good idea.


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