Tinnitus Remedy | Tinnitus Treatments Throughout the Years

April 27, 2023

Tinnitus Treatments and Remedies Throughout the Years

Tinnitus is the perception of ringing and other similar noises that are not caused by any external sound source. It is not a disease in itself but more of a symptom of an underlying condition. Examples include age-related hearing loss, inner ear damage, and circulatory system issues.

Tinnitus has long been a problem throughout history, and each era had its ways of treating it, with varying levels of success. If you want to learn more about which tinnitus remedy has been used throughout the years, here are some facts:

Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians
One of the first documented accounts of tinnitus treatment came from the papyrus scrolls and clay tablets of the Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Dated from about 1550 BC, the Ebers papyrus is said to be one of the oldest known collections of medical knowledge known to man. It contained 700 formulas and remedies to cure numerous medical conditions, including the diagnosis and treatment for tinnitus.

During these times, people believed that the ringing in their ears was caused by being cursed or bewitched by someone. Ancient physicians and doctors would prescribe treatment using an infusion of various oils, herbs, and Frankincense. This mixture would then be applied to the external ear using a reed stalk.

Meanwhile, the Mesopotamians recorded their medical knowledge on numerous clay tablets that were said to be from around 700 BC. According to them, there were three different kinds of tinnitus: singing, speaking, and whispering to the ear.

The treatment would depend on what kind of tinnitus the patient is experiencing, but they are said to use a mixture of numerous ingredients. These may include opium, cannabis, and belladonna. Unlike what the Egyptians did with their tinnitus remedy, the Mesopotamians would use chants and prayers dedicated to their god of water, Enki. They believed that these prayers help give relief to the patient.

East and South Asian Treatments
On the other side of the world, the ancient Chinese believed that tinnitus might be caused by the imbalance of the Yin and Yang in the body. According to this belief system, the imbalance that causes tinnitus can be found in the kidneys or the gallbladder.

Acupuncture is often their go-to solution. With the correct placement of the needles on the body, it’s supposed to reduce or even make the tinnitus disappear entirely. Some acupuncturists use abdominal points to address this problem, though some now focus on points near the ear.

Meanwhile, ancient Indians believed in a medical system known as Ayurveda. This system relied on natural and holistic approaches to treating physical ailments and is still  used today as one of India’s traditional healthcare methods. According to this system, tinnitus is known as Karnanada and is caused by a disruption to the Prana Vayu, a type of internal energetic force situated in the heart.

One of their oldest remedies to tinnitus is Nasya, or the nasal administration of herbs and oils to give relief. Another Ayurvedic treatment is Karnapooran, or a mixture of herbal oils and liquids applied to the ear.

Tinnitus Treatments for the Ancient Romans
It was actually during the time of the Romans when we finally had the current name for tinnitus. The first to coin the term was Pliny the Elder, a Roman author and philosopher during the early days of the Roman Empire. For the Romans, the treatment depended on where is the perceived source of the noise.

If the noise is said to have been from the head, the patient should try exercising and placing radish, honey, cucumber juice, and vinegar in the ear. If the noise is from inside the ear, the patient should clear their ears and hold their breath until they laugh. Besides these treatments, they also boiled earthworms in goose grease. The finished product was then gently placed in the middle ear.

Medieval European Tinnitus Treatments
During the 14th century, in the Welsh town of Myddfai, physicians are said to advise their patients on a peculiar way of treating tinnitus. According to them, one sure way to lessen tinnitus is to cut a freshly baked loaf of bread and place them on both ears as hot as possible. They are then told to say a prayer so that the treatment works.

Modern-Day Tinnitus Solutions
With the advancement of medicine and technology throughout the centuries, modern people have discovered numerous ways to effectively treat ringing in the ears. Although tinnitus cannot be cured, electronic devices like white noise machines and hearing aids have been used by doctors. There are now also behavioral treatment options that can help people deal with tinnitus in their daily lives.

But it doesn’t stop there. More and more research are being done to investigate other ways to help alleviate the problem. Maybe in the future, humanity may find better ways of dealing with tinnitus.

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